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What Is KSI ‘Wake Up Call’ Lyrics Meaning Indicating Him as an Artist?


KSI – Wake Up Call Lyrics Meaning

Appearing near with his current in-game conquest over Logan Paul, YouTuber, KSI has been showing off his boxing abilities and it is somehow justifiable. Nevertheless, since striding into the world of creating songs for entertainment, the extremely relevant and popular British internet celebrity has been able to enroll with a few great artists to work together with. This time, it’s Trippie Redd. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Wake Up Call’ by KSI with Trippie Redd.

Introduction: Wake Up Call Lyrics KSI

The song ‘Wake Up Call’ is a single by rapper and YouTuber celebrity KSI starring Trippie Redd. This track was taunted by KSI on Twitter only six days before it was dropped. Just like KSI announced in the Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib match, this song shows his versatility, from rapping to filming videos for YouTube to beat up in the boxing matches. He is also striving to indicate that he is creating tracks with great names with huge influence such as Trippie Redd, Lil Baby, Rick Ross, etc. This might easily be one of the ways to reveal to his fans that there is more to come.

Wake Up Call Lyrics Meaning KSI

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Wake Up Call’ by KSI with Trippie Redd section-wise.

[Intro/ Pre-Chorus/ Chorus/ Bridge: Trippie Redd & KSI]

In these sections, the rappers boast about their love for themselves. Anyone that comes before them is not worth their time. This song is a wake-up call for the people who have doubted the musical abilities of KSI and Trippie Redd to show them that they’re on their way to take over the music industry. The song gives the listeners a message that people that want to join the artists in the song if they want to because they won’t even be heard after KSI and Redd get onto being massively successful in the music industry.

[Verse 1: KSI & Trippie Redd]

KSI’s claim to fame goes to the funny videos that he was used to making way back in good old YouTube days. People that didn’t believe in him then are now trying to get in touch with him for money and collaborations. He is getting all the tractions because of his fame and everyone wants a piece of it. Currently, the only thing KSI seems to care triple down his revenues with Trippie Redd. Yes, it’s a play in words and it works fine. KSI knows he will never lose in the game of money.

[Verse 2: KSI]

People that wouldn’t even hang out with KSI before think that he is worth being friends with now. He can sense a motive when people trying getting closer to him. KSI left his schooling of sixth-form so as to incite his YouTube livelihood after he was amassing smooth earnings from his uploads on YouTube. Nobody that he knew thought he would make it in the real world. Now, guess what his net worth is. It’s well over $20 Million.

Conclusion: Wake Up Call Meaning KSI

The song talks about the success of every field that KSI and Trippie Redd join. Particularly in the case of KSI, he’s been successful in his YouTube career, he’s been successful in his music career, and he’s been successful in his boxing career. Now that he’s shown his versatility to the world, he is willing to go out and make more. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Wake Up Call’ by KSI with Trippie Redd? Let us know in the comments section below.

Read the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Wake Up Call’ by KSI with Trippie Redd on Genius in detail.

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