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Joji’s “Die For You” Lyrics Meaning


Joji – Die For You Lyrics Meaning

“Die For You”, written by Joji and his team, is the song released on the 4th of November, 2022. It’s the third track from Joji’s third studio album, SMITHEREENS. The meaning of the post-breakup song “Die For You” lyrics by Joji is to wish the best for the future of his ex-partner. Joji’s fans discovered this song on the 9th of August, 2022. The song was registered to ASCAP. This encouraged his fans to guess this song is indeed from Joji’s 2022 album.

Embedded below is the Official Music Video of the “Die For You” song by Joji from YouTube. Read the rest of the article while the music plays in the background.

Official Music Video of “Die For You” by Joji

“Die For You” Lyrics Meaning

“Die For You” lyrics by Joji talk about wishing that his ex-partner would find everything in the future that s/he couldn’t find in him. In the chorus section, Joji repeats the “I would die for you” line over and over. The singer is contemplating his thoughts about the relationship after it has ended. Joji is trying to find his mistakes and he is forgiving his partner so he can move on in peace. The line-by-line analysis of the meaning of the lyrics behind the song “Die For You” by Joji is below:

“Die For You” by Joji means to continue loving the ex-partner despite the bittersweet memories they have shared together.

[Verse 1]

Swear I couldn’t sleep a wink last night
No point in turning off the lights
Not the same without your head on my shoulders
Growing pains, but I don’t wanna get older
Almost like we left it all on read
A couple feelings that were laid to rest
Didn’t know that the party was over
And it’s true that I need you, get closer

Verse 1 to “Die For You” Lyrics by Joji


In the first verse of “Die For You” lyrics, Joji talks about not being able to sleep at night after his breakup with his partner. For him, there is no point in turning off the lights as he is not able to fall asleep regardless. The life of the singer is getting increasingly painful post-breakup. Joji sings their whole relationship feels as though he is left on seen. “party was over” means that the honeymoon phase of their relationship was over.

[Pre-Chorus/ Chorus]

Burning photos, had to learn to let go
I used to weep
Somebody in another skin (Another skin)

Pre-Chorus to “Die For You” Lyrics by Joji

I heard that you’re happy without me
And I hope it’s true (I hope, I hope it’s true)
It kills me a little, that’s okay
‘Cause I’d die for you
You know I’d still die for you

Chorus to “Die For You” Lyrics by Joji


Joji burns the pictures to erase the memories of their relationship in the pre-chorus section of “Die For You” lyrics. He reveals that he used to weep that their relationship was over. Meanwhile, his ex-partner was already seeing someone else. In the chorus section of “Die For You” lyrics, Joji finds that his former partner is happy without him. This finding stings him a little bit but he hopes it’s true. At the end of the chorus, he confesses that he would die for his former lover.

[Verse 2]

I hope you’re gеtting everything you needed
Found thе puzzle piece and feel completed
Just wanted you to know every reason
Hope you really know that I mean that
I couldn’t see the forest from the trees
The only time we speak is in my dreams

Verse 2 to “Die For You” Lyrics by Joji


The second verse of “Die For You” lyrics by Joji talks about wishing his former lover that his/her new partner would be a fulfilling one. In the song, he shares a belief that his ex deserves better and he asserts that he is not exaggerating. People “cannot see the forest for the trees” means people are incapable of comprehending a condition as they get too occupied with it. Now, the only thing Joji can do is try to communicate with his former lover in his dreams.

Conclusion: “Die For You” Meaning

“Die For You” lyrics by Joji mean to let go of resentments and doubts while living in the memories of the previous relationship. Sometimes, relationships are much more complicated than what we see with our eyes. There are boredom, jealousy, lack of excitement, and other components that lead a relationship to its end. Joji is reflecting on his strengths and weaknesses in the song so he can understand the situation and move on peacefully.

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