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Expression of Nostalgia! Maroon 5 – Memories Lyrics Meaning


Maroon 5 – Memories Lyrics Meaning

Memories are what we’re made up of. The only things that are real are our memories. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of “Memories” by Maroon 5.

The truth behind our history we’ve lived is detrimental and devastating to the core. The only thing that has been keeping mankind alive is hope. The hope to be able to experience something unique and different has always been protecting mankind from extinction. We all have memories, don’t we?


The song “Memories” is a reflective look back at the past. The song pays homage to all the great people we’ve lost personally and publicly in our lifetime. It’s hard to live up with the expectations of a better future that we aren’t quite sure of. But everyone needs to find a way to survive.

People say the ones that know the past can exist in the future because the patterns have always been the same. Maybe, technological advancements and social behaviors have changed but the cycle of human life has always remained the same.

Memories Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of “Memories” by Maroon 5 section-wise.


The song initiates with a chorus. This section talks about being grateful for the things we have around us. I’m sure both you and I want something we don’t currently have. But it’s important to remember that we should be grateful for what or who we have.

The human life is fragile and we are all aware of it. One moment we have someone in our lives and the next moment they either move on or leave the earth. At last, the things that remain of every person we encounter are the memories and they last as long as we exist.

The memories can be played in our minds as long as we try to relive them. What is the best way to relive history? I’m sure you can guess it right. It’s by drinking! What else can be the best way to reminisce on our past than by drinking with people that have common experiences?

Let’s move on to the next section.

[Verse 1]

Do you guys remember when you were kids and you had no idea what pain is? I don’t. But I can feel it by looking at the kids that are growing up around me. It makes me happy that once upon a time, we had no idea what pain meant. Now, look at us, we’re all broken and miserable.

We certainly didn’t know that things could drastically change. The truth is, we were all fixated on the ideology that we could play in the park every single day in our lifetime. Well, that was a lie. Time flies and we need to adapt to the change for our survival.

Do you remember the time when we had our first crush? How about the time when you lost your grandparents who you took for granted? Is there a way your mind responds to these stimuli? I experience guilt for not being able to approach my crush and taking my grandparents for granted.

Sometimes, I wish they were around us so as to relive the past I truly miss. However, that’s impossible. The only way I can relive to my memories is by reminiscing on my past. One of the many ways I follow to relive the past is to create my own version of what I’d have done instead. It helps, sometimes.


The Pre-Chorus section tells us that it’s okay to miss the things from our past. Everyone has their own versions of memories. Some people have sad memories while some people have happy ones. But everyone feels hurt sometimes and it’s okay.

We should remember that nothing lasts forever. Even the worst pain we’re going through will heal someday. Thus, it’s not a bad thing to take our time to reminisce about our past. We should be glad that we are able to look back to our past so that we can rethink about making the same decisions in our future.

Therefore, the one that can remember the past can change his/her future.

[Verse 2]

Do you remember the last time when you didn’t feel so lost? It must have been amazing. Did you not want to lose that moment? I bet you did. But we’re human beings. We’re entitled to lose everyone and everything in our lives, even ourselves!

Do you remember something that we hated the most? Now, are you laughing at that moment? You probably are. Memories are the best thing we as human beings can experience. It can put us back to the scenarios that we’ve already been through.

Our reactions to our memories depend upon our experiences with those memories. If we had felt happy while experiencing that moment, we’re most likely to feel happy about it when we relive the past. On the other hand, we can feel sad if our experience with a certain moment was unpleasant.

We should never forget the past so that we will have something to recall when we grow old. You haven’t quite forgotten that you’re going to get old, have you?


I apologize for the sad content today. The song was so sentimental that I got carried away.

What do you think about the meaning behind the lyrics of “Memories” by Maroon 5?

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