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Joshua Bassett’s “i’m sorry” Lyrics Meaning

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Joshua Bassett – i’m sorry Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of “i’m sorry” lyrics by Joshua Bassett is being too late to express their emotions to someone and feeling regretful about it. “i’m sorry” is the third single from Joshua’s upcoming debut album. The release date of the song is the 20th of October 2022 at 3 PM Pacific Time.  He revealed the song release at Joshua’s Troubadour show in Los Angeles on the 16th of October 2022. Then, Joshua announced his single on his TikTok as well.

Embedded below is the Official Lyric Video of the song “i’m sorry” by Joshua Bassett. Read the rest of the article while the song plays in the background.

Official Lyric Video to “i’m sorry” by Joshua Bassett

i’m sorry Lyrics Meaning

The lyrics to “i’m sorry” by Joshua Bassett talk about a missed opportunity to express feelings to a romantic interest. Joshua feels regretful that he didn’t make his move. Of course, the singer describes the complications he had with the parents of his romantic interest. However, he wants his romantic interest to blame him for ruining what could be true as well. The analysis of the meaning of the lyrics behind the song “i’m sorry” by Joshua Bassett line by line is below.

“i’m sorry” by Joshua Bassett means to take complete responsibility for not making a move and keeping his love in confusion.

[Verse 1]

I thought about what I would say
But I’m two years too late
I can’t imagine how you doin’ these days, mm-hmm
Sure it wasn’t perfect back then
I’ll be first to admit it
But it was better than being strangers again, oh

Verse 1 to “i’m sorry” Lyrics by Joshua Barrett


The first verse to “i’m sorry” lyrics begins with Joshua Bassett trying to collect words on how to apologize. This is because it’s been two years already. So, it’s too late to fix the relationship with a simple “I’m sorry” quote. The singer adds how he doesn’t even know what his love interest is doing these days. Joshua admits that the situation between them wasn’t a perfect one back then. However, it was still better than not being in touch.

[Pre-Chorus/ Bridge/ Outro]

I’m drunk too late, talkin’ to the moon
Writing songs I can’t sing to you

Pre-Chorus to “i’m sorry” Lyrics by Joshua Barrett

And if you ever hear this
I hope you know that I’m not proud of who I’ve been
Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh
And if I see you again
I hope you know that I wish you nothing but the best
My biggest regret

Bridge to “i’m sorry” Lyrics by Joshua Bassett

Mm, hmm-mm, mm-hmm
I’m sorry
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
I’m sorry

Outro to “i’m sorry” Lyrics by Joshua Bassett


In the pre-chorus to “i’m sorry” lyrics, Joshua Bassett reveals that he wrote this song when he was drunk. He is writing a song to his former romantic interest knowing very well he cannot sing it to that person. The outro of the song is a simple apology with “I’m sorry”. In the bridge section, Joshua Bassett conveys a message to his former love interest. He wants that person to know he is not proud of the person he has become while wishing all the best in his life.


Ever since that day, the things I didn’t say, they haunt me, oh
And I know that I’m to blame, so go ahead and blame it on me, ooh, ooh, ooh
And maybe it’s too late but I’ll say it anyway, I’m sorry
I’m sorry

Chorus to “i’m sorry” Lyrics by Joshua Bassett


Joshua Bassett admits that not confessing his love back then is his biggest regret in the chorus to “i’m sorry” lyrics. Even though there were complications, he should have simply made the move. But now his decision to simply move on has led him to feel guilty and remorseful. Joshua wants his former romantic interest to blame him for the love there never was. Even though the situation cannot be fixed, the singer still apologizes wholeheartedly at the end of the chorus.

[Verse 2]

And it was me, it wasn’t you
It’s cliché but it’s true
I wasn’t thinkin’ how I usually do, oh, ooh-ooh
And is your momma doining well?
Or does she hate me still?
Bet it was hard to watch me put you through …

Verse 2 to “i’m sorry” Lyrics by Joshua Bassett


In the second verse to “i’m sorry” lyrics by Joshua Bassett, he takes responsibility by saying “it was me, it wasn’t you”. Even though he knows the line is overused and cliché, he says the line is true. Then, the singer begins to talk about the mother of his romantic interest. She never liked Joshua around which is why he knows he put his crush into so much trouble. For everything that Joshua did and didn’t do, he is extremely apologetic in the song.

Conclusion: i’m sorry Meaning Joshua Bassett

“i’m sorry” by Joshua Bassett means to introspect and look back in the past to see one’s mistakes and to learn from those mistakes. The singer apprehends that things weren’t as simple as they sound. But despite the complications, not making a move is what he is remorseful for. Like with everyone, Joshua couldn’t be with someone he truly wanted to be with.

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