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Nas & 50 Cent, Office Hours: the Lyrics & Their Meaning


“Office Hours,” written by Nas, 50 Cent, Hit-Boy & Rogét Chahayed, is a song released on the 21st of July, 2023. It is the third song from Nas’ 2023 album titled, Magic 2. The meaning of “Office Hours” lyrics by Nas and 50 Cent is the power, resilience, and unapologetic attitudes they hold towards adversaries. Also, the last time the two rap icons appeared together was on 50 Cent’s 2002 song “Who U Rep With,” making this reunion a highly anticipated moment for fans of both artists.

“Office Hours” boasts the masterful production of Hit-Boy, a renowned name in the Hip-Hop scene. This collaboration marks yet another successful partnership between Hit-Boy and Nas, following their previous work together on the King’s Disease series. Hit-Boy also previously collaborated with 50 Cent on the track “Business Mind” in 2012, showcasing his versatility and continued dominance in the genre.

Speculations regarding the Nas and 50 Cent collaboration first arose when sources suggested a potential feature on Nas’s fourth King’s Disease album. The excitement reached a peak when 50 Cent himself took to Instagram to announce his presence on the upcoming Magic 2 album, confirming the long-awaited collaboration.

You can listen to Nas & 50 Cent’s “Office Hours” below.

Official Audio of “Office Hours” by Nas & 50 Cent

Nas & 50 Cent, Office Hours: the Lyrics & Their Meaning

The lyrics of “Office Hours” delve into a dynamic blend of themes and storytelling, highlighting both Nas and 50 Cent’s prowess as lyricists and storytellers. Its context revolves around the idea of “Office Hours,” which signifies a time when individuals are at their most focused and determined, ready to take on any challenge.

Nas’s opening lines set the stage for the song, referencing Bruce Lee’s famous quote about being like water, effortlessly flowing through obstacles. He asserts his influence and impact on the Hip-Hop genre, declaring that he started a surge after the era of Rakim and the ’80s. Also, he views himself as a leader in the rap game, with a style and presence that resurrected the essence of Hip-Hop.

Throughout the track, Nas touches on themes of power and influence, stating that he holds the key to the industry’s success. He references his role as a negotiator and a businessman, exemplifying his commitment to both his art and his community. The lyrics also mention “Jada white,” likely referring to Jada Pinkett Smith, a reference to his ongoing relationship with the actress and her husband, Will Smith.

In the bridge, Nas addresses those who may doubt his position, encouraging them to study his analytics and recognize his significant impact on the genre. He acknowledges the importance of supporting and uplifting others in the industry, shouting out people on verses who may not have initially deserved it.

50 Cent’s verse complements Nas’s narrative, showcasing his signature style and street-savvy lyrics. He emphasizes his position as a dominant force in Queens and asserts his unapologetic attitude towards his adversaries. 50 Cent’s lines touch on themes of survival, power dynamics, and staying true to oneself despite external pressures.

Then, the chorus, sung by Nas, reinforces the song’s message of empowerment and strength, likening the feeling to being “plugged in” and charged up like jumper cables. The repeated mention of “Fredos” in the chorus could refer to individuals perceived as weak or disloyal.

In the outro, Nas humorously expresses his distaste for “Fredos” and teases the possibility of releasing his next album under 50 Cent’s G-Unit label, signifying their camaraderie and shared vision for success. With “Office Hours,” Nas and 50 Cent deliver a powerful collaboration that celebrates their impact on Hip-Hop and showcases their lyrical prowess. The song weaves together themes of influence, strength, and staying true to one’s roots.

What Are the Lyrics of “Office Hours” by Nas & 50 Cent?

