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What Is the Meaning of the “exes” Song by Tate McRae?


“exes,” written by Tate McRae, Ryan Tedder & Tyler Spry, is a song released on the 17th of November, 2023. It is the seventh song and the second single from Tate McRae’s 2023 album, T​HINK LATER. The meaning of the song “Exes” lyrics by Tate McRae is her seeing through the bluffs of her ex-lovers who pretend to not care about her. She sings about love, regret, and previous experiences with her exes; both good and bad. Here, she feels sorry for her exes who act on being fine post-breakup but the reality is they are still in love with her. You can listen to Tate McRae’s “Exes” below.

Official Music Video of “exes” by Tate McRae

What Is the Meaning of the “exes” Song by Tate McRae?

The Intro of the song “exes” lyrics by Tate McRae begins with a taunt towards her ex-lovers. Here, the lyrics, “Oh, I’m sorry, sorry that you love me (Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha) // Changed my mind up like it’s origami” mean that she is sorry that she has moved on from a relationship but he is still in love with her. She isn’t apologizing with ‘sorry’ but instead is being sarcastic towards her ex who still loves her. The comparison to origami means she can easily change her mind by folding and unfolding her emotions like a delicate piece of paper. She repeats the same lyrics in the Post-Chorus of the song as well.

In the Chorus of the song, the rapper sends love to her exes who don’t care about her. But on the very next line, she puts them in place by calling out their bluffs that they can live without her. The meaning of the Chorus of “exes” by Tate McRae is that despite the ups and downs of a relationship, her exes keep coming back to her. They make-up with one another and then break up as they tell each other that they will never call each other again. But the singer knows that they will come back. Hence, she keeps their numbers and the necklaces her exes gave her as a gift.

The First Verse of “exes” lyrics by Tate McRae is about keeping her self-respect at utmost priority. She isn’t scared of burning bridges with exes with whom her relationship didn’t work out. Even though she doesn’t mean to be cold, it comes to her naturally. It’s a perpetual cycle of burning bridges necessary to safeguard her own emotions. In the Pre-Chorus of “exes,” Tate McRae shows her self-aware side where she sees herself as “a wild ride” and “a hard case.” She admits to swearing a lot but she doesn’t find this too much, rather she finds it less. Her way of moving on is to say, “it is what it is and was what it was.”

In the Second Verse of the song, the singer describes contradictions in her emotions. She wants to go somewhere and then she wants to be back immediately cause she is bored. Also, she admits that she cannot keep promises. Here, the singer tells us that she doesn’t know what she wants and she keeps changing her mind frequently. The meaning of the Second Verse of “exes” by Tate McRae is that this is exactly what her lovers fall for, her unpredictability. But she knows this very well and doesn’t wish to take the blame for it. She overshares how she feels but most of the time, it’s just her making up scenarios in her head. Read the original lyrics of Tate McRae’s “exes” via Genius.

Context of “exes” Lyrics Meaning by Tate McRae

According to Rolling Stone, the song “exes” was the last “Hail Mary” of the album as they didn’t believe in the song’s success. This is because very little effort went into writing the lyrics of this song. It only took them 30 minutes in total to write out the lyrics and record as well as produce the song in 90 minutes. In the lyrics of the song “exes,” Tate McRae sings about feeling sorry for the exes who are still in love with her despite pretending to have fallen out of love. The rapper teased this song on her TikTok on the 2nd of November, 2023 with the caption, “wrote this 3 days ago in 30 mins… u likeyy?”

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