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5 Best The Weeknd Songs In Trilogy Album You Must Listen To


5 Best The Weeknd Songs In Trilogy Album You Must Listen To

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, better known by his stage name The Weeknd, is a Canadian singer, songwriter, dancer, and record producer. The Weeknd isn’t scared of the musical experiments. His experimental mixtapes before his first debut album, Trilogy, were iconic. The songs in Trilogy album by The Weeknd are collected from his iconic mixtapes, viz. of House of Balloons, Thursday, and Echoes of Silence. Let’s pick 5 best the weeknd songs from Trilogy album.


Since there are thirty tracks in the Trilogy album. So as to pick 5 songs by The Weeknd out of them is a pretty tough task. I have decided to pick two songs from House of Balloons, one song from Thursday and two songs from Echoes of Silence. I hope my picks won’t disappoint the XO fanbase.

A. House of Balloons

House of Balloons is the debut mixtape by The Weeknd released on March 21, 2011, by XO. The music in this mixtape incorporates electronic and urban genres, including R&B and soul, along with trip-hop, indie and dream pop tones. The top two songs by The Weeknd from House of Balloons are:

1. House of Balloons / Glass Table Girls

‘House of Balloons / Glass Table Girls’ is one of many The Weeknd’s two-part songs. In the first part of the song, Abel really shows his charm so as to lure a girl to fall in love with him just so that he can have fun at his parties. He acts as if he really cares about the emotions of the girl he is trying to go for the party with.

The second part of the song hones in on the particular drug activity they had at those parties. Abel goes as far as to mock the boyfriend of the drugged girl he’s been having sex with. He clearly doesn’t care about the girl, her boyfriend, and their relationship. The track is just mindblowing.

2. Wicked Games

‘Wicked Games’ is an exploratory song where Abel finds himself sleeping with an unknown girl, knowing that the relationship wouldn’t work between them in the long run. In this song, Abel really dives deep into his true intentions behind his relationship with her. Later in the song, he reveals his intention.

Despite being aware of the fact that the relationship he’s having with the girl is not fruitful in the long run, he is still going for it because he needs confidence in himself. He doesn’t care about the girl and he knows that the girl doesn’t care about him either. They’re just there helping each other go through dark times.

B. Thursday

Thursday is the second mixtape by The Weeknd, released on August 18, 2011. The mixtape has a rare songwriter moment where Abel has crafted music that’s so repellent yet also so irresistible. Its music incorporates downtempo, dubstep, dream pop, hip hop, rock and reggae styles.

1. The Zone ft. Drake

‘The Zone’ is a song where Abel shows the ways for the girls to be in his zone. But before that, he needs to get himself in the zone. He enters his zone by leaning and smoking up. The underlying simple beat heard throughout the song mimics the ‘Lub Dub’ sound of a heartbeat.

The verses by Drake in the song points out the dilemma of being an artist. Someone whose profession is dancing is respectful in the society we live in. However, if the dancing is done on the pole, the person is not considered to be an artist. It is a pretty creative record in my opinion.

C. Echoes of Silence

The third and the last mixtape for Trilogy, Echoes of Silence, was released on December 21, 2011. Echoes of Silence is by far one of the best records put out by The Weeknd till the date. I love almost each and every song in the mixtape. However, I find ‘Outside’ and ‘Initiation’ extremely creative. The songs in this mixtape show commitment to the ghastly persona of The Weeknd and it makes Echoes of Silence so entrancingly chilling.

1. Outside

‘Outside’ is a song where The Weeknd tries to heal a girl who has recently broken up but is still in love with her ex. In the song, Abel describes drug-filled sexual activity in the way she wants. It is one of the rarest moments where Abel is giving a girl a choice to have him her way.

The girl isn’t really feeling’s Abel love for her. Instead, she feels the powerful force which puts her in a dilemma that maybe he is instilling. The song is a way for Abel to teach a heartbroken girl how to deal with heartbreaks and move on by his experiences.

2. Initiation

‘Initiation’ is my favorite song off of Trilogy album. The vocal in this song is so perfect that the emotions behind his words are expressed explicitly. The song is about a girl who wants Abel’s love. Abel is ready to give her what she wants but she only if she is ready to comply with his dark, drug-induced lifestyle.

Click here to read the article posted by me to know the hidden meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Initiation’ line by line. Get ready for jaw-dropping twist plot and absolutely chilling experience.

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