These are the lyrics of Nas & 50 Cent’s “Office Hours” via Genius:

Office Hours Lyrics

[Intro: Nas]
Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh
Yeah, yeah
No reason to stop, ah
That s… just flowin’ like water
Let it float
Bruce Lee said, “Be like water, flow like water”
Just coast
Don’t even think about that
Hip Hop’s back

[Chorus: Nas]
Esco, they know over 808’s or fatal over samples
I go yayo, crack music like the yezos, I’m plugged in
Jumper cables, trap, bumpin’ like pre-Nato 70’s
I played with Play-Doh, all I see a bunch of Fredos

[Verse 1: Nas]
Godfather, they on payroll, they on go, when I say so
Not to kill, not a halo
They gon’ build, plant tomatoes in the field
Now those Jada white negotiator on the phone
Talkin’ paper, officе hours all day though
I’m from the hood that started the YERRR (YERRR)
Go and chеck and do your research, I started the surge
That big necklace s…
After the 80’s, after Rakim, I resurrected it
Chest is lit, freezin’, I’m polar vortexin’ it
Got it, quiz me, am I gonna step from the business? (Uh-huh)
A lot of fillings in this game like I just left the dentist (Sheesh)
Without a numbin’ needle
I feed the people ’cause I love the people
Two series at once, yeah, let’s run the sequel

[Bridge: Nas]
If I really got it dumb it down for some of y’all
That’s that Magic and that KD at the same time
Not Dumber or Dumber
This ain’t a Dumb or Dumber sequel
Jeff Daniels, Jim Carrey’s my mans (Yeah)
But here’s the plan

[Verse 2: Nas & 50 Cent]
I don’t need an OG pass
See my trajectory is everlastin’ like Curtis Jackson
Hit 105 and did a crazy tirade
I’m surprised that I acted that way
A baby MAC-10, on my yak s…
Carhartt in the cold
Don’t get confused or used or let them bother your soul
Rap what I live, I sleep good, I have no vendettas
We the reason you spell “NY” with capital letters, listen
And for those who want my position
You gotta step inside a time machine, come back with a vengeance
You should go study my analytics
I shouted people on verses that ain’t deserve it
When it’s turf s…, I stand on business
Shout to the ones that hold and gave passes
Could’ve been a lot of grave full of caskets
Damn, I’m a good guy
For that I think I’m blessed more
All these Fredos could’ve been added to the death score
There’ll be second line dancin’ on St. Charles Street
New Orleans band was jammin’, playin’ a raw beat
They gon’ miss him, sad, they say they stopped his heartbeat
Like his arteries clogged from feastin’ on some hard meat (Haha)

[Verse 3: 50 Cent]
Innocent victim
Stick ’em, get ’em, book ’em, good you got ’em
Glad you took ’em
Black and wasn’t lookin’, headshot
Drill s… up the pole, peel s…, .40 Glock
Kill switch, run, b…, you still hit
Ratpack ’em, jump ’em, gun b… ’em, rub ’em
He fight back, snuff ’em
This s… ain’t ’bout nothin’
You saw it but you ain’t seen s…
This is Queens s…
No ifs, ands or buts in between s…
It’s 50, n…
You already know how I get when I get on my bulls… (Ha, haha)
N…s tweakin’ and geekin’ (Uh, uh)
Southside, n…, QB n…, yeah
So what we gon’ do? Where Jungle at?
What we gon’ do?
We stayin’ in here? Or we goin’ out?
S…, we should go out, we rich as a motherf…

[Chorus: Nas]
Esco, they know over 808’s or fatal over samples
I go yayo, crack music like the yezos, I’m plugged in
Jumper cables, trap, bumpin’ like pre-Nato 70’s
I played with Play-Doh, all I see a bunch of Fredos

[Outro: Nas]
All I see is a bunch of Fredos
All I see is a bunch of Fredos, all I
All I see is a bunch of Fredos, ha
Ha, ayo Fif’, I might put my next album out on G-Unit
You let ’em slap you around out here
You can’t let ’em slap you around out here, it’s bad for the family
They put a hand on you, you put two on them
F…in’ Fredos
One thing I hate is a f…in’ Fredo
It’s bad for the family

Nas & 50 Cent’s “Office Hours” Lyrics

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