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What “Unholy” Lyrics by Sam Smith & Kim Petras Mean: Song Meaning


Sam Smith & Kim Petras – Unholy Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of ‘Unholy’ lyrics by Sam Smith & Kim Petras is an indictment of the infidelity of a man on his loving wife. This song is sad and questions the self-confidence of an unfaithful man working at a shop. The song does not highlight heartache and idleness. But it highlights strength, satire, and misconduct not to be assumed thoughtfully and therefore a substantial reenergized release. In the song, Kim Petras recreates the position of the girl the man is fooling with.

‘Unholy’ by Sam Smith & Kim Petras means the act of infidelity is defined as “something unholy,” particularly because the wife is not aware of the act.

Introduction: Unholy Lyrics

‘Unholy’ lyrics by Sam Smith and Kim Petras throw satires at an unfaithful husband who has been cheating on his loving wife. Sam Smith’s character in the song is a third-party spectator who is sickened with the “unfaithful husband” character. Meanwhile, Kim Petras portrays the character of “the other woman,” who treats the hubby like a loving husband. The lines of the song express the act of cheating as “something unholy” as we can see in the lyrics below:

Mummy don’t know … getting …
At the body …
Doin’ somethin’ unholy
He’s sat back while she’s droppin’ it (She)
She be poppin’ it (She)
Yeah, she put it down slowly
Oh-ee-oh-ee-oh, he left his kids at
Ho-ee-oh-ee-ome so he can get that

Lyrics to chorus of ‘Unholy’ by Sam Smith & Kim Petras

Unholy Lyrics Meaning

Let’s analyze the meaning of the lyrics behind the song ‘Unholy’ by Sam Smith & Kim Petras line by line in detail.

‘Unholy’ by Sam Smith & Kim Petras is the lead single for Smith’s upcoming fourth studio album. The release date of ‘Unholy’ is the 22nd of September 2022.

Keep Your Business Clean Idiom Meaning

The idiom “keep your business clean” used by Sam Smith in “Unholy” lyrics means to encourage an unfaithful man to conduct his affairs in an honest and transparent manner. He needs to do so to avoid scandal or unethical behavior and to maintain a good reputation. This phrase is often used in a business or professional context. It is a reminder to act with integrity and to avoid shady or illegal dealings or infidelity. The idea behind the phrase is that if you keep your business clean, you’ll maintain a positive image. This helps people to avoid any negative consequences that result from engaging in unethical or illegal behavior.

[Intro/ Chorus/ Outro: Sam Smith & Kim Petras]

Mummy don’t know … getting …
At the body …
Doing something unholy
Lucky, lucky girl (Ooh)
Lucky, lucky girl (Yeah, yeah)
Lucky, lucky girl (Uh)
Lucky, lucky girl

Intro to ‘Unholy’ Lyrics


“body …” means a club where lonely people go enjoy their moment in exchange for money by buying liquors. Many married men visit such places as well. When married men engage in inappropriate behaviors, Sam Smith & Kim Petras put it as “something unholy” in the lyrics. This is because marriage is considered to be a sacred act that binds two people together for eternity in the eyes of God. But the wife is unaware of the activities of her cheating husband.

[Verse 1: Sam Smith]

A lucky, lucky girl
She got married to a boy like you
She’d kick you out if she ever, ever knew
‘Bout all the **** you tell me that you do
… … boy
You know everyone is talkin’ on the scene
I hear them whisperin’ ’bout the places that you’ve been
And how you don’t know how to keep your business clean

Verse 1 to ‘Unholy’ Lyrics


In a satirical way, Sam Smith calls the wife of the cheating man character a “lucky girl”. She got married to such a man but she doesn’t know why her husband comes home to her late. But the husband is aware of the fact that he could very well be kicked out of his own house if his wife were to know the truth. Smith calls the cheating husband a “… boy” cause despite hearing his own rumors, he simply doesn’t stop. Neither can he keep things clean.

[Verse 2: Kim Petras]

Mm, …, …, if you want it, drop the addy (Yeah, yeah)
Give me love, give me Fendi, my Balenciaga …
You gon’ need to bag it up ’cause I’m spendin’ on Rodeo (Woo)
You can watch me back it up, I’ll be gone in the A.M. (Yeah)
And he, he get me Prada, get me Miu Miu like Rihanna (Ah)
He always call me ’cause I never cause no drama
And when you want it, baby, I know I got you covered
And when you … it, baby, just jump under the covers (Yeah)

Verse 2 to ‘Unholy’ Lyrics


“Drop the addy” is a reference to Kim Petras who is playing “the other woman” character trying to know the man’s address. A place to meet for them knows one another. Kim is playing the role of a partner and is asking for designer brands such as ‘Fendi’, ‘Prada’, and ‘Balenciaga’ as gifts for her kind act. She knows about his marital status. But she promises to cover up for him if anything were to go wrong in their secret but not-so-secret relationship.

Conclusion: Unholy Meaning

‘Unholy’ by Sam Smith & Kim Petras means that despite the gossip about the infidelity of a man that has circulated, his wife continues to be unaware of the story. Every story of a broken family is a sad story. But the singers and the writers of the song have been able to turn the narrative into something funny and satirical. It’s truly a better way to deal with the unfaithful acts of your partner than to whimper and cry with sadness.

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