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SEULGI – 28 Reasons: Lyrics Meaning & English Translation


SEULGI – 28 Reasons Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of the romanized lyrics for ’28 Reasons’ by SEULGI in English translation is a portrayal of the shady side of love. This song is her solo debut after eight years of performing with the South Korean girl group, Red Velvet. For her upcoming album, she has picked the album name, 28 Reasons. ’28 Reasons’ accommodates the extraordinary vision SEULGI proudly carries on in her first solo album of the exact name. The release date of the song is the 4th of October 2022.

’28 Reasons’ by SEULGI means that her man ignored 28 red flags that she had to suffer from heartbreak that he didn’t deserve.

Introduction: 28 Reasons Lyrics Romanized

The romanized lyrics of ’28 Reasons’ by SEULGI in English talk about the dark side of the singer in a romantic relationship. She is describing what she did. Then, she admits that she finds it amusing to witness him heartbroken. It’s almost as though she is revealing her sadistic side to the world. The song offers an unemotional side of her to portray an assertive image of a cold and insensitive woman. But she sings as though it’s all normal.

Neol mangchin twenty-eight reasons, mollado dwae
Nappeun euido eopso naegen
Domangchil twenty-eight reasons da anеunde
Wae tto dasi naegе gidae?

Lyrics to ’28 Reasons’ by SEULGI Romanized in English

28 Reasons Lyrics Meaning English Translation

In the song, In the song, SEULGI imitates a poisonous female character who damaged her man with intent. She says the red flags that he shouldn’t have ignored have put him in the condition that he is in currently. He keeps wanting her and she rarely shows her good side which is just enough to keep him hooked to her. Let’s analyze the meaning of the lyrics behind the song ‘28 Reasons’ by SEULGI translation in English line by line in detail.

[Verse 1]

The song’s first line made me gasp as she talks about kissing the brother of the man in love with her. That is one of the best heartless lines in the songs with such themes. She calls herself poison. But the man who is in love with her keeps wanting her more. He always seems mischievous and nervous around her. It’s a sign of her complete dominance over him. She then admits that it’s fun for her to see him in that hopeless and desperate condition.

[Pre-Chorus/ Spoken Interlude]

In the pre-chorus of ’28 Reasons’ lyrics, SEULGI says she is breaking every rule of a healthy relationship. She admits that she likes to keep tormenting her submissive man. In the spoken interlude of the song, she tells him that he is in danger. But then she manipulates him by throwing a “you’re a grown-up and you can make your own decisions” card. It makes him feel like he is doing something right but in reality, she is abusing him.


Why does SEULGI focus on ’28 Reasons’? The singer didn’t give any valid reasons. However, she is 28 years old at the point she released this song. So the lyrics are guiding to the years that pinpoint her as a person. But it could also mean that she has grown 28 different personalities in 28 years of her life. Those 28 red flags have ruined him. But she tells him he doesn’t need to worry about all that. She asks him if he likes the pain cause he keeps leaning on her again and again.


SEULGI labels this obsession of the man as an “unfamiliar attraction”. Usually, guys who have less experience with women display such needy behavior. Even she feels bad looking at his helpless condition. She is already praying for the demise of the guy who loves her. Apparently, her claim that she is not a devil is to be proven in heaven. She doesn’t care even if he hates her. For a simple reason that she knows he would want him more if he is heartbroken.

[Verse 2]

The second verse of ’28 Reasons’ lyrics by SEULGI isn’t any better. She steals an emotionally valuable memory from him. Then, she breaks it apart knowing that it would break his heart. The lyrics totally dissect toxic people’s mindsets. They explain misery as an element of love as there is no rose with no thorn. She orders the man to tolerate hurt and disregard all emotional signs that turn them away. Poisonous connections can transpire only if a person is persuaded that hurt is inevitable.


Whenever SEULGI feels like he is getting out of her control, she begins to lovebomb him. She promises him that she needs him and that her love and affection for him are only growing. But she knows the darker truth. Deep down she knows that she is playing him like a child. In the bridge of ’28 Reasons’ lyrics, the singer hovers over him and tells him she is his everything, his light (happiness), and his darkness (sadness).

Conclusion: 28 Reasons Meaning

’28 Reasons’ by SEULGI means a portrayal of a perfect image of how unhealthy people make us fall in love and break our hearts. They propose to us with passionate love at some points and display no sympathy towards our discomfort. It’s a hot and cold approach. This leaves us to determine if that’s a nourishing relationship or not. But we often stumble to analyze the intermixed signs we understand. This song can introduce an essential lesson to everyone in love.

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