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Tove Lo – Grapefruit: Lyrics Meaning


Tove Lo – Grapefruit Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of the song ‘Grapefruit’ lyrics by Tove Lo is her previous struggle with an eating disorder as well as personal acceptance. On the 12th of October 2022, Swedish singer, songwriter, and actress Tove Lo shared a song titled ‘Grapefruit’. It is the fifth song from Tove Lo’s upcoming fifth studio album, Dirt Femme. Tove revealed the title of this song on the 11th of November 2021 after she questioned her followers “Should I tease you with some new song titles…?” on Instagram.

Tove Lo revealing title of ‘Grapefruit’ on Instagram

You can locate the official video of ‘Grapefruit’ by Tove Lo below. Also, you can read the rest of the article while the song plays for you in the background.

Official Music Video for ‘Grapefruit’ by Tove Lo

Grapefruit Lyrics Meaning

In the lyrics for the song ‘Grapefruit’, Tove Lo talks about overcoming the eating disorder that controlled her for years. She acknowledges that her eating disorder nearly ruined her singing career. Despite its deep issue, the song momentarily tunes into a complete dance beat. The song’s infectiously thriving style mirrors how far she has come in her battle to accept her own body. Let’s analyze the meaning of the lyrics behind the song ‘Grapefruit’ by Tove Lo line by line in detail.

‘Grapefruit’ by Tove Lo means how her eating disorder affected her mental health even after she overcame her eating disorder.

[Verse 1]

Countin’ while I run the tap
I’m on my knees
Chokin’ on my hands all night
In my sleep
Countin’ all the calories
Now get ’em up
Body positivity
Help me out

Verse 1 to ‘Grapefruit’ Lyrics by Tove Lo


In the first verse to ‘Grapefruit’ lyrics, Tove Lo word-for-word talks about the eating disorder she fought when she was a teenager. “Run the rap” means running the tap to use the water coming out of it. The singer says she used to count calories even when she was drinking water when it has no calories at all. She was so self-conscious about it that she couldn’t sleep at night. But Tove Lo is now all for body positivity and accepting herself for who she is.

[Pre-Chorus/ Post-Chorus/ Bridge]

The swans of ballet
Their skin and their bones, that’s not me
I’d die for my love though, break
Break ’til I wither away
What I see is not me
What I see is not me

Pre-Chorus to ‘Grapefruit’ Lyrics by Tove Lo

When I’m hurtin’, every time I have a bad day
Then everyone gets lost
But I’m learnin’ every time I feel out of place
That you are all I’ve got, oh

Bridge to ‘Grapefruit’ Lyrics by Tove Lo


Tove Lo describes ballet dancers as “skin and bones” in Pre-Chorus to ‘Grapefruit’ lyrics. But the singer says she is not skin and bones. Studies show that ballet dancers are more likely to suffer from eating disorders than other athletes. In the bridge section, she gets a little emotional. She says everyone wants to act as if they care. But when she is actually having a bad day or she is in pain, they are nowhere to be found. The singer admits she is learning a lot about human behaviors every single day.


One, two, grapefruit
How am I back here again?
Three, four, lose more
I know my mirrors are lyin’
Five, six, hate this
Take back the body I’m in
What I see is not me
What I see is not me
One, two, grapefruit
Wish I could change overnight
Three, four, lose more
Kill my obsession, please die
Five, six, hate this
How am I still in this fight?
What I see is not me
What I see is not me

Chorus to ‘Grapefruit’ Lyrics by Tove Lo


In the chorus to ‘Grapefruit’ lyrics, Tove Lo counts from one to six referencing her insecurities with every number. One and two are for grapefruits, which is the number of grapefruits she consumed each day. Three and four are for losing more weight as ‘four’ rhymes with ‘more’. Five and six are for being insecure about her body. The count getting bigger signifies her increasing body weight and insecurities. She wishes to change her body overnight so she can fit in with abnormal beauty standards.

[Verse 2]

Sweet girl, you’re so disciplined
Now keep it down
I don’t like my measurements
Won’t make a sound
Diana, how she guards the clock (The clock)
She’s in control (Control)
Now why is everyone in shock? (In shock)
You let her go

Verse 2 to ‘Grapefruit’ Lyrics by Tove Lo


Tove Lo comforts herself in the second verse of ‘Grapefruit’ lyrics. It’s the love she couldn’t give to herself when she was a teenager. She calls herself disciplined and calms her to put down the measurements. For she doesn’t need to measure herself every single time. Tove Lo references Princess Diana as Princess Diana herself struggled with an eating disorder called “bulimia“. But people didn’t pay much attention to it cause everyone loved her. Tove Lo wants the same acceptance from our society.

Conclusion: Grapefruit Meaning Tove Lo

‘Grapefruit’ by Tove Lo means to reference the ‘Grapefruit diet’ which is related to weight loss due to its fiber and water content. It’s a diet trend followed by movie stars in the 20th century to lose weight instantly. This diet also achieved the nickname of the ‘Hollywood diet’. She hasn’t mentioned clearly if she followed the diet or not. But considering she has titled a whole song from her next album ‘grapefruit’, she followed the diet and is sharing her experience in the lyrics.

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