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southstar – Miss You: Lyrics Meaning & Controversy


southstar – Miss You Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of ‘Miss You’ lyrics by southstar (out with stolen vocals of Oliver Tree) is about moving on from a relationship. This track is currently on the list of Spotify’s Viral-50 USA, for a bad reason. We can find many uploaded versions of the song on YouTube. But the song, Miss You, by rising German producer and southstar artist, Oliver Tree, was stolen bar for bar. His voice was stolen by Robin Schulz, a German musician as well, who copied the song wholly. Then, Robin released it as his own.

You can locate the official video of ‘Miss You’ by southstar below. Also, you can read the rest of the article while the song plays for you in the background.

Official Video of ;Miss You’ by southstar

Miss You Lyrics Meaning southstar

The lyrics to ‘Miss You’ by southstar talk about dialogues people have during a breakup. Of course, breakups are difficult and tough. What’s tougher is to be resilient and not get swayed by emotions! It’s extremely important to remain calm during a breakup. Else, we find ourselves indulging in harsh dialogues back and forth like the lyrics of this song. Let’s analyze the meaning of the lyrics behind the song ‘Miss You’ by southstar line by line in detail.

‘Miss You’ lyrics by southstar mean the emotions one has to go through when a previous partner crawls back to you against your consent.

[Verse: Oliver Tree]

Don’t remind me
I’m mindin’ my own … business
Don’t try to find me
I’m better left alone than in this
It doesn’t surprise me
Do you really think that I could care?
If you really don’t like me
Find somebody else, it could be anyone else out there

Verse to ‘Miss You’ Lyrics by southstar


In the verse of ‘Miss You’ lyrics by southstar, Oliver Tree is singing for his inner peace. He doesn’t want all the reminders about how awful his breakup was, especially from the same former partner. The singer is perfectly fine minding his own business. He asks his former partner if he should even care. But of course, things are irreconcilable. Oliver’s message for his former partner is clear. He tells his former romantic interest to find somebody else who s/he feels comfortable with.

[Chorus: Oliver Tree x3]

Don’t fret
I don’t ever wanna see you
And I never wanna miss you again
One thing
When you’re angry, you’re a jerk
And then you treat me like I’m worth nothin’

Chorus to ‘Miss You’ Lyrics by southstar


‘fret’ means to be constantly or visibly worried or anxious. Oliver Tree tells his former partner to not fret about his wish to never want to see s/he again in chorus to ‘Miss You’ lyrics. He doesn’t even want to miss his ex-partner cause it only disturbs his inner peace. The singer has a message for his former partner after this. Oliver felt like he was disrespected whenever his former fling got angry. He felt like he was treated as if he has no worth in his life during heated arguments.

Conclusion: Miss You Meaning & Robin Schulz – Oliver Tree Controversy

‘Miss You’ by southstar means Oliver Tree doesn’t want to think about someone who broke his heart. Such an emotionally charged song was blatantly stolen by Robin Schulz. Oliver Tree should find a good lawyer and fight this lawsuit. It’s this type of deformity that ruin the career of the new rising artists as their music gets stolen or used without their permission. All the revenue Robin Schulz got from Oliver’s song should be given back to him. Plus, an extra fine must be charged for stealing.What do you think is the meaning behind the song ‘Miss You’ lyrics by southstar? Let us know in the comments section below or on Twitter @laviasco.

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