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Residente, Bajo y Batería: the English Lyrics & Their Meaning


“Bajo y Batería,” written by Residente, is a song released on the 13th of July, 2023. Residente finally dropped “Bajo y Batería,” a new diss track aimed at Cosculluela, showcasing his street aesthetic. The meaning of “Bajo y Batería” lyrics is Residente’s claim that Cosculluela has never embraced the streets & has grown up privileged. It is worth noting that Residente had previously dedicated a song, “Cosquillita,” to Cosculluela, adding another layer to their dynamic.

Four days ago, Residente made a comeback on social media with a thought-provoking video titled “What happens tomorrow is not my fault, it is Father Javier’s fault.” While the video sparked speculation about new music, the exact release date remained unclear. However, the context behind Residente’s new track can be traced back to a previous controversy involving J Balvin and his dissatisfaction with the recognition of reggaeton artists at the Latin Grammy Awards.

After engaging in a public exchange of statements, Residente collaborated with Bizarrap and released “Music Sessions #49” in March 2022. This eight-minute and thirty-two-second song was divided into three chapters and focused on criticizing J Balvin as a musician. Yet, the new release stirred more curiosity about Residente’s forthcoming music.

You can listen to Residente’s “Bajo y Batería” below.

Official Music Video of “Bajo y Batería” by Residente

Residente, Bajo y Batería: the English Lyrics & Their Meaning

“Bajo y Batería” by Residente features three powerful verses accompanied by John Benítez’s simple bass and the resounding drums of Tony Royster. Lasting over nine minutes, the track has captivated fans with its black-and-white music video.

The lyrics of the song express Residente’s dominance and lyrical prowess, as he proclaims his superiority over his opponents in the urban music genre. With his sharp wordplay, Residente sweeps away his rivals, asserting his position as the champion. He takes pride in his ability to dismantle his adversaries both horizontally and vertically, leaving no room for competition.

Residente directly calls out Cosculluela, highlighting their differences in upbringing and challenging his authenticity as a street rapper. The diss track showcases Residente’s contempt for those who claim to be part of the street but lack the real-life experiences associated with it.

This release serves as a continuation of the ongoing feud between Residente and Cosculluela. Both artists have engaged in a war of words, with Residente emphasizing his superior lyrical skills and dismissing his rivals’ credibility. The diss track reinforces the animosity between the two, ensuring that the clash remains in the public eye.

Residente’s Impact on the Music Industry

Residente has been known for his bold and thought-provoking music. His lyrics challenge the status quo, shedding light on social and political issues. With “Bajo y Batería,” he once again pushes boundaries, leaving a lasting impact on his listeners.

Residente’s release of “Bajo y Batería” marks a significant moment in the ongoing feud between him and Cosculluela. The diss track reflects Residente’s prowess as a lyricist and his determination to assert his dominance in the urban music genre. As the controversy continues to unfold, fans eagerly await the response from Cosculluela and the future developments in this captivating feud.

What Are the Lyrics of “Bajo y Batería” by Residente In English Translation?

These are the lyrics of Residente’s “Bajo y Batería” via Genius in English Translation:

[Lyrics of “Bajo y Batería” (Bass and Drums)]

I love it, haha
I love it
I love it

[Verse 1]
I love letting them run free through the meadow
Making them feel like they have their whole life ahead
And when they’re almost reaching the border
I take out the wooden pencil and blow their minds
I’m the whip that lacerates your skin
The f…..g overseer at the sugar mill
I’m the last thing you’ll see before you die
The hospital ceiling, the nurse’s face
I devour this veal, the tenderloin, the ribs, I even eat the skull
The tail, the neck, I leave nothing on the plate
Even Shakira loses her hips
I come with an axe in the glove compartment
Like a Native American scalping
I make them wave the flag behind the trench
While the “Residents” cool down in the fridge
I’ve swept them away so much when it comes to rhyming
That the witches no longer have brooms to fly
Without exaggeration
I’ve swept them away so much that I’ll have to go to another solar system
I sweep them horizontally, vertically, even perpendicularly
No one in the urban genre smiles at me anymore
Because I turned their teeth into a necklace
Now a line of losers is trying
To figure out how to pay next month’s rent
Because I mention them only once
And I feed them for a month
These tongue-waggers drool saying I’m not a rapper
But no one wants to fight the second, third, or fourth, they all want the first
You prove me right
In this pantheon, everyone wants to fight the champion
They don’t even reach the Fifth Step
Their pants fall down because my belt is too big for them
Not even in the top thirty, bastard
Not even with sign language can they join the conversation
Not even with the death penalty do they have good execution
Not even if they beg Omar do they have the gift
Today the population is going to increase
Because I’m going to give it to them until the condom breaks
Now without further interruption
Cosculluela, here’s your mention to pay the alimony
Every day this napkin gangster
Closes his eyes and clenches his fists
He makes a wish on comets
That one day the secret police will chase him
He wishes to be the most wanted
Along with his gang: “The White Panthers of Humacao”
From his porcelain neighborhood
He has wet dreams about Tony Montana
His fantasies with his g…s
Are full of fairy godmothers, elves, and dragons
What I like the most
Is that he thinks his warm egg stare intimidates us
He thinks he has people scared
With his divorced lady face
No matter how hard he paddles, his boat sinks
He wants to be a big shot and a priest at the same time
This friend is confused
He reads the Bible but hits his wife on the head
With his invented religion
He beats pregnant women
He smashes them against the ground
No matter how much you pray, pigs like you don’t go to heaven
No matter how much you beg Omar, you don’t have the gift
No one believes you anymore
Well, only those who spell “Residente” with a C
And a couple of bloggers
The more reggaeton they are, the more nonsensical they are
They told me I rhyme “Fonalleda” with “silk”
And how do I rhyme it? With “a…,” you insect-sniffer?
These fools have been crushed by me since I came out in 2005
I’ve never seen an elephant fly
Nor Maiky Backstage do a relevant interview
They are frustrated singers who never made it
They talk about cooking, but they never cooked
The opinions of these learned ones are worthless
Just like Révol with his wrinkled t… face
In the end, these are the ones who applauded you
And the fans of Balvin who are still hurt

