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Would You Marry Taylor With Paper Rings? Taylor Swift – Paper Rings Lyrics Meaning


Taylor Swift – Paper Rings Lyrics Meaning

Romanticism at its finest! Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of Paper Rings by Taylor Swift in this article.

Taylor Swift is so in love with her man that she is ready to avoid any form of the formal ceremony and marry with homemade paper rings!


According to Genius Lyrics, Swift reveals her commitment to her lover, recounting the story of their love.

She is declaring that she is so willing to stay with him forever, she would forgo any formalities and marry him with homemade paper rings.

A paper ring appears in certain shots of the lyric video for Swift’s April 2019 track “ME!,” in the upper left corner.

Paper Rings Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of Paper Rings by Taylor Swift section-wise.

[Verse 1]

Let’s start off the song with the poetic stance of Taylor Swift.

Today, the moon is high. It is not a normal metaphor. She is connecting the moon with the friends of her lover that were high on substance when they first met.

This is already so cute, I’m going to cry.

Later, she tried to stalk him on the internet.

But now, none of that is required. She has finished reading all of his favorite books in his bed.

According to Genius Lyrics, they had to sneak around and avoid being in public and most likely had no strings attached.

Now they don’t need to hide anymore and know each other deeply.


The lyrics in the Pre-Chorus section of Paper Rings has shown a very deep romantic interest in Taylor Swift.

The singer wants to kiss her romantic interest for many calculated moments.

In the lyrics of Paper Rings, Taylor Swift has mentioned that she has waited to kiss this man since forever!

At least she doesn’t have to deal with sexism when she is around with this man, The Man!


Taylor Swift, You Need To Calm Down!


Taylor Swift has hidden a romantic meaning behind the lyrics in the chorus section.

Well, to be honest, it is crystal clear.

Even though she likes shiny objects, she is ready to marry him with paper rings.

The relationship she has had with this person is interesting. They went from being friends to partners.

This really is a big deal!

HE is the only man she wants in her life.

Even though she looks fragile, she’s been an emotionally strong person, The Archer as well.

Wow, such an emotional part!

[Verse 2]

The second verse shows a side of the post-relationship era.

The couple is used to having fun in the icy cold water of winter.

However, even though she is out there with him having fun, there is still a side of her that doesn’t trust him completely.

Her heart turns blue because of jealousy.

Taylor is recognizing that all the challenges she has been through prior to this new relationship have made her who she is.

It’s all been worth it.


The meaning behind the lyrics in the Bridge section of Paper Rings by Taylor Swift is pretty straightforward.

Here, it’s used to reveal Swift’s complete commitment to her lover, as she’d be willing to go anywhere alone with him.

She wants to drive away with him, learn about his emotions, talk about their dreams and hopes and all kinds of romantic things.

This is true love, very pure.


Taylor Swift seems to be looking forward to a great relationship these days.

Let’s wish her good luck!

What do you think is the real meaning behind the lyrics of Paper Rings by Taylor Swift?

Let us know!

Read the meaning behind the lyrics of “Paper Rings” by Taylor Swift on Genius Lyrics


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