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Tom Cardy, Red Flags (Human Centipede Song): the Lyrics & Their Meaning


“Red Flags,” written by Tom Cardy, is a song released on the 27th of October, 2021. It is the first song from Tom’s 2022 album titled, Big Dumb Idiot. The meaning of “Red Flags” lyrics by Tom Cardy is a story around a first date gone awry while obsessing with his potential lover. These lyrics vividly depict the protagonist’s encounter with a girl whose obsession with the horror film “Human Centipede” raises alarm bells and prompts him to question his safety.

You can listen to Tom Cardy’s “Red Flags” (Human Centipede Song) below.

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Tom Cardy, Red Flags (Human Centipede Song): the Lyrics & Their Meaning

The song kicks off by describing how the date initially seems promising. The protagonist recounts his pleasant surprise at meeting a seemingly perfect girl. However, this excitement quickly gives way to apprehension as he discovers her unusual fascination with the horror film “Human Centipede.” The mention of “red flags” highlights his growing concerns about the potential dangers of this obsession.

As the conversation progresses, the protagonist and his date exchange preferences and interests. Their shared love for various things creates a sense of connection until the girl reveals her adoration for “Human Centipede.” This revelation shocks the protagonist, leading to his belief that he may become a victim on this ill-fated date.

The chorus serves as the focal point of the song, with Montaigne and Tom Cardy expressing their shared concern about the girl’s infatuation with “Human Centipede.” These lyrics poignantly express the protagonist’s growing terror, humorously capturing his desire to avoid getting stabbed. The mention of a “red flag” reinforces the idea that the girl’s obsession signals potential danger.

In the second verse, the girl continues to discuss the film’s artistic merits, unaware of the protagonist’s increasing distress. His desperate attempt to seek help by blinking in Morse code to the waiter goes unnoticed. The lyrics expertly portray the protagonist’s heightened anxiety and his realization that he may indeed be in grave danger.

As the protagonist’s blinking draws attention, the situation becomes awkward. The girl mistakes it for a romantic gesture and misconstrues the concern of the other diners. This humorous twist adds depth to the story, highlighting the protagonist’s desperate struggle to escape his date’s macabre fascination.

The bridge introduces a dialogue between the two characters. Here, the girl questions the protagonist’s reluctance to pursue a relationship, urging him to move past his reservations. She challenges him to confront his fears and suggests he may use the “red flag” as an excuse. This section presents an introspective moment, encouraging listeners to ponder the complexities of relationships and personal growth.

In a surprising twist, the pre-chorus takes a turn towards romance. The protagonist envisions a future with the girl, contemplating marriage and a tasteful wedding ceremony. However, he playfully specifies that he would only agree if the wedding were themed around “Human Centipede,” adding a touch of irony to the lyrics.

The final chorus reflects a shift in the protagonist’s mindset. He begins to accept his date’s peculiarities, entertaining the idea of a relationship that defies societal norms. These lyrics amusingly suggest that embracing their shared interest in “Human Centipede” could lead to a unique and cost-effective wedding.

The post-chorus and outro sections symbolize the protagonist’s willingness to open himself up to love. These lyrics take a darkly humorous turn, as he envisions “sewing a mouth to a butt,” alluding to the grotesque concept from the film. This final touch adds a tongue-in-cheek conclusion to the song, leaving listeners pondering the blurred boundaries between love, fear, and fascination.

Tom Cardy’s “Red Flags” delves into the nuances of a first date gone wrong, cleverly using the horror film “Human Centipede” as a metaphor for potential danger. The lyrics, filled with humor and irony, explore themes of fear, fascination, and the complexities of human relationships. Through this song, Cardy showcases his storytelling prowess, capturing the attention of listeners and sparking discussions about the blurred lines between attraction and apprehension.

What Are the Lyrics of “Red Flags” (Human Centipede Song) by Tom Cardy?

These are the lyrics of Tom Cardy’s “Red Flags” (Human Centipede Song) via Genius:

[Verse 1: Tom Cardy]
The date started off so well
Begin my night not expecting the fright of my life
She was perfect from what I could tell
How could I not see the danger right in front of me?

[Pre-Chorus: Montaigne & Tom Cardy]
My favorite food is fish
Baby, that’s my favorite too
I love cartoon dogs
Baby, I love Scooby Doo
Hey girl, what’s your favorite film?
She said, the best movie of all
A masterpiece of art called

[Chorus: Montaigne & Tom Cardy]
Human Centipede
Human Centipede
I think that I’m gonna get murdered tonight
Human Centipede
Not ironically
She said, “The costume design was a highlight”
I like it for the plot
Tell me what the plot’s about
German doctor sews three people
Ass to mouth
Human Centipede
Please god save me
I think that’s a red flag
I don’t want to get stabbed

[Verse 2: Montaigne & Tom Cardy]
She said, “Human Centipede is a tour de force”
I think, “Holy shit I’m gonna be the main course”
She said, “I admire the narrative of character growth”
I try to get the waiter’s attention by blinking in morse code

[Verse 3: Montaigne & Tom Cardy]
Why are you blinking so much?
I’ve got something in my eye
Here, let me get it out
No thank you, I don’t wanna die
Bonjour, sir was blinking at me
Is this because your date is a freak?
Very good then, bon appétit

[Bridge: Montaigne & Tom Cardy]
Stop hiding behind your silly made-up red flag
To not take a chance on the best relationship you never had
Maybe you’re right and I’m looking for excuses
My heart’s got bruises but I’m ready to choose this love

[Pre-Chorus: Montaigne & Tom Cardy]
You could be my world, the love of my life
One day we’ll get married and be husband and wife
With a tasteful ceremony, and the wedding of our dreams
Only if the wedding is themed
Tell me what the theme’s gonna be!

[Chorus: Montaigne & Tom Cardy]
Human Centipede
Human Centipede
That way we could save on the catering bill
Human Centipede
Only one mouth to feed
If you are the best man
You know the deal (Pucker up)

[Post-Chorus: Montaigne & Tom Cardy]
I can finally open myself up to love
I can finally sew a mouth to a b…

[Outro: Montaigne & Tom Cardy]
Human Centipede
Human Centipede

Tom Cardy’s “Red Flags” (Human Centipede Song) Lyrics

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