Selena Gomez Is an Open Book In ‘Vulnerable’ – Lyrics Meaning

Selena Gomez Is an Open Book In ‘Vulnerable’ – Lyrics Meaning

Selena Gomez – Vulnerable Lyrics Meaning

Vulnerable’ is another track for Selena Gomez’s new official studio album ‘Rare (Target Exclusive)’. The teaser of ‘Vulnerable’ was released on her official twitter account five days prior to the dropping of this song. In this song, Selena sings about someone else receiving the benefit of her sentiments. Thus, she’s scared by imagining their worst ambitions in her if she decides to open herself up to them. The singer seems to be fine with showing her vulnerable side, however. Let’s learn the deeper meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Vulnerable’ by ‘Selena Gomez’.

Introduction: Vulnerable Lyrics

In, ‘Vulnerable’ as the name show, Selena sings about the vulnerable side of herself. She is scared of what others’ intentions might be and she is scared of what if people take advantage of herself if she tries to open about herself but on the flip side she seems to be okay with her being vulnerable. She also talked about her vulnerability in another of her brand new single ‘Dance Again’.

Vulnerable Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Vulnerable’ by Selena Gomez section-wise.

[Verse 1]

‘Selena’ starts by talking about being scared of investing in new relations. She is unsure of what other party’s intention might be and they may take advantage of herself, yet again. The singer has put this feeling in ‘Lose You To Love Me‘ very clearly. She is not sure anymore whether to give chances to new people or not. ‘Selena’ beautifully represent her love and affection as a ‘flower’ that is the other person ready to give the same level of love and affection in return and invest in this relationship like her.

[Pre Chorus]

The singer talked about her deep dark secrets and bad sides of herself, is the other person ready to accept it? She further mentioned about her being naked about herself and tell you all her weakness and insecurities, would it work out or be same as her previous relations. But she will wake up strong and then suddenly everyone would be saying ‘Look At Her Now‘.

[Verse 2]

Selena is expecting the same love and affection in return. She said if she put all her trust in the other person, is the person is ready to honor it? Selena wants to make things to the end, is the other person willing to do the same? She is basically asking all the questions because she is unsure and scared of doing everything all over again and get nothing in return but heartbreaks.


‘Selena’ is willing to be romantically vulnerable with someone and wants to do the same all over after their relationship has failed before. She is scared of it failing again but on the other hand, she mentioned that if the other person does not want to make those rights, she will stay vulnerable. Basically, Selena is not sure about herself anymore.

Conclusion: ‘Vulnerable’ Meaning

In the song, she talked about giving it all over again and be an open book to the other person but she is unsure of their intentions and doesn’t want them to take advantage of her again and she can’t deal with again. We all can relate to that because some of has gone through many bad relations but still we all willing to love again but we are scared of it happening again because we aren’t fully moved on by last heartbreak. Let us know in the comments section below what do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Vulnerable’ by Selena Gomez. Can you relate to her?

Read the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Vulnerable’ by Selena Gomez on Genius in detail.

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