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The Weeknd’s “Die for You” Lyrics Meaning


The Weeknd – Die for You Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of the lyrics for ‘Die for You’ by The Weeknd is the difficulty that comes along with moving on from someone we are in love with. This emotional song shows us how protective The Weeknd can get when he is deeply in love with someone. If any sort of threats were to surround his loved one, he implies that he’d take a bullet to protect his love. This intense exchange of words in ‘Die For You’ lyrics is what makes the song so special amongst the fans.

‘Die for You’ by The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye) means no matter how difficult circumstances he faces with his partner, he will continue to be there for her.

Introduction: Die for You Lyrics

The lyrics of ‘Die for You’ by The Weeknd talk about having a relentless love for his partner despite being in a long-distance relationship. When we look back at his mixtape Trilogy, he had added addictive substances and other similar topics as concepts for his songs. Abel has really shown that he is capable of loving someone unconditionally throughout the song. However, he has tried to show the same emotion in multiple other songs such as ‘Lost in the Fire‘, ‘Blinding Lights‘, ‘After Hours‘, and ‘In Your Eyes‘. But no other songs quite match the vibe and the sentiments of ‘Die for you’ lyrics.

Even though we’re goin’ through it
And it makes you feel alone
Just know that I would die for you
Baby, I would die for you, yeah
The distance and the time between us
It’ll never change my mind ’cause
Baby, I would die for you
Baby, I would die for you, yeah (Say)

Lyrics to ‘Die For You’ by The Weeknd

Die for You Lyrics Meaning

Let’s analyze the meaning of the lyrics behind the song ‘Die for You’ by The Weeknd line by line in detail.

‘Die for You’ is the 17th track from The Weeknd’s 2016 album ‘Starboy‘. The release date is the 25th of November, 2016. The music video for ‘Die for You’ was released on the 5th anniversary of the album on the 25th of February, 2021.

[Verse 1]

The first verse begins with Abel Tesfaye trying to find ways to communicate the sentiments he has been going through. Here, the lyrics “I just can’t say I don’t love you, ‘Cause I love you” from the song ‘Die For You’ means that The Weeknd is in a complicated long-distance relationship with his partner. But he cannot simply move on from her because of the distance because he is still in love with her. As time go by, it gets difficult for Abel to hold his emotions.

What genre is Die for You?

The genre of ‘Die for You’ by The Weeknd is the fusion of RnB and Pop.


The pre-chorus begins with Abel saying that his partner knows exactly what he is thinking despite being in a long-distance relationship. There is an emotion of frustration in this part of the song. Even though it’s getting increasingly difficult for them to maintain their long-distance relationship, he admits that he cannot simply walk away from the relationship. Furthermore, The Weeknd adds that his partner hates that she wants him as well and he hates it when she cries in ‘Die for You’ Lyrics.

Who wrote Die For You by The Weeknd?

The song ‘Die For You’ was written by Cirkut, Sir Dylan, Billy Walsh, Cashmere Cat, Doc McKinney, Prince 85,  & The Weeknd.

[Chorus/ Bridge/ Outro]

The chorus of ‘Die For You’ lyrics is special for the fans as The Weeknd sings about their long-distance relationship not working. Since neither of them wants to move on and walk away, he suggests that she remembers he has an unconditional love for her and that he will gladly take a bullet for her. Despite their distance creating problems in their relationship, he assures her that distance and time will never be enough to separate them from one another. The bridge and outro repeat the vibe of the chorus section.

What song did The Weeknd sample for Die for You?

‘Die for You’ by The Weeknd samples R. Kelly’s 2000’s song titled “Feelin’ on Yo Booty.”

[Verse 2]

The lyrics “I’m findin’ ways to manipulate the feelin’ you’re goin’ through” in ‘Die for You’ means The Weeknd is trying his best to find ways to assure his girlfriend’s concern if their relationship is ending. Even though he uses a heavy word such as ‘manipulation’, it does not imply the exploitation of emotions. He simply wishes to divert her mind. However, he is not blaming her for the neediness. Abel then tries to make her feel good by saying he can never be replaced by someone else. The singer says he ‘is’ right for her and immediately gets conscious enough to say he ‘might’ be right for her.

Is Die for You about Bella Hadid?

‘Die for You’ lyrics by The Weeknd are definitely about Bella Hadid. The insecure and needy person with abandonment issues, Abel is indeed describing Bella. He wrote this song when he and Bella were apart from each other because of their work. This was when both of them were insecure about each other and their relationship status.

Ariana Grande Verse-2 Remix Meaning

I’m findin’ ways to stay concentrated on what I gotta do
But, baby boy, it’s so hard ’round you
And yes, I’m blamin’ you
And you know I can’t fake it, now or never
And you insinuatin’ that you think we might be better
Better me and you
Yeah, I know you do

Lyrics to ‘Die for You’ Remix by The Weeknd (Ariana Grande Verse)

In the remix of “Die for You,” Ariana Grande says she tries to stay focused on her responsibilities and tasks in her verse. But it’s difficult when she is around her “baby boy”. She places blame on him [The Weeknd] for his lack of concentration and suggests that he is a distraction.

Ariana Grande also says that she can’t pretend that everything is okay. She believes Abel wants to improve his relationship by “insinuating that you think we might be better”. However, she is unsure if that improvement would involve both of them being together (“better me and you”). She acknowledges that he wants this. But she doesn’t seem to be fully committed to the idea herself.

Official Audio of “Die for You” Remix by The Weeknd & Ariana Grande

Conclusion: Die for You Meaning

‘Die for You’ by The Weeknd means that even though his long-distance relationship with his girlfriend is difficult, he wants her to know that he would do anything to make her feel safe. A long-distance relationship can make anyone question if loyalty and affection are still there in the relationship. ‘Die for You’ lyrics try its best to assure his girlfriend to not think if he is going to leave her because of this difficult relationship.

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Die for You Music Video Meaning

The music video for ‘Die for You’ by The Weeknd has the meaning of overcoming any obstacles or problems in order to be there for your loved ones. In the video, we can see inspiration from Netflix Original: Stranger Things. As the video begins, a boy runs out of a highly guarded facility while a girl is playing a video game on her console. After seeing a room with strange green light far away from her window, she goes to the place where she meets the boy. Then, she takes him home.

I would die for you, I would lie for you
Keep it real with you, I would kill for you, my baby
I’m just sayin’, yeah

Lyrics to ‘Die for You’ by The Weeknd

Then, the boy shows his magical tricks to make her feel safe and happy. He floats the stars for her star ceiling and makes them revolve around them. It’s a mental skill he learned at the facility to float things around. This alerts her parents and as her mom enters the room, the magic stops. When her mom tries to separate her from him, he pushes her into the wall. Then, he fights off armed guards from the facility. At last, he floats up in the sky to never be seen again.

Read the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Die for You’ by The Weeknd line by line on Genius in detail. Also, read about the “Die For You” remix with Ariana Grande.


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