[Verse 2]
Well, getting back to the initial topic
I’m still dealing with the cop who trusts the judicial system
Who says Tego doesn’t support me
I don’t need Tego’s permission to crush you on Christmas
You d… talker
If you knew what Tego thinks of you, you wouldn’t have written that line
You’re the only idiot in the label
Who confessed to having tasted camel u…
Poor Santa
The beast and the two balls of the camel went through his throat
While they were writing the song for him
They filled his mouth with u… and he reached the conclusion
The man with a… hair on his head
That the u… tasted like my beer
This pork chop gives me tenderness
I replied, and he went out to make T-shirts
Not even at a clearance sale, not even for a penny
You can’t even open a croquette kiosk
Your career is in a coma with artificial respiration
It doesn’t turn on even with jumper cables
It doesn’t turn on even with a hundred bottles of mezcal
Perico shooting in the air and regional music
It doesn’t turn on even with an aluminum oven
Shooting at you is like, mmm, ah, shooting at the Dominio
You’ll only be great after you’re buried
The day Benny Benni can pronounce the R
Rrr, literally
Three sad tigers eat wheat in the wheat field
They talk about AKs, Berettas, ***s, shotg…s
Tell ***** that Resi respects him the day he learns to write a complete sentence
Because I’m the wording that penetrates like a b…
When my b…s turn into lyrics
I break these thugs more than Alejandro’s broken heart
They want to mess with what I am and what I was
Now I bring them more war than Juan Luis
With the pencil, I shoot to kill
When I get hostile, I raise the [R] in my profile
And they tremble more than Anitta’s buttocks at the carnival in Brazil
I’m f…..g Chernobyl
Like North Korea, always with my finger on the missile button
I kill him and he doesn’t see it coming
With the lunch knife like in my youth
Because he lacks skill, he lacks talent
And he’s dumber than April Fools’ Day
This paper thug is so stupid
Everyone knows that “Inside” is for him, except him
He throws bars that he himself doesn’t believe
What torments you since “Inside” came out is me
“An idealist without ideas,” that punchline amazed me
Like a cattle ranch without cattle
Like a war without soldiers
Like a barbecue without meat
Like a future without a past
Like the caliber I calibrate, very creative
You guys are like a bookstore without books

[Verse 3]
When I mention Trooko
Mueka’s face melts on his shoulders
This overweight weevil is very lazy
He has so much cheek that he has no eyes left
His a… face is a theater play
He opens his mouth and it looks like he’s on all fours
Another one who thinks he’s a commoner
I’m going to tear off a piece of the monster’s trunk to give him a neck
This can get violent, physical
Even though I’m like the Pacific Ocean
To the traitors, if they provoke me
We’ll take a little ride around Villa Margarita
Me, settling accounts, Trujillo backs me up
Bryan and El Maníaco watching my back
I break these little thugs
They can’t even reach their best jump because Trujillo is tall
I never shot, but I always wrote
I’m not from the streets, but my crew is
I dismantle you piece by piece
Prrum, if you catch me on the street, lower your head
The problem is not that he’s been rich since he was a kid
It’s simple, let me explain it to you
The problem is that an arrogant guy like him
Pretended to be from a neighborhood where he wasn’t born
Pretending to be a tough guy to the core
And with his music motivating them to kill each other
Fronting and kicking like a filly
Those who end up on the streets is because they had no other option
But this golden crib lamb
Thinks he’s a bull for hitting his ex-wife against the toilet
That’s why your career is in decline
It rhymes like “dinosaur” rhymes with “meteor”

I’ve vented already
Now I’m done with all the diss tracks, yeah
I won’t diss anyone else
I swear, I promise, yeah
It’s over, I’m not interested anymore, a…holes
Enough! Enough!
I want to be a balladeer
I want to be a balladeer like, like, like Ricky Martin
I want to be a balladeer

Residente’s “Bajo y Batería” Lyrics in English Translation

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