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Harley Ride Becomes a Song! Katy Perry – Harleys In Hawaii Lyrics Meaning


Katy Perry – Harleys In Hawaii Lyrics Meaning

‘Harleys in Hawaii’ is the third single off of Katy’s upcoming fifth studio album. However, we do not know the title of the album yet! Regardless of the unknown title of the album, this song talks about a romantic setting Katy had had with her fiancée in Hawaii. The favorite thing out of all this is, one of our favorite pop stars is here with a new song. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of “Harleys in Hawaii” in detail.

In The Zach Sang Show, Katy reveals how she got an idea for a song. In the clip from the show embedded below, the singer reveals she got an idea to write a song when her fiancée took her on a motorcycle ride in titular Hawaii. She was so casual with her fiancée that she told him the moment was going to be a song. Then, here we have it, an actual song about their experience with riding a motorcycle in Hawaii.

Introduction: Harleys In Hawaii Lyrics

‘Harleys in Hawaii’ is centered on a physical metaphor where Katy and her fiancée share a romantic memory in a motorbike. The stunning music video, which is embedded below, shows Perry zooming across a “heart-shaped highway” amid the lush Hawaiian foliage before romancing a lover on the sun-kissed coast. When the singer was shooting for “American Idol”, her fiancée rented a Harley.

Then, they rode the Harley in the Hawaiian wilderness with the wind blasting on the singer’s face. Apparently, she loved it, as the singer confessed to having loved the experience in The Zach Sang Show. The pair also cuddled up while lounging along the shoreline and gazing out at the Pacific in the video. The music video is truly a bliss. We can’t wait for her album to drop.

Harleys In Hawaii Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of “Harleys In Hawaii” by Katy Perry section-wise.

[Verse 1]

How do you take the breath away of someone who you love? You either make love furiously or take them to Harley trip down the beautiful lush of Hawaiian forests with a “heart-shaped highway”. These are the only ways for someone to take the singer’s breath away. The wind continually hitting the singer’s face is making her wish the moment to last forever. Even though they are cruising down a highway, she neither wants him to speed up nor slow down to experience the gradual motorbike ride.


The singer feels too safe to be teasing the risk factors of riding a bike at a steady speed. Even though they are on their way to the stage of “American Idol”, Katy wishes to leave the town following the same highway on Sundays. In the wave of the running motorbike, the singer wants her fiancée to call her his baby. She doesn’t want him slowing down to call her his baby. The breeze is perfect, his distorted pitch is perfect and of course, the breeze thumping on the singer’s face is perfect.


In the chorus section, the lyrics of “Harleys in Hawaii” suggest that Katy is sitting behind her fiancée and she is holding him with a very tight grasp. Even though the earlier clips in the music video showed the singer riding Harley on her own, as the song progresses, she chooses to ride with her fiancéd in the same Harley. Katy Perry wants to select jewelry in that romantic setting. Therefore, she wishes her fiancée to take her to the jewelers’.

[Verse 2]

Katy Perry is running her fingers into her fiancée’s hair since he isn’t wearing a helmet even on the highway. Their love for each other is so strong that they don’t need to worry about their safety. The lovers are in the mood of exploring the Hawaiian Island. The wind gusting through the singer’s face is keeping her very excited to keep up the romance they have got going on a Harley.

Conclusion: Harleys In Hawaii Meaning

The song definitely catches the attention of young lovers who see themselves in such a romantic setting. Even though we have tried our best to dissect the meaning of this song, we could have missed something. Let us know what do you think of the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Harleys In Hawaii’ by Katy Perry in the comments below.

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