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Stormzy Follows Up With ‘STILL DISAPPOINTED’ – Lyrics Meaning


Stormzy – STILL DISAPPOINTED Lyrics Meaning

Stormzy is back with another diss track directed to Wiley while Wiley has yet to respond to Stormzy’s previous diss track ‘DISAPPOINTED‘. The rapper puts up with a flare-up of chances at Wiley on the new diss track. In this piece of his songs, Stormzy sends numerous pellets at Wiley’s household, especially his mother. This is plausible because in “Eediyat Skengman 2”, Wiley contended that he’d hurt Stormzy’s mother the moment he gets a chance to. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘STILL DISAPPOINTED’ by Stormzy.

Introduction: STILL DISAPPOINTED Lyrics

In the lyrics of this track, Stormzy also doubles down on his claim to be the “king of grime”, insulting grime fans who criticized him for rapping over a drill beat from Headie One and RV on his first diss track, DISAPPOINTED. This is the second round attack from Stormzy at Wiley and we’re yet to know what’s going to happen! According to Stereogum, whatever parallel you want to draw with other recent rap feuds, the point is Wiley may not recover from this one. Wiley should learn multiple ‘Lessons‘ from Stormzy.


Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘STILL DISAPPOINTED’ by Stormzy section-wise.


[Part I]

Stormzy storms off his verse by saying it’s one more dub before he starts dealing with his normal schedule. The rapper calls himself great and says Wiley’s dad is the witness. This is because Stormzy had mentioned his weird encounter with Wiley’s father and his half-brother where his father wasn’t happy with Wiley. Stormzy had supported his brother and his sister was asking for pictures with him to which he declined. The rapper humorously insinuates that he’ll obliterate the Cowie household in a way such that he’ll ruin the relationship Cowie family has with one another.

[Part II]

Even though it is yet to ascertained, throughout the song, Stormzy continually alleges that Wiley moved his mother to Cyprus. This is where he stays when he’s not in the UK. They apparently had to move due to turmoil in the area where they lived. She does live in Cyprus, allegedly, but Wiley hasn’t referred to if and why he shifted her out there not to another city but to ANOTHER COUNTRY! He could have moved her to a safer and nicer neighborhood instead of moving her out from the UK itself.

[Part III]

In the third part of the song, Stormzy says he didn’t wish to bring his mother in between. However, he had to do it to show who runs the game to Wiley. The rapper brutally calls every man from Wiley’s family cowards. But that was just a teaser. The real fun starts from here. Stormzy points out the fact that Wiley was claiming to weave off his mother’s head. The rapper simply can not believe that someone can say anything like that and ignores it as a joke, something Wiley won’t probably even notice.

[Part IV]

Now, Stormzy gets really bad in his lines. He wishes to fix Wiley’s broken mother. The only wish that he has is to bring her back and bend her. WOW! I’m in a complete shock while writing this. He wants to give her the money and a better life in general. Stormzy points out the fact that Wiley “isn’t self-centered” while everyone is calling him “the king of the grime”. The rapper feels as though Wiley’s mother was the only “REAL MAN” in the house.

Conclusion: STILL DISAPPOINTED Meaning

The lyrics in this song are brutal and outright offensive. Wiley’s diss track is supposed to be released on Tuesday but I don’t think this can wait any longer! What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘STILL DISAPPOINTED’ by Stormzy? I believe Wiley’s career is OVER now. Let us know in the comments below.

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