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Is Certain Type of Controversial Hip-Hop Music Destined to Make the Genre Look Bad?


On a Certain Type of Controversial Hip-Hop Music

The collective bargains backed up by a group of well-educated people might say hip-hop is the worst musical genre of all time. It is quite evident that the artists in this genre do not mind using words that are not considered intellectually profound. Let’s learn if a certain type of controversial hip-hop music is destined to make the genre look bad, only at Laviasco

If we let the judgment from the previous paragraph keep us away from listening to hip-hop music, we might be limiting ourselves from accepting a lot of people with different lifestyle and culture in our cultures-hop is not only a genre where you can find artists flexing their wealth, but it is also a lifestyle and cultural representation as well.

Simple History Behind Hip-Hop Music

We all can agree not all songs coming out from the hip-hop genre these days sound pleasant like the tracks that were released during the 1970s. Hip-hop first came into existence in 1970 from New York City as a way to express rage and anger against the discrimination towards black people.

The type of controversial path following the hip-hop genre in music slowly became one of the best ways for mafias and gang members to express their anger and frustration towards each other. No wonder hip-hop was starting to get popular very soon back then. This escalated the hype of hip-hop to where it stands today.

Controversial Hip-Hop Today

We all can now agree most of the type of lyrics on the hip-hop music produced today is controversial. In simpler words, it is not so good. They rarely have coherence on what they are singing about. Although when everyone was predicting the demise of hip-hop, there came artists like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Joyner Lucas, A$AP Rocky and Logic to the rescue.

Lamar even accepted Pulitzer prize for the poetic lyrics on his 2017 album. Hip-hop is backed up by old-school rappers like Tupac, The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, LL Cool J, Missy Elliott, etc. The Detroit rapper, Eminem can be considered as one of the old-school rappers as well. The fans never get tired of listening to their idols. Many new artists with a better taste of lyrics will always come around in hip-hop to stay. The only thing needed to be done is to try to find them.

Is Hip-Hip Music?

To claim hip-hop the worst genre ever is a pretty bold move. Such criticisms are found amongst the fans of old-school rock music. When screaming emo bands like Silverstein, Thursday, Flinch, Glassjaw, etc. started to release music, they faced public backslashes a lot. When the number of people listening to a new genre is fairly less, unpopular opinions get prioritized. Ben Shapiro openly said hip-hop is not music.

Part I

Linkin Park gave this genre fair support because Linkin Park is one of the most popular bands of all time and they were fond of screaming and rapping. Because of this, the unpopular opinions about screaming emo music and hip-hop were suppressed. However, hip-hop got bigger and bigger.

What music is considered to be good music? The first name that might pop into anyone’s head might be The Beatles. Why is a psychedelic rock band very popular than a psychedelic hip-hop artist? The answers might come in a variety. Maybe the words are poetic, not foul and the music sound soothing on listening. The psychedelic rock music touch souls.

Part II

They sound as if they can be put in a school curriculum as poems. Hip-hop has a psychedelic approach as well. Unlike psychedelic rock music, psychedelic hip-hop music touches hearts in an expressive tone. They sound as if the rappers are either telling you their personal stories or are talking to you on a personal level in a realistic tone.

Hip-hop can be explained as a technique of expressing inner self in the most realistic way possible. We can often find some rappers clinging on to the poetic grudges, with the purpose of making their lyrics highly metaphorical and harder to understand.

The technical aspect of hip-hop music

Hip-hop is mostly about conveying the message in a rhythm. You can find every kind of lyrics in the genre, whether it be either realistic or poetic. The genre is very big and poetic artists like Nas, Eyedea, Common, etc. get less hype than artists whose lyrics make no sense whatsoever.

The rappers are unapologetically themselves. They are not at all scared to express themselves to the fullest. The reason I listen to hip-hop music is that they teach me to be thankful for what I have. I am pretty sure everyone loves “Not Afraid” and “Lose Yourself” by Eminem.

Hip-hop can teach you a lot about life making you feel like you are living the lyrics while you are listening to a song. The rappers can motivate you to do something extraordinary to increase your worth, both emotional and economical. Moreover, in simpler words, the hip-hop genre lets you analyze your worth from an introspective approach.

Conclusion: Is a Type of Hip-hop Music Really Controversial?

If you are about to say hip-hop is the worst genre in the music industry, you might want to check the artists you are following before you make that statement. Of course, the influence of hip-hop is big and you’d most likely feel intimidated by artists who do not give a lyrical taste.

You can use such rappers as examples so as to highlight hip-hop as the worst genre in the music industry. However, before you jump into the conclusion to ignore the whole genre, try out many artists. You can then decide if all of the hip-hop genres don’t make any sense. Please do not forget to respect the artists even if you are not interested in the music they put out.

What do you think of a certain type of controversial hip-hop music? Let us know in the comments section below.


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