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The Newest Mess by Miley Cyrus – SHE IS COMING EP Album Review


Miley Cyrus – SHE IS COMING EP Review

The pop artist, Miley Cyrus, is back! She has released a brand new record after taking a short stroll in a pair of country boots on her last full-length LP, Younger Now. While writing a review, I found a pretty tepid attempt on her EP ‘SHE IS COMING’ to get back to her Southern roots. This attempt can be seen as a followup to Miley trying to come up with a bit more mature record like her previous record, Younger Now.

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‘Younger Now’ is a slightly better album than her previous record, Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz. Miley is now heading back to the blend of pop and contemporary hip-hop records which usually turn heads for her. Her new EP is the first installment out of three EP series.

Let’s review her EP, SHE IS COMING, track-wise.

  • Mother’s Daughter
Part I

The opening track, Mother’s Daughter, has a trappy dance-pop beat. There is a large atmospheric swell as in “sync melody” in the song. The chorus is very sharp and soaring as well. The song isn’t bad instrumentally. However, the lyrics aren’t exactly the amalgamation of the chorus of the song.

Part II

The sentiment of the song essentially boils down to autonomy. The ideas such as self-determination, breaking free of control and conceptions of other people are expressed in a very non-digestive way. It’s far from the best anthem on this topic.

  • Unholy

The song ‘Unholy’ is a full dark and edgy, cut with a twist of RnB. Despite this, the song still sounds a little country. It’s a mixture of Lil Nas X’s ‘Old Town Road’ and The Weeknd’s ‘Starboy’ to be specific. In short, the song is bland and pointless. It tries too hard to sound deep than it really is.

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  • D.R.E.A.M.

The track ‘D.R.E.A.M.’ features Ghostface Killah. The theme of this song is, however, a copied version of ‘Unholy’ track with concepts of drug and heartbreak. There is a non-sensical beat change at the very end of the track along with a corny Wu-Tang reference by Ghostface Killah. The song essentially feels like another The Weeknd ripoff with a lot of annoying reverbs. The instrumental has little to no body to it.

  • Cattitude (feat. RuPaul)

One of the stingiest tracks of the EP, Cattitude, features RuPaul. However, I do like the weird, marching, and futuristic hip-hop beat on this track. There are a few unsettling elements in the song to which we can dance. But Miley’s rap on this track is absolute trash.

  • Party Up The Street

The track ‘Part Up The Street’ features Swae Lee and Mike WILL Made-It. There is no vocal chemistry between Swae and Miley. As a matter of fact, through the numerous passages here, the beats don’t really have a flow to it. Their voices feel like the birds with broken wings crying for food.

  • The Most

The closing track of this EP, The Most, is a washed-out country song. Ironically, there is no teeth or twang on this track for it to be a country song. However, this track has the best vocal delivery by Miley Cyrus in the entire EP even though the instrumental on this track is gutless.


I’m not entirely sure what to call ‘SHE IS COMING’ EP other than another Miley mess. That’s it.

Personal Take

I give ‘SHE IS COMING’ by Miley Cyrus a fair 01/10 in the Album Review category.


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