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Forget About the New Album: Is Kendrick Lamar on the ‘Trolls World Tour’?


Kendrick Lamar on Trolls World Tour

Guys, it’s been a long time since Kendrick Lamar dropped an album. But you guys have been searching for Kendrick Lamar “Trolls World Tour”. Here, at Laviasco, we give people what they want. I was intrigued by the query and thought maybe Kendrick Lamar is singing the soundtrack for the movie “Trolls World Tour”. But I got it all wrong.

Introduction: Trolls World Tour

Universal Pictures has just released a high-budget animated movie titled “Trolls World Tour” with Anna Kendrick as a cast. I think we are blowing it way out of proportion by thinking the word “Kendrick” denotes our boy and our boy only. It’s a different person. I mean, we can all appreciate how powerful the “Kendrick” brand is.

Meanwhile, Kendrick Lamar is busy focusing on his upcoming classic that we have no idea what he is going to present to us. We will be updating the meaning behind his upcoming songs to you as soon as they are released. At Laviasco, we are all about quality content for quality visitors. Only when I thought maybe Kendrick Lamar is in the soundtrack of the movie, I couldn’t have been less wrong.

Is Kendrick Lamar on “Don’t Slack”?

I assumed the same thing. Since “Don’t Slack” is the second soundtrack for the movie ‘Trolls World Tour’, I believed that Kendrick Lamar is featured on the song. However, he is not featured in the second single from the movie. The song “Don’t Slack” stars Justin Timberlake and features Anderson .Paak but not Kendrick Lamar. Maybe, we are confused with Anna Kendrick.

Is Kendrick Lamar New Album Dropping Soon?

Yes, it is assumed that Kendrick Lamar will soon return with his new highly-anticipated studio album. However, because of the novel Coronavirus outbreak, the soul rapper is most likely to postpone the release of his album. He is likely to do so because he likes to talk about the political, social, and cultural aspects of today’s world in his music.

His previous records, “good kid m.A.A.d city“, “To Pimp a Butterfly“, and “DAMN.” were instant classics. Kendrick Lamar even accepted the Pulitzer Prize for his remarkable “DAMN.” He is the first non-classical or jazz musician to receive this award. This is a history that he made with his classic, “DAMN.” and it’s not going anywhere sooner. He is coming back with more bangers.

Conclusion: Trolls World Tour

This guy is creating records that will be marked as evergreen records for years to come. He is a living and breathing historical figure. The new album by Kendrick Lamar would feel incomplete without the mention of the Novel Coronavirus. But, in conclusion, Kendrick Lamar doesn’t seem to be associated with the movie ‘Trolls World Tour”.

We will update this as soon as well know anything about hid involvement in the movie. Let us know your thoughts on the new album by Kendrick Lamar and his involvement in the kid’s movie “Trolls World Tour”. Meanwhile, read the meaning behind the lyrics of the best song from ‘DAMN.’, “PRIDE.” by Kendrick Lamar.


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