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What Is the Meaning of the “Chill Kill” Song by Red Velvet In English?


“Chill Kill,” written by Cazzi Opeia, Ellen Berg, Moonshine, & KENZIE (KOR), is a song released on the 13th of November, 2023. It is the first and the title song from Red Velvet’s 2023 album, Chill Kill. The meaning of “Chill Kill” lyrics by Red Velvet is the story of moments shared in love, loss, and discovering oneself during hard times. In the music video of the song, the five singers are living in a small cottage together. Then, in that cottage, they look back at all the good moments they shared on the TV and we can also see their struggles. At last, the singers set their cottage on fire and run into the wilderness until the police catch them. You can listen to Red Velvet’s “Chill Kill” below.

Official Music Video of “Chill Kill” by Red Velvet

What Is the Meaning of the “Chill Kill” Song by Red Velvet In English?

The First Verse of the “Chill Kill” lyrics by Red Velvet is about the highs and lows of love. Here, the song begins with the singer facing a sudden encounter with an emotion she does not want. Then, the singer mentions “a sudden crash into a world,” almost like thunder, that is disrupting the emotional peace. Here, the title of the song, ‘Chill Kill’ means an emotional disruption that can turn around someone’s life from good to bad. It is a thrilling experience that makes our minds ill. But the singer is unbothered by what’s happening around her. Even though she is reflecting on her past, she is determined to make things official with her lover. She is determined to turn that disaster around and move forward to a strong relationship with her lover.

In the Pre-Chorus of the song, the singer talks about her regrets and longing for her good past. The meaning of the Pre-Chorus of “Chill Pill” by Red Velvet is a plea to see the long-lost romantic partner once again. Here, the singer is not able to move on from her heartbreak. She wishes to be vulnerable with him one more time but the possibility of this becoming true is so slim that she is heartbroken. The word “regretting” sums up how the singer has realized the value of the moments they had together only after the relationship ended. In the Chorus, the singer pleas to “not think about tomorrow” and she acknowledges the hope she had for love during adversity. Even though this separation makes her cry right now, she is hopeful that things will turn around for the better so she can enjoy a happy ending.

The Second Verse of “Chill Pill” lyrics by Red Velvet talks about the difficulty in navigating changes in a relationship. With this new change, nights become long and we want guidance through the darkness. ‘Lighthouse’ is the guiding factor here as she confesses that her lover had ‘tamed her’ to the point where she could see him and only him as her future. She asks why her lover was so good to her and further asks if she was worth it. But as things slowly changed, her lover kept running away from her while shouting he hated her. However, before he finishes this hateful sentence, he stops and looks into her eyes. In the Second Pre-Chorus of the song, the same idea of romanticizing the moments they spent together in the night way back in the past repeats.

In the Bridge of the song, the singer shows emotional maturity. The meaning of the Bridge section of the song “Chill Kill” by Red Velvet is the singer’s self-realization that happiness comes from within. She refuses to cry over the love she’s lost even though he is the only one who can make her happy. This also means she has moved on from her lover and she has let him go. However, letting him go doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any affection for him. It’s quite the opposite. She lets him go so that she understands things change with time and she should let her lover live his life if she loves him. Read the original lyrics of Red Velvet’s “Chill Kill” via Genius.

Context of “Chill Kill” Lyrics Meaning by Red Velvet In English

According to Soompi, the meaning of the phrase “chill kill” by Red Velvet is an incident or existence that breaks the silence. In this song, the singers describe how this unexpected ‘chill kill’ can change the narrative of a normal relationship. Red Velvet’s plea to be able to live in the present moment without this sudden ‘Chill Pill’ is also a deeper look into introspection. Even when we are facing immense difficulty, we must move ahead with love in our hearts. We should always strive to be resilient in our personal growth and emotional maturity.

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