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Meaning Behind the Lyrics of ‘The News’ by PARTYNEXTDOOR About Boring Girls

PARTYNEXTDOOR – The News Lyrics Meaning

PARTYNEXTDOOR (PND) is finally here with new music. It’s almost impossible to believe that there was no new music from PND since 2017. On the 22nd of November, 2019, PND decided to come back to the music scene and give us what we all had been waiting for. With the brute force of OVO label, PartyNextDoor is ready to party with us at last. The song talks about women who don’t understand what the other person wants from them. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘The News’ by PARTYNEXTDOOR.

In addition to writing his own stuff, PND had written ‘Work’ and ‘Wild Thoughts’, both sung by Rihanna. So, that’s how we know that PARTYNEXTDOOR is another talent rising in the music industry. Along with the song ‘The News’, PND has released another single titled ‘Loyal’ featuring the OVO manager, Drake! Looking back at Kendrick LamarThe Weeknd, and Travis Scott, we can definitely agree that the Drake force is real and it can change lives.

Introduction: The News Lyrics

On the 19th November 2019, PARTYNEXTDOOR mentioned at an upcoming release via an Instagram post, where he had used the caption “Friday.” Then, two days later, he mentioned the involvement of Drake on an Instagram story as shown in the picture below. On Friday, we have two brand new singles.

The fact that Drake is involved in this project makes it even interesting. Like Tyler, The Creator had said, Drake is literally the biggest artist on the planet as of right now. However, Drake doesn’t feature in ‘The News’. This song is about women who like talking about the same thing again and again with nothing interesting to offer to the table. They say the things as though they are super cool but in reality, those things are just stale and outdated to the people around them.

The News Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘The News’ by PARTYNEXTDOOR section-wise.


Every time girls try to be interesting to the boys around them, they don’t realize that they might already know about it. Then, when the boys confront them about the situation, the go out of their way to bring in pain and misery. Even though PND knows that these girls don’t deserve him, he feels as though the pain and the misery they inflict upon him are far better than completely losing them.

[Verse 1]

When the girls don’t get to do what they want to do, they hurt the singer in the worst possible ways possible. They use all the manipulation techniques and make sure that he won’t leave them. The girls hurt him and tell him to “man up” and “stand up” for themselves. They ask questions about stupid stuff to him just to get his attention and they don’t care about his answers. The uninteresting nature is shown by significant other and he likes to stay in this toxic cycle.


PND questions his significant other a question about who deserves who. The singer is pretty sure that his girlfriend doesn’t deserve him. Yet, he cannot let her go to anybody because his love for her has just reached the ceiling. This is because he genuinely cares about her well being despite the type of girl she is.

[Verse 2]

Deep down his heart, PND feels like leaving her all alone and never come back. However, deep down he feels tied down by her previous personality. The problems within the relationship aren’t of primary importance to him but they are made to be a massive deal by his significant other. He just wants to come to fruition that both of us have issues with each other.

[Verse 3/ Outro]

PND says he’s got used to her bad sides. There is a different side of her that no one has ever seen in her. He knows she won’t be able to rage on anyone as she does with him. So, the singer likes to stay around her just to give her peace of mind. He had always been nice to her but he had been constantly lied to. She had told him that there was nobody else in her life. But now she is acting different and he can notice it.

Conclusion: The News Meaning

The singer is so into her that he is ready to experience her wrath again even though he knows it’s right for him to walk away. He is keeping his mental health on a pedestal to keep her around him. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘The News’ by PARTYNEXTDOOR? Let us know in the comments section below.

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