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Is This The Second Breakup Song? Selena Gomez – Look At Her Now Lyrics Meaning


Selena Gomez – Look At Her Now Lyrics Meaning

Selena Gomez is not getting away by telling Justin Bieber that she has moved on! She wants him to see her confidence and actually feel it! I’m already in love with Selena Gomez and her attitude. Just ‘Look At Her Now’, she is such a different person! We should try to search for multiple cryptic messages that are possibly hidden in the lyrics avoiding the Genius page. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Look At Her Now’ by Selena Gomez.

Selena Gomez is back with a happy upbeat song after a disastrous and gut-wrenching song with its lyrics filled by sadness the day before titled ‘Lose You To Love Me’. In the previously released song, the singer had expressed her sadness and grief to what had happened before and what’s going on at the moment respectively. But in the song ‘Lose You To Love Me’, Selena is showing us that she is not the same crybaby. She is happy with how her life has turned around and there are no regrets in her heart.

Introduction: Look At Her Now Lyrics

‘Look At Her Now’ is the second single from the artist’s upcoming untitled album. The song was released by Selena Gomez as soon as the lead single filled with melancholic lyrics for her next album, ‘Lose You To Love Me’, was released a day before. Despite the secret release, fans are actually paying a lot of attention to the new song ‘Look At Her Now’ to understand where Selena Gomez stands on her relationship with Justin Bieber or any other exes.

Let’s try not to give Justin the benefit of the doubt. Especially after considering an article by Cosmopolitan which reported that Hailey captioned “I will k**l you” on Instagram targeting her anger towards Hailey Baldwin. As much as the clickbaity title it really is, fans seem to actually believe the story. Therefore, they have been attacking the newlywed Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. Let Justin move on as well guys. We should consider his happy as well!

Look At Her Now Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Look At Her Now’ by Selena Gomez section-wise.

[Verse 1]

The lyrics in the first verse of ‘Look At Her Now’ is written from the standpoint of someone else who had been observing the relationship patterns of Selena Gomez. Maybe this is an introspective criticism of Selena for herself. In the lyrics, the singer says she fell in love with the guy she had then liked in a happy summer season. The relationship between them was passionate and a little wild, as they say. Their new connection was shining and was going well until they both hit a breaking point. This is exactly when the problems started.

Everything about this recently joined friendship was consuming Selena Gomez by the fairy tales of a princess finding her perfect prince with happy endings. But the real-life is far detrimental and histrionic than the fairy tales. Regardless, he (supposedly Justin Bieber) was her first love and her perfect prince. Everything was perfect, just like in the tales. Except, she was her first love as well until he found another princess for himself who was “better” than her. Then, the trust level of their relationship decreased exponentially.


Selena Gomez proudly accepts her sadness in the lyrics from Pre-Chorus of the song ‘Look At Her Now’. She says “of course she was sad”. We love a strong Selena Gomez! I’m so in love with her right now. I will repeat, “OF COURSE SHE WAS SAD”. She was aimed at by a bullet that was fired by her ex loved to see her dead. But she is now proud of the fact that she didn’t let her emotions control her action. The singer is now glad that she dodged the bullet even though she spent years wiping her tears.


This is where the singer shines! Selena Gomez is happily singing the lyrics from ‘Look At Her Now’ to tell her ex (possibly Justin Bieber) to tell him to look at her actions in the present days. She is going away from him and she wants him to look at her as she goes further away. PERIOD!

[Verse 2]

The singer has used the term “fast nights”, which we believe is directed towards the sexual intimacy between her and her the then ‘prince’. But he was so addicted to it that he wanted to try every other woman around him. That was the problem of his new life with fame backed up by millions of fans that were tracking his every move to emulate his action in their own lives. Selena, however, is not saying she was perfect either. But she doesn’t think the night he cheated on her was wrong either. That night made her feel more like the strong woman that she is today!


Further down the lyrics of ‘Look At Her Now’, Selena Gomez says she is openly walking away from her first toxic lover. You might be thinking “oh, she will get another man, she will do fine”. But she is a strong independent woman who needs a man only when she wants the man. Selena is not going to let anyone mess with her heart again. She will definitely find love but she sill find love only when she wants love.

Conclusion: Look At Her Now Meaning

Even though Selena Gomez is singing the song ‘Look At Her Now’ in an upbeat and happy mood, the lyrics of the song are even more heartbreaking than ‘Lose You To Love Me’. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Look At Her Now’ by Selena Gomez? Do you think she has moved on or do you think she is getting weaker and weaker after Justin’s wedding? Let us know in the comments below.

Read the meaning behind the lyrics of “Look At Her Now” by Selena Gomez on Genius in detail.


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