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MFS’s “BOW” Lyrics Meaning English Translation & Overwatch 2


MFS – BOW Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of the “BOW” lyrics by MFS in English Translation is to see life merely as an illusion and to be the best version of us. Currently, the song is number one on Spotify’s “Viral 50 – USA.” ‘BOW’ is featured as “Kiriko’s song” in the video game “Overwatch 2” released in 2022. Kiriko is a fictional character in the “Overwatch 2” franchise who is a ninja healer. English-speaking gamers cannot understand the song as the lyrics are in Japanese. We are here to help with translated lyrics.

The release date of “BOW” by MFS is the 24th of July 2020 from their 2021 album, FREAKY. You can locate the Official Music Video of the song below. Also, you can read the rest of the article while the song plays for you in the background.

Official Music Video of BOW by MFS

BOW Lyrics Meaning English Translation

The lyrics to ‘BOW’ by MFS talk about leveling up as a person. This makes sense that “Overwatch 2” uses the song “Bow” to represent Kiriko as she is the one who needs to level up the battles. The taste of Blizzard directors choosing this song for Kiriko is loved by the fans. But what do the lyrics of the song mean? Let’s analyze the meaning of the lyrics behind the song “BOW” by MFS translated in English line by line in detail.

“BOW” means to greet in Japanese culture but the song ‘BOW’ means a rhythm that makes the band MFS look tough.


BOW, look everything is an illusion
BOW, lick it up
BOW, then throw it up
BOW, I have to go bam bam
Lets go, Let’s go
Who’s gone? Who’s gone?
Rattling and barking …
I can’t be like them

Chorus to “BOW” Lyrics by MFS


The chorus section to “BOW” lyrics by MFS is trying to tell us to compare ourselves with other people around us. There is a popular saying that goes “you are who you hang around with”. When you understand that the world becomes what we make of it, we become unstoppable. You begin to see things as illusions, as puzzle pieces. Then, you try to solve the puzzle pieces and get answers to the mysteries. So, you can’t be hanging out with people less interesting than yourself.

[Verse 1]

I cant wake up from this dream, cant wake up from the dream
I don’t mind any of the characters
Then, if you come
Without me, you’ll be washed out by a massive wave
Mess up, mess up, mix up, mix up, thanks to you
Level up, level up, follow up, follow up, because of you
Look to the right
Look to the left
Look to the right

Verse 1 to “BOW” Lyrics by MFS


The band, MFS, talks about observing every direction before making a decision in the first verse to “BOW” lyrics. Human beings are always acting irrationally. They rarely think twice before making a move. So, MFS tells us to wake up from our dream state of mind. It’s a genius move of the artists involved with the song to make themselves look more trustworthy. In the first verse, MFS tells us that we mess up and the artists have to fix our mess to level up. Without MFS, we’re doomed.

[Verse 2]

Ayy ayy a lot of lost lambs and a lot of money
Perced and punished by Kanehondara
Get money, as much as they want
I gotta music, keep on moving
…, …, unseen game
Day by day ay yeah
Fun things yeah
That’s not everything
That’s not enough

Verse 2 to “BOW” Lyrics by MFS


The second verse to “BOW” lyrics by MFS means to show how important money is in everyone’s lives. Money is the most respected commodity in this life. So, the band, MFS, is reminiscent of the opportunities they lost to make money. They have learned from their past. So, now, their focus is to make as much money as possible. They’ve got to make more music and they’ve got to keep moving forward. Even if money isn’t everything, it’s worth the chase.

Conclusion: BOW Meaning MFS

“Bow” by MFS means a rhythm that often repeats in the song which shows you’re tough and that you’re leveling up. The song has been getting a lot of attention after the Blizzard team used the song to represent Kiriko, a fictional character. But Kiriko’s backstory in the video game fits perfectly with the tone and the meaning of the song. It’s good when the directors use an underrated song in “Overwatch 2” after they see its potential.

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