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The Iconic Return of Joji – Sanctuary Review

Joji – Sanctuary Track Review

Sanctuary is a brand new song from Joji. It is nice to hear that Joji is not going to spend 2019 silent. He has depicted himself as an astronaut in the front cover of the song. Let’s review Sanctuary by Joji to find out if there are any stylistic changes since the last project.

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  • Opinion I

I think Sanctuary has an interesting change in pace. A lot of the lo-fi aesthetics of ballads from his previous record have disappeared on this track. This is a very sleek and pristine track in a good way. The song is not overproduced. It is a very well put together song.

  • Opinion II

The structure of the song is what pops the most. The verse has a wonderful amount of silence and space just before the chorus that gives you euphoric and explosive experience which is very pivotal for a pop song.

  • Opinion III

Joji’s vocals on Sanctuary have certainly improved on this song and sound dynamic especially when he hits that falsetto. Some of the vocal harmonies on this track are pretty beautiful. The song sounds somewhat underdelivered but still sad and moody. Is Joji a male version of Lorde? Let’s think about it.

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  • Opinion IV

Stylistically, Joji is coming from somewhat Lorde’s influence. Even though the vocal performances are solid and the tune is great, the song feels somewhat like a loss in personality. It feels like he is drifting further away from a sound which was interpreted as Joji’s sound.


  • Opinion I

However, we shouldn’t forget that Joji has been a well-known internet figure for a long time and his musical career is still in a pretty early stage. I think it makes sense to kind of give the man an opportunity to grow.

  • Opinion II

There is no way he’d be able to make these ballads type records forever. We have to understand that. We’d be kidding ourselves if we don’t understand that Joji is trying to make pop music. He is trying to make music that has a wide appeal to it.

  • Opinion III

His rougher work from his earlier discography was pointing Joji’s direction to pop music even though that wasn’t the best-produced music. With this new track, Joji is starting to move towards professionalism and better production.

  • Opinion IV

However, his lyrics are a bit rough. Reading through the lyrics from Genius page they almost feel like a semi English translation of lyrics you can get out of a K-Pop song. The word choice and the syntax feel very weird. In overall, the song is decent and likable.

Personal Take

I give ‘Sanctuary’ by Joji a decent 05/10 in the Review category. I like the vocal delivery, production, and tune.

Read “Sanctuary” by Joji on Genius

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