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What Is Tate McRae ‘chaotic’ Lyrics Meaning?


Tate McRae – chaotic Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of the lyrics of the song ‘chaotic’ by Tate McRae is she is in a state of absolute chaos and difficulty. Her mental health is worsening. She cannot take decisions properly as her judgments are clouded by her mental health issues. The singer is in the condition of emotional distress because she is longing for someone who is not in her life anymore.

Tate McRae is opening up to longing for someone she broke up a long time ago in her song ‘chaotic’. As she needs to rely on her own decisions, she concludes that growing up is chaotic.

Introduction: chaotic Lyrics

The lyrics of ‘chaotic’ by Tate McRae talks about her failed friendships as she cannot truly find common ground with them. Then, she looks back at her failed relationship which she desperately wants to go back to. What we can see is McRae is not able to hold herself together. She is accumulating bad thoughts upon bad thoughts and they are really bad for her mental health.

A foot on the break cause it’s been making me carsick
How could you blame me? Growing up is chaotic

Lyrics for ‘chaotic’ by Tate McRae

chaotic Lyrics Meaning

Let’s analyze the meaning of the lyrics behind the song ‘chaotic’ by Tate McRae line by line in detail.

‘chaotic’ by Tate McRae is the third single off her debut album ‘flight risk’. The release date for ‘chaotic’ is the 25th of March 2022.

[Verse 1]

The first verse of ‘chaotic’ begins with Tate McRae opening up about her self-doubt. “paralyzing fear” means that her anxiety is so bad that it’s making her unable to function properly. McRae feels like she is going to be nowhere in this life. She asks forgiveness from God for even having a shred of self-doubt. Then, her focus shifts to friends where she realizes that she doesn’t have one single person who she can trust of who cares for her.

[Pre-Chorus/ Chorus/ Outro]

Tate McRae asks us how did we know that she is a mess right now in the Pre-Chorus of the song ‘chaotic’. I hate to break it to you Tate, but you are letting us know that you are a mess right now. In the chorus section, she says she wasn’t expecting growing up to be full of difficulties and challenges. Maybe she didn’t have a father figure growing up to show her the way ahead in her life. An influencing male figure in her life was her ex-boyfriend and they aren’t together.

“Growing up is chaotic” means it is difficult for Tate McRae to make her decisions on her own. She needs some guidance in her life but she has been avoiding everyone.

[Verse 2]

In the second verse of ‘chaotic’, Tate McRae talks about her failed past relationship. Even though she doesn’t want to admit it, she misses him dearly. He was the only male as emotional support for her. Now that he is not here, she scrolls through their past messages instead of calling him up and fixing up things. She feels like wanting to go back to an ex-boyfriend is a desperate move and she is ashamed of it.


In the bridge of the song ‘chaotic’, McRae is introspecting. She is questioning her emotions. Are these happening to me or are they only in my head? These are the questions McRae has been asking herself. This is common as our brain learns from how we train it. If we are constantly talking about sadness, our brain can only learn about sadness and helplessness. We become what we think.

Conclusion: chaotic Meaning

In the song ‘chaotic’, Tate McRae means to share her difficulty in emotional management. Her mind is filled with the mayhem of anxiety and she cannot think straight. However, it is at the time of emotional distress that one should take decisions about dealing with the problems. Such decisions at harsh moments of life will decide where we will be in the future.

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