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Learn How to Rap Fast Easily with 9 Simple Steps in 2020


Learn How to Rap Fast Easily with 9 Simple Steps in 2020

Hip-hop has become a cultural phenomenon that we cannot escape even if we want to. The popularity of the hip-hop genre is skyrocketing to the peak point of music. Due to this reason, thousands of people aspire to become a part of the hip-hop community these days. I looked up to other pages on Google to see if there are better tutorials but I couldn’t find any. Without further ado, let’s learn how to rap fast today.


Part I

The ability to rap fast gives you a unique signature in the hip-hop community. Of course, the talent lies behind the words you use in your lyrics as well. However, if the delivery of those carefully crafted words is sloppy, then you cannot stand out from the crowd of thousands of rappers. However, to be able to rap fast isn’t the only way to gain a unique signature for your musical artwork in the hip-hop genre.

Part II

Nevertheless, the obsession of people to be able to rap as fast as possible is increasing exponentially. This growing obsession needs proper guidance and gentle steps as doing too much randomly give zero results. All you need to do is follow the steps and practice them on a regular. You might not be able to get the results instantly but you’ll find yourself getting better and better every day.

9 Simple steps for you to rap fast

1. Focus in a subject matter and write the lyrics

There are uncountable rappers who are willing to come up with the lyrics and the rhymes instantly at any time. But since you are most likely a beginner, it is better for you if you write the lines and the rhymes on a paper. This will give you a vision of what you’re going to rap about and your lines will follow coherency. Remember, it is a must for the lines to follow coherency if you see yourself as a storytelling person.

Since the start of hip-hop from the 1970s, millions of people have tried to enter the hip-hop genre. Many rappers made a lot of money. But who do we remember the most? Let’s face it. We remember a handful of inspiring rappers like Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., NAS, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, etc. Why do we remember them? The answer is simple. They talk about their life and imagination in their lyrics and we can relate to the people who share their stories with us a lot than with the ones that follow the trend for money.

Ways to write a better rap song

. Brainstorm a concept for the song
b. Think about a catchy title that matches the theme of the song
c. Write a really catchy hook with multiple rhythms and pick up the best one
d. After you are done with the hook, write the first verse
e. After the first verse, maintain coherency in the second and third verses as well
f. At the end of the song add a bridge between the last verse and the chorus to connect them
g. Focus on the rich rhyming words that provide value to the central concept of the song

Follow ways to write a rap song by WikiHow for more.

2. Find a suitable music track to rap on

After you finish writing the rap lyrics for your song, start searching for a music track that matches the vibe of the song. You can either find a few tracks on YouTube studio that are free to use or you can make your own beats by using the software like FL Studio, etc. It isn’t really that hard to make your own beats. There are thousands of tutorials on YouTube on how to make your rap beats from FL Studio.

3. Practice your diction

Diction is a style of enunciation in speaking and singing. It is very important to deliver your lines in the best way possible. If the words coming out from your mouth are unclear, it will not help your rapping career in the long run. It isn’t that important to be able to rap your lyrics. However, diction is very important for dedicated artists so as to be able to rap fast in the beats and deliver your message in the clearest way possible. You wouldn’t want your deep messages to be taken as the jokes by the listeners, would you?

4. Practice Controlled Breathing

If you are reading this post, you definitely want you to be able to rap fast and you must have practiced rapping as well. Have you felt as if you are out of your breath when you are rapping fast? This is exactly why you should focus on controlled breathing. Let’s learn about controlled breathing, shall we?

We are used to breathing from our lungs. We, as beginners, tend to focus the flow of air in and out of our lungs. This makes you go out of breath and you’ll start to feel tired in no time. Instead, if you practice breathing from your diaphragm, it will be easier for you to sing.

Reason to focus on diaphragm

When your diaphragm is engaged, it takes the pressure of airflow from your belly. Due to this reason, our lungs get enough time to refill themselves automatically. Therefore, breathing from your diaphragm really helps you to rap fast and clear.

Read more about breathing from the diaphragm. 

5. Exercise your vocal cords

Remember, there are only two sets of vocal cords with you and there are no replacements for your vocal cords. So, treat them with care. Before you start rapping your song at a fast pace, it is advisable to exercise your vocal cords. When you rap fast with passion without any vocal warm-up, your vocal cords might as well rupture. This might damage your vocal cords permanently and you will not be able to rap in the future. Learn techniques to exercise your vocal cords from YouTube.

6. Record yourself on a beat

After you are done with exercising your vocal cords, so as to be able to rap fast, you should practice your diction and practice controlled breathing regularly. Besides, you should be able to rap along with the emotions of the beats you are going to use for your rap song. Speed up your vocal delivery along with the change in tempo of the music track. Practice going slow from a fast tempo and vice versa on the progressive musical chords of the track. Practice rapping on a beat by following these steps on a regular for better results.

7. Control your flow

Even the professional rappers get lost during the concerts. The key to rap fast easily is to be able to not let your one simple mistake ruin your whole performance. This is what the professionals do. It isn’t helpful if you stop halfway through the lyrics of the song as soon as you make a mistake. In this scenario, it will be better for you if you complete the song. After you complete singing the whole song, listen to the recording once again and then try fixing your errors on your next attempts.

8. Perform on a regular

Practice does, in fact, make everyone perfect. If you really want to put your rapping ability on a test, try to maintain contact with a local club or a pub and perform live. Being able to rap fast inside your room doesn’t help your career in the long run. So as to build your career in the rap game, you should be ready to compete and challenge other aspiring rappers to build up your personal image and a brand of your rap name. Try performing in front of the crowd as much as you can.

9. Avoid smoking and drinking

Always say no to smoking and drinking. Smoking tobacco will cause damage to your vocal cords and drinking alcohol will dehydrate your vocal cords. This is neither good for your career nor is good for your health in the long run. You should avoid spicy food that causes heartburn as the heartburn in your stomach might harm your voice. A healthy body can make you a great role model and can give you an outstanding personality as well. So, it is better if you stay away from them.

Try following these steps on a regular and you won’t have to read another blog on how to rap fast. Good luck!


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