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Do Swift Fans See Daylight Only As Well? Taylor Swift – Daylight Lyrics Meaning


Taylor Swift – Daylight Lyrics Meaning

Daylight is the final track off of ‘Lover’ by Taylor Swift produced by Jack Antonoff. Let’s decode the meaning that Taylor Swift has hidden behind the lyrics of the song ‘Daylight’.

Taylor wants to step into the daylight and let go of all the negativities from her life.


According to Genius Lyrics, Swift sings about struggling through previous relationships.

The previous relationship failures have made her doubt her ability to find true love, until she meets someone who brightens her life in a new way.

Daylight Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of Daylight by Taylor Swift section-wise.

[Verse 1]

The song starts off of Taylor mentioning her relationship failures till the date. Every relationship she’s ever been in were as cruel as the big cities she’s visited.

People that look amazing in the Hollywood lights were worse than she could ever imagine.

But somehow, she is the one who gets sexist remarks from people all the time. This is why she talks about the privileges of being a man in the track “The Man”.

She has had people trying to ruin her reputation by involving her in multiple scandals.

Nevertheless, Taylor is shown on the wrong side every single time by the media. She has talked about always being ready for the combat in the track “The Archer”.

Swift tries to tell her side of the story in every scandal.

However, it is a miracle that she gets stronger and bigger every time someone tries to let her down.

Way to go Taylor Swift!


The current stronger version of Taylor only sees the Daylight. She has no room for gloomy and moody people around her.

The singer is all about positivity and courage.

This has been shown in the track “You Need To Calm Down” where she tells negative people to calm down and to stay on their lane.

Now that Taylor has met a man of her dreams, she is letting go of all the negativities cast by other people by stepping in the daylight!

She doesn’t want to involve herself with anyone else but him, her man, just him.

How poetic can Taylor Swift be?

[Verse 2]

If we really focus on a scenario of any Casino games, we see that the player always lose. The game of luck only attracts the unlucky ones.

Taylor Swift talks about trusting people like Kanye West for business which came ridiculing herself at the end.

During such times, she breathed in the toxic smoke instead of fresh air. Now, she has come to a realization that not everyone can be trusted.

She has shown the self-confidence and spiritual beauty in the track “ME!”.

Since her confidence has boosted her up, she is now able to get rid of all the dirt attached in her name, most of which came straightly from the industry she worked with itself.


Taylor Swift is the person who sees the future.

Someone said those who can see the past can see the future. Since Taylor Swift has a clear picture of what was done to her in her mind, no one can take advantage of her anymore.

According to Genius, Swift explained in interviews how her perspective of love had changed, and how in the past she never would have admitted to being in this gray area.


Taylor Swift is so done with people spreading negativity that she can smell them from a mile away.

She’d rather engage with herself with Paper Rings and be herself than to please someone she doesn’t like whatsoever.

[Spoken Outro]

Taylor Swift has a gentle heart. She has changed a set of beliefs which she believes have pulled her from going forward.

Swift wants to be defined by the things she loves and not by the things she hates. She is probably telling us that Taylor from Reputation era isn’t really her being herself.

Taylor Swift thinks we are what we love. How sweet is this?

This couldn’t be less true!


Let’s wish Taylor all the best!

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