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Kesha ‘Cannibal’ Lyrics Meaning Latest Viral on TikTok


Kesha – Cannibal Lyrics Meaning

TikTok has been a place for either to make it or break it lately. It’s giving rise to the songs or artists that we’ve never heard of and this platform is providing an opportunity for the smaller artists to rise. We can clearly see why that’s important considering the fact that ‘Old Town Road’ and ‘The Box’ are two Billboard Number ones that took off from the mighty force of TikTok alone. In the same fashion, we have an old Kesha song titled ‘Cannibal’ on the rise. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Cannibal’ by Kesha to see how it’s relevant to the TikTok world.

Introduction: Cannibal Lyrics Kesha

Poetry to being uncontrollable, allegorical chat about lovemaking, the subject of the song “Cannibal” elements outrageous interest of Kesha in somebody. This track uncovers Kesha vocalizing about living a life of a man-consuming cannibal, munching the boys up for both breakfast and lunch. Now we can see why a bunch of people on TikTok would want to use this song. They wish to express their affection for someone by literally showing up to be a cannibal to their love interest. No wonder why they’re single and are still making TikTok videos.

Cannibal Lyrics Meaning Kesha

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Cannibal’ by Kesha section-wise in detail whose lyrics video has been dropped after TikTok hype.

[Intro/ Pre-Chorus/ Chorus/ Breakdown/ Outro]

The song begins and ends with “rawr” which sides of the fact that she is not joking by the looks of the title. Then, she continues in the Pre-Chorus section by asserting that she isn’t non-empathetic. However, to the irony of the claim, she goes on to explain how she likes eating up boys for her breakfast and her lunch. She expresses her desperation without shame saying that she is looking forward to drinking the blood of any boy she encounters.

[Verse 1]

Now, we get to see the type of girl Kesha really is. She claims to have a loving heart. However, that loving heart goes crazy when it comes to her romantic interest. Her hunger to eat him up alive increases dramatically every time he confesses his love for her. This is because she openly says he is the type of popular and cool guy she would stalk in her school. But now that she is famous than he is, he is the one following her around. But he doesn’t know what’s going to happen. She is about to eat him up in bed.

[Verse 2]

Even though Kesha’s hunger for him intensities of him saying he loves her, she can play it cool. It’s really when he calls her pretty that she loses her cool and now she wants to eat him up. The singer is seriously losing it over the boy and she is so desperate for him that she is using his finger to stir up her cup of tea. She then wishes to have his teeth as a dessert and the song couldn’t get more exciting than this.

Conclusion: Cannibal Meaning Kesha

Kesha’s sexual tension with her crush made it possible for this iconic song to be out here for our entertainment. I like the way she references herself to a famous serial killer, Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer. Kesha has openly talked about her fascination with Dahmer in multiple interviews. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Cannibal’ by Kesha? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, watch the lyrics video of ‘Cannibal’ embedded below released on the official YouTube channel of Kesha after gaining attention on TikTok.

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