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Red Velvet ‘In My Dreams’ Lyrics Meaning English Translation


Red Velvet – In My Dreams Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of the lyrics for ‘In My Dreams’ by Red Velvet in English translation is that the singer is longing for love in her dreams. It is so sad that she cannot pursue her love in real life. This is likely because of a rejection she faced from her crush. Or because he has another romantic partner and is very loyal to her.

“꿈에서도 꿈인걸” means “it’s a dream even in a dream”. “알면서도” translates into “Even though I already know that”.

Introduction: In My Dreams Lyrics

From the title ‘In My Dreams’ itself we know that Red Velvet is singing about her dreams in the lyrics. For most people, their dreams have significance. It’s a way for them to feel as if the universe is sending them a sign to do something. So is the case with Red Velvet here. The dream means so much to the artists.

꿈에서도 꿈인걸
알면서도 I still love you
이대로 don’t wake me up
달콤하게 날 속여줘
In my dreams

Lyrics for ‘In My Dreams’ by Red Velvet

In My Dreams Lyrics Meaning Translation

Let’s analyze the meaning of the lyrics behind the song ‘In My Dreams’ by Red Velvet translation in English line by line in detail.

[Refrain/ Chorus/ Bridge]

Red Velvet is longing for an impossible love in real life but is hopeful that it will work out in the dreams. Sadly, it’s not that easy for her even in her dreams. The only time she feels good is when she loves in her dream. She doesn’t want to wake up from her dreams cause it’s the only love that feels real to her. “눈 뜰 수 없을 만큼 황홀해” translates into “I’m so ecstatic that I can’t open my eyes”.

[Verse 1]

The singer and her crush are dancing together, in her dreams. After a tiresome night, they get close to relieving the stress from each other’s day. They are cracking jokes constantly and making each other laugh. Then, they reach out to the cloud and dance on the cotton-like clouds. Red Velvet would then give the song the title ‘In My Dreams’.

[Verse 2]

‘In My Dreams’ has Red Velvet thinking if she wants to go back to that moment in her dreams. She did everything she could to find him in the dream. But now she doesn’t want to go back to real life. She then fantasizes about getting married with petals thrown at her and making it forever. The sad part of this all is she wants everything in her dreams and not in real life. Then, she wakes up.

Conclusion: In My Dreams Meaning

The meaning of ‘In My Dreams’ by Red Velvet is that it is difficult for the artist to love her romantic interest even in the dreams. For her, her crush is a dream even in her dream. It’s a constant obsession over someone she cannot have in her lifetime. But she is not able to move on from that situation. It’s tough to let go when you truly desire someone.

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