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Posty Doesn’t Like You If You Love Internet! Post Malone – Internet Lyrics Meaning


Post Malone – Internet Lyrics Meaning

Do you use internet? Most importantly, do you love it? Guess who doesn’t like the internet? Our “friendly” popstar, Posty. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of Internet by Post Malone.

What would you do if your whole music career took off from the internet? Would you slam it? I guess not.


Seriously, Mr. Posty! Think about it. You would have no career in music if it weren’t for the internet.

Yet, you have got the balls to say bad things about the internet that basically changed your whole life!

Internet Lyrics Meaning

I’ll pick you point by point, Posty. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of Internet by Post Malone section-wise.


In the verse, Posty shows his dissatisfaction on the internet. Guess why? It’s because every girl is a model on the internet.

Well, maybe you should browse Instagram less and browse Wikipedia or Reddit more if you don’t want to see people expressing themselves.

You say you are scared of your music leaking on the internet. Posty, let me clear up one thing for you.

People don’t “hack” your music. It is definitely an inside job. So, instead of blaming the mistake of your label on your fans, make your circle smaller.

Don’t make hysterical tracks like “Die for Me”. Your intelligence is really showing in the track. When will you grow up?

Again, if you don’t like getting approached by the girls, maybe try boys? I am joking, obviously. But not really.

Also, stop using social media, it’s that simple Posty. I’m ashamed of calling myself a fan. But love is love.


Did you just say “frick” the internet? I cannot believe it.

I mean, well, maybe he has a point. When Post Malone almost died when the landing gear of his plane failed once, people were wishing death on him.

But honey, there are your fans too who love you and who will always support you.

You cannot kick someone who puts food on your plate just because the food didn’t taste good once.

Stop over thinking and stay cool.


There is an amazing line here. He doesn’t want to wake up in the world where ignorance is a bliss.

The statement itself is ironic considering I find Posty a little ignorant.

Never mind me guys.

Good luck to Posty on his new album! Go stream his album, buy his merch and do everything to support the artist.


Post Malone says he doesn’t like today’s music while making “today’s music” even worse at the same time.

What do you think of the meaning behind the lyrics of Internet by Post Malone?

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