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LE SSERAFIM, Perfect Night: Song Meaning Explained


“Perfect Night,” written by SCORE (13), Megatone (13), Sofia Quinn, “hitman” Bang, Kiddo A.I., Marcus Andersson, Lauren Aquilina, Jorge Luis Perez, HUH YUNJIN, Niklas Persson, Zikai & Ninos Hanna, is a song released on the 27th of October, 2023. This single is the first collaboration of the Overwatch 2 Team for an ‘in-game’ event with the musical artists. The meaning of “Perfect Night” lyrics by LE SSERAFIM is carefree nights to celebrate the magic of friendship and to enjoy company. This song is about the environment of joy when we go for a carefree night out with friends. Even the simple things in life such as enjoying the night and living in the present moment give us immense joy. You can listen to LE SSERAFIM’s “Perfect Night” below.

Official MV of “Perfect Night” by LE SSERAFIM

LE SSERAFIM, Perfect Night: Song Meaning Explained

The First Verse of the song “Perfect Night” by Yunjin and Eunchae begins with the lyrics, “Me and my girlies // We gon’ party ’til it’s early”. These lyrics mean the singers revel in the environment of a carefree night out with their friends (girlies). Then, the lyric, “Got me feelin’ otherworldly tonight” means the singers are very excited for an unforgettable evening with their “girlies.” Also, the lyrics, “Caught in some traffic // But the radio is blastin'” mean they live simple lives behind the scenes. The Pre-Chorus of the song by Sakura begins with the lyrics, “Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh // By the mornin’, feel like magic”. This means Sakura’s night out with her girlies gives her permanent memories of the night.

In the song’s chorus, singers Chaewon and Kazuha talk about the thrill of the moment when they are with their girlies. Here, they talk about celebrating life with friends. Nothing else can match the feeling of togetherness of friends on the dance floor. In the post-chorus, Yunjin and Eunchae say that as their night begins, they care less about what’s right or wrong. While they might still care at 11:59 PM, however, “nothing counts after midnight.”

The second verse of “Perfect Night” lyrics by Sakura and Kazuha talks about the late-night ride with them in the city. They say they have a credit card to pay for their night out and they have the good company of their friends around them. Here, the lyric, “Why you still stuck on loading? Waitin’ on you, babe” means the singers are waiting for something to happen. Read the complete original lyrics of LE SSERAFIM’s “Perfect Night” via Genius.

Context of “Perfect Night” Meaning by LE SSERAFIM

According to NME, “Perfect Night” is the first-ever English single released by LE SSERAFIM in collaboration with the video game Overwatch 2. Also, it is the first-ever in-game collaboration by Overwatch 2 with artists, including with the South Korean girl band, LE SSERAFIM. “Perfect Night” features a game mode inspired by LE SSERAFIM. Along with the game, there are exclusive in-game items such as legendary skins for Overwatch 2 heroes Brigitte, Tracer, Sombra, D.VA, and Kiriko, inspired by the girl band yet again.

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