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What’s Your Commitment Level To Posty? Post Malone – Die For Me Lyrics Meaning


Post Malone – Die for Me Lyrics Meaning

Are you ready for another pop song that features a RAPPER to talk about commitment issues? I know I am. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Die for Me’ by Post Malone.

The song features Future and Halsey, who are all known for one fact, they’re amazing lovers. I’m joking. Their non-committal stance has become very toxic to the society.


Another day and another song about commitment issues. Didn’t you already talk about it on “Circles” track?

Oh, wait, Better Now track wasn’t enough either. I must have totally forgotten about Goodbyes track that features Young Thug.

Die for Me Lyrics Meaning

Even though we can guess what we can find in the song, let’s give it a shot. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of “Die for Me” by Post Malone section-wise.

[Intro: Future & Post Malone]

In the intro of the song, Future & Post Malone are casting their minds back to what their romantic interest had once told them.

The singers say, they were told their lovers would die for them. They had to find it wrong the hard way.

Guys, first of all, she must have said that to create a romantic scene. That’s what happens in a normal relationship.

If you guys were actually hoping that your love interests would die for you, you need to go and see the doctor.

Have we come this far? People stay in a relationship so that they can share their lives with you until they grow old and die naturally.

But the freaks like Post Malone & Future make girls run away in circles. How can you expect your love interests to die for you?

I am using plural tone in “love interests” because these guys wouldn’t commit to a girl and these are the same guys that talk about a girl leaving.

Stop being hypocrites guys!

[Chorus: Post Malone]

Yes, she must have said she’d take a bullet for you. That’s showing dedication towards you in exchange for the commitment stance from your side.

A girl will never take a bullet for you so that you can go and manipulate another girl to take bullet for you. She knows your type, Post Malone!

Apparently, Posty “has been lied to” since the girl refused to die for him.

A girl would want to live her life with you and there you are asking her to die for you. It’s not fair, Post Malone.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it once again. Get over it, you are in the wrong.

[Verse 1: Post Malone]

Post Malone proceeds to explain the scenario of the relationship in the first verse. Let’s see what he has to say.

Posty says it was love in the first sight. Oh, yes, that must definitely be a true love. Is this a joke? Or is this trending recently?

I mean, just see the level of hypocrisy thrown in here. Post Malone calls his romantic interest, who chose her life instead of him, a cold person.

Great, this is a pinnacle of love story right here. If you’ve ever read Romeo and Juliet, forget about it. Posty will tell you the greatest love story of all time.

His insecurities about security in his home made him pull out a gun as soon as he heard the door open. But it was his romantic interest.

So, you freak out a girl and then she calls the cops on you because she is scared that you might shoot her.

Yet, somehow, she is the one who got you into trouble.

Get off your high horse Mr. Austin Post. You should get over your insecurities before you look forward to dating any girls in the future.

[Pre-Chorus: Post Malone]

Instead of taking responsibilities for his mistakes, Post Malone decides to quit any form of relationship with his “love interest”.

Wow, very mature. Imagine Post Malone fans bopping around in this track. That would be something fun to look at.

Posty calls it over in their relationship. Instead of him taking responsibilities to the way he acted because of his insecurities caused by the lack if proper security in his house.

Fix your security problems before you call out on her friends, Posty. Her friends didn’t sell her out. You sold her out!

[Verse 2: Future]

We have Future’s side of response here that isn’tvery futuristic. It’s what someone conservative would say but still an opinion is an opinion. Let’s talk about it.

Apparently, Future met this girl who was pretending to be a heartbreaker, a classic bad girl.

Later, he discovered that she is extremely vulnerable. Now what? Mr. Gentleman decides to ditch her.

What else does our earth need besides such classic gentlemen? I pity our past generations.

What kind of sick and twisted fantasy is it to want a girl die for you when she is emotionally unavailable for you?

On top of that, you are the one who said vulnerable girls aren’t your type. Who do you think you are future? God?

You think you can do anything you want just because you’re rich? Well, think again! It’s a human life that we’re trying to deal with here.

[Verse 3: Halsey]

Maybe Halsey has something to say. She is the one who’s been heartbroken. We can all see the pain of hers in “Without Me” track.

Even Halsey has a history bad romance. She’s been capitalising on her breakup with G Eazy since mid 2018.

Are you not ready to slide away from it yet, girl? Okay, let’s give you a pass. Let’s say you were very hurt then.

What’s up with boasting about the success of your single that is 5 times platinum?

Listen, if it’s a true love and your heart has been broken, you forgive people. You don’t capitalize on it every single time, whenever possible.

Since when “true love” is legitimized in exchange of thoughtfully lacking story of a relationship?

To keep the secrets of any relationship, whether it’s previous one or current one, is known for its INTEGRITY, which you don’t have.

Yes, Halsey, I just called you out.


If this is what I’ll have to deal with if I decide to go out on a date, then I’ll pass.

No thanks, I’ll pass it.

I want a normal relationship with normal people that don’t have any requirements of life and death situation.

The only thing I’d want from a relationship is a healthy long term growth. I don’t want such drama. It’s too much for me to handle.

What do you think of the meaning behind the lyrics of “Die for Me” by Post Malone?

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