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Lil Baby – Heyy: Lyrics Meaning


Lil Baby – Heyy Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of the song ‘Heyy’ lyrics by Lil baby are a friendly greeting towards his money, romantic interest, and other people. ‘Heyy’ by Lil Baby is the fourth track from his 2022 album, It’s Only Me. Baby released the song on the 10th of October, 2022. In the music video of the song, he is encircled by heaps of cash and his attractive romantic interests in a dimly illuminated chamber. He exhibits the extravagant life he’s achieved for himself in the lyrics. The song has gone viral immediately.

‘Heyy’ by Lil Baby means that he assures everyone around him know that his triumph won’t be momentary and will last for long.

Heyy Lyrics Meaning

‘Heyy’ lyrics by Lil Baby talk about boasting about his money and his romantic interests. This nods to his childhood on the streets of Atlanta used as a catalyst to push himself to dominate hip-hop. The word “Heyy” comes off as a shy or casual approach to the texts. But ‘hey’ can also be used as a friendly greeting in interpersonal communication. Let’s analyze the meaning of the lyrics behind the song ‘Heyy’ by Lil Baby line by line in detail.

[Verse 1]

My favorite … just cut me off and she won’t even let me know the reason (Yeah)
It’s prolly one of her lil’ messy hatin’-… friends bein’ evil
I ain’t stressin’ ’bout it, she’ll come around when she wanna … up
Slow stroke, fast stroke, grind in it, I’m a real pleaser
Sixty … in New York havin’ dinner
Bottega send it to me soon as they get it
I put Maybach seats in the Sprinter
Make sure evеrybody sit comfortable
You gotta really pay attention, I’m not mumblin’
Shе tryna have a good time, she wanna come with us
They know we can’t be … with, they not one of us
It’s done been some times I slipped, I’m not fallin’
Brabus baby blue, the inside too
I’m feelin’ like a kid again
They thought I got lucky last time
… it, I’m back on that shit again
Her last bag was a crocodile Kelly
Got it chocolate to match her …
I just gave bro a hunnid pounds of wham
Told him, “Tell the city it’s in”
Majority of the time I hi and bye these …
I ain’t with all that lockin’ in …
Money over everything, try to stop it
You get popped right then and there
Message thread full of, “Where you ats?” and “Pull up on me”
Bunch of “Whens” and “Wheres”
Younngings out here wildin’ with no guidance
All they care about is who they …
I was tryna keep that … in order
It got harder ’cause I was never there
It’s a better life out here
I promise, brodie, I’ma keep it in they ear
I know how it feel to spin a opp
But it feel way better to count a million
I come from the bottom of the bottom
I shot right up through the … ceilin’

Verse 1 to ‘Heyy’ Lyrics


In the first verse of ‘Heyy’ lyrics, Lil Baby shows his displeasure with one of his romantic interests cutting him off without any explanation. He blames the friends of his former partner for ruining his relationship. But Lil Baby has more important things to do than worry about his ex. He then begins to flex his taste in luxury brands such as Bottega, Brabus, and Maybach. The rapper also reminisces about his humble beginning and talks about how he has triumphed in his life.

[Intro/ Chorus 2x, Outro]

Hey (Hey-hey-hey)
Everybody lit, can’t put our fire out (Hey-hey-hey, hey-hey-hey)
Hey (Hey-hey-hey)
Soon as it pop, bro, pull that fire out (Hey-hey-hey, hey-hey-hey)
Hey (Hey-hey-hey)
This her first time comin’ to my house (Hey-hey-hey, hey-hey-hey)
Hey (Hey-hey-hey)
Better go hard, …, this your try-outs (Hey-hey-hey, hey-hey-hey)

Chorus to ‘Heyy’ Lyrics


Lil Baby has a repetitive chorus in ‘Heyy’ lyrics with him simply saying ‘hey’ most of the time. The rapper praises everyone around him saying they are all “lit” as in amazing. “Lit” also means ‘on fire’ and Lil Baby says nobody can put out their fire. Lil Baby also lets us know that he is now seeing a new romantic interest. It’s her first day at his house and he is suggesting ways how to impress him. Then, he proceeds to the second verse.

[Verse 2]

Yeah, stay down, hustle hard until you come up
Take some, only when you need it
You won’t make it far bein’ greedy
My grandma taught me how to be a leader
If we fly commercial, we got greeters
They just know that we important people
They see how we comin’, think we …
Until their children tell ’em I’m their hero
Flight attendant tell me I look familiar
Crack a smile, tell her, “It’s a small world”
Oh, that’s your …? That’s my … too
We gon’ share …, call …, “Our …”
Real street music, I ran that field
If you can’t hit that, then she ain’t my …
Get your lick back, come step in my world
Two … on the same itinerary
Same flight, same hotel, they don’t even know each other yet (Yeah)
One of them don’t say nothin’, other askin’, “Do we go together yet?”
Young turnt …, ain’t no holdin’ back
This a Brabus, bro, not a regular Wagon
I don’t kiss and tell, I ain’t into that
I don’t think I met a … colder yet, like

Verse 2 to Heyy Lyrics


The second verse of ‘Heyy’ lyrics by Lil Baby talks about hustling hard without being greedy. He reveals that his grandmother taught him to be a leader. When the rapper flies commercial, flight attendants tell him he is familiar. He replies to them by saying “It’s a small world”, which is a very clever response. Then, he talks about the qualities that his romantic interest should have to be his long-term partner. The rapper has a good habit that he doesn’t ‘kiss and tell’ and he is proud of that.

Conclusion: Heyy Meaning

‘Hey’ by Lil Baby is a braggadocious expression with stacks of money, a ton of supercars, and many romantic interests. The music video is shot on the beautiful ocean water with alligators in it. Lil Baby describes his grimy comeback and reminisces many recent meetings with multiple romantic interests throughout the song. His name drops include his favorite brands such as Bottega, Brabus, and Maybach. One thing is certain in life after taxes, Lil Baby is not shy to show off his wealth.

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