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SZA’s “Shirt” Lyrics Meaning


SZA – Shirt Lyrics Meaning

“Shirt”, lyrics written by SZA and her team, is the song SZA released on the 28th of October, 2022. The meaning of the song “Shirt” lyrics by SZA is being in an unrequited love where things are going nowhere. She teased the song at first on her Instagram story on the 7th of October 2020. Then, the song was all over TikTok in early 2021 for a dance challenge. Even the name of the song “Shirt” was given by her fans on TikTok.

Embedded below is the Official Video of the “Shirt” song by SZA from YouTube. Read the rest of the article while the music plays in the background.

Official Video of “Shirt” by SZA

“Shirt” Lyrics Meaning

“Shirt” lyrics by SZA talk about an impossible love, i.e. an unrequited love. She uses the song as a tool to express her uneasy emotions. In the song, she is confused and she doesn’t know if she is in a toxic relationship or in a healthy relationship. SZA realizes that a healthy relationship shouldn’t be hurtful later in the song. The line-by-line analysis of the meaning of the lyrics behind the song “Shirt” by SZA is below:

“Shirt” by SZA means unrequited love almost always leaves people feeling unloved and that they are not worthy of love.

[Verse 1]

Kiss me dangerous
Been so lost without you all around me
Get anxious
Lead me, don’t look back
It’s all about you

Verse 1 to “Shirt” Lyrics by SZA


In the first verse of “Shirt” lyrics, SZA talks about feeling lost without her romantic interest around her. She wants to be kissed and she wants to feel loved. But her romantic interest is not reciprocating her feelings. This lack of reciprocation makes her feel anxious and she is never in a healthy state of mind. SZA wants her energy reciprocated. She wants to be led by her romantic interest. The singer makes everything about her crush but it’s of no use.


In the dark right now
Feelin’ lost, but I like it
Comfort in my sins and all about me
All I got right now
Feel the taste of resentment
Simmer in my skin, it’s all about

Pre-Chorus to “Shirt” Lyrics by SZA


SZA is feeling hopeless and lost in the pre-chorus section of “Shirt” lyrics. She is doing everything she can to make her romantic interest reciprocate her love but it’s not working. Then, the singer begins to blame herself for lacking something. SZA feels resentful and makes everything that’s happening in the world about herself. “Simmer in my skin” means to let something gradually “cook” in her body, i.e. she is cooking resentment in her head.


Bloodstain on my shirt
New … on my nerves
Old … got curved
Going back on my word
…, …, you so thirsty
Still don’t know my worth
Still stressin’ perfection
Let you all in my mental
Got me lookin’ too desperate
… (You ain’t deserve)

Chorus to “Shirt” Lyrics by SZA


The chorus section of “Shirt” lyrics talks about SZA not realizing her own self-worth. With all the stress, she often passes away. Thus, in the “Shirt” lyrics, SZA sings “bloodstain on my shirt”. As a singer and songwriter, there is always new work for her to do. But she cannot focus on her work because of her one-sided relationship. SZA is rejecting everyone who likes her for someone who is not interested in her at all. This is why she looks desperate and she doesn’t deserve to be in this emotional mess.

[Verse 2]

Broad day, sunshine
I’ll find a way to … it up still
Can’t cry about the shit that I can’t change
Just my mind
Gotta get outta here
Tough crowd, hate it
Can’t stay

Verse 2 to “Shirt” Lyrics by SZA


In the second verse of “Shirt” lyrics, SZA talks about wanting to get out of places that remind her of her romantic interest. Her situation now is so bad that she is having a bad day even on a perfectly good day. She makes mistakes that she cannot afford to make. Hence, SZA wants to get out of the situation she is in at the moment and stay in peace. She wants to leave the environment which reminds her of her romantic interest all the time.


It’s what you say and how you do me
How I’m ‘posed to trust, baby? ‘Posed to love?
It ain’t supposed to hurt this way
All I need is the best of you
Baby, how I got to say it? Give me all of you

Bridge to “Shirt” Lyrics by SZA


The bridge section of “Shirt” lyrics by SZA confronts her romantic interest’s two-sided personality. One day she is promised the world and the next day she is ghosted. This is why she says she cannot trust him and cannot have a love for him. SZA realizes a healthy relationship shouldn’t be hurting this way. All she wants is the best behavior from her crush, a true devotion. But she knows if she has to ask for good behavior, the relationship isn’t meant to be.

Conclusion: “Shirt” Meaning SZA

“Shirt” by SZA means to show how a painful relationship can help everyone grow as a person and be strong emotionally. It’s tough when people are led on and there is nothing in the end. In the song, SZA confesses that she is all head over heels for her romantic interest. She rejected everyone who is into her for her crush. But at the end of the song, she realizes that she is in a toxic unrequited relationship. She deserves better.

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