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What Is the Meaning of the Song “Now and Then” by The Beatles?


“Now and Then,” written by John Lennon, is a song released on the 2nd of November, 2023. It is the last and the thirty-seventh song from The Beatles’ 2023 album, The Beatles 1967–1970 (2023 Edition). The meaning of “Now And Then” lyrics by The Beatles is the long impact of love, nostalgia, and the emotional connections in relationships. This song talks about the experience of missing someone you love. Here, John Lennon and Paul McCartney acknowledge the pain of a breakup. However, John Lennon’s voice was taken from his 1970s sample of this song. Then, Paul McCartney added his vocals last year in the studio using Artificial Intelligence. You can listen to The Beatles’ “Now and Then” below.

Official Music Video of “Now and Then” by The Beatles

What Is the Meaning of the Song “Now and Then” by The Beatles?

The Intro of “Now and Then” lyrics by The Beatles begins with Paul McCartney singing, “One, two, three.” In the refrain of this song, the legendary singer John Lennon sings the lyrics, “I know it’s true // It’s all because of you.” These lyrics show Lennon’s feelings of gratitude and dependence on his lover emotionally. His lover has had a major impact on his life. The lyrics, “And if I make it through // It’s all because of you” mean John Lennon gives credit for his success to his lover.

In the first verse of the song, both John Lennon and Paul McCartney sing, “And now and then // If we must start again.” These lyrics mean that life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes, a fresh beginning is necessary in life so that you won’t repeat your past mistakes. The lyrics “Well, we will know for sure // That I will love you,” mean there is perseverance of love. Despite all the challenges, the singers know they love their partners dearly until they breathe their final breath.

The chorus of “Now And Then” lyrics by The Beatles begins with John Lennon’s declaration, “Now and then // I miss you.” He speaks to the experience of missing someone dearly who we can all relate to. It’s a sentiment that everyone can relate to, as we all have special people we long for. Sometimes, we miss our loved ones even when they’re not physically present with us. Another explanation from today’s point of view is how The Beatles reminisce about their past. The lyrics “Oh, now and then // I want you to be there for me // Always to return to me,” means Lennon longs for his lover to be there for him. This section also means the band sings for the memory of the bandmates they have lost over the years.

In the second verse of the song, John Lennon sings, “I know it’s true // It’s all because of you // And if you go away // I know you’ll never stay.” These lyrics mean love and loss are intertwined and Lennon believed that separation is a part of life. He shows the bittersweet truth of relationships in this song. Here, the contradiction between “go away” and “never stay” shows how people change from longing for someone to not wanting to be around them anymore. Read the complete original lyrics of The Beatles’ “Now and Then” via Genius.

Context of “Now And Then” Meaning by The Beatles

How did The Beatles produce “Now and Then” with John Lennon’s voice? According to CBS NEWS, The Beatles used Artificial Intelligence to separate Lennon’s original vocals and to incorporate McCartney and Starr’s musical additions in the studio last year. It was originally a demo by John Lennon from the 1970s. “Now And Then” is the last song ever released by The Beatles and hence it holds a special place in their discography. Watch a short documentary film arranged chronologically in the making of “Now and Then” below which was released on the 3rd of November, 2023 on The Beatles’ official YouTube channel.

Short Film on the Last Song “Now and Then” by The Beatles

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