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How Is The Weeknd ‘Blinding Lights’ Lyrics Meaning About Bella Hadid?


The Weeknd – Blinding Lights Lyrics Meaning

The Weeknd is back with another single for his upcoming fourth studio album. Abel speaks on his romantic interest in this song. He compares the impact she has on him to her lighting up his life. On the 24th of November 2019, the song was premiered in the trailer for a Mercedes-Benz TV advertisement, which is embedded below, before it was released officially five days later. Let’s comprehend the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Blinding Lights’ by The Weeknd and see if it’s about Bella Hadid.

Premier of Mercedes-Benz Advert

The Mercedes-Benz official commercial was released right after ‘Blinding Lights’ was released, which is embedded below. The theme of the advertisement for Mercedes is heavily centered around the song. The Weeknd took advantage of a prominent role in the advertisement, as he drives around in his electric Mercedes car and promotes his single. The song is an up-tempo electropop path for Abel which he had been teasing since his Starboy era. It features substantial 80s-inspired synths and electronic dance musical drums.

Introduction: Blinding Lights Lyrics

‘Blinding Lights’ was highly anticipated after the first release of the song ‘Heartless’. The vocalist recently asserted that he would “never need a b***h” because he’s “what a b***h needs” in his previously released single ‘Heartless‘. But the meaning behind ‘Blinding Lights’ Lyrics assembles on The Weeknd changing himself for the woman who’s been there for him all the time even when he showed no emotions for her.

Or maybe he could be showing his love for the all-new electric Mercedes-Benz. The Weeknd has been open about his love for luxury cars. He had even mentioned it in the lead single of his previous self-titled debut album, Starboy. Over moody 80s-inspired synths, the singer elements heartbreak over an abandoned lover and talks about the chasm of his solitary existence of blinding lights if his exotic cars. It’s a credible return to the miserable boy we all feel and adore. XO forever!

Blinding Lights Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Blinding Lights’ by The Weeknd section-wise and see if the song is asking Bella Hadid to be back.

[Verse 1]

In the first verse of ‘Blinding Lights,’ Abel reveals his dangerously empty life. We wouldn’t expect Abel to change from his Trilogy fame. However, everything has got to go. You have changed, Abel has changed, the whole XO fanbase has changed. Abel is trying to call his romantic interest (presumably Bella Hadid) as he feels he’s been living his life alone for quite a while now. They’ve been in an on and off relationship since mid-2018.

The singer is asking for one last chance to prove his love for her in the lyrics of ‘Blinding Lights.’ Abel promises to give her what she wants from him this time. Even though The Weeknd prefers to stay in a polygamous relationship as mentioned in his ruthless ‘Initiation’ song from Trilogy, he is letting go of his many romantic partners to stay committed to Bella Hadid. He says he doesn’t expect much from her and she can turn him by just a touch. Abel wishes to share a moment with her.


Las Vegas is considered to be a sin city as a famous phrase goes “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. The city has the irresistible presence of crime, drugs, sexual promiscuity which are pretty well-known along with the blinding lights of the exotic cars. These are all significant concepts throughout The Weeknd’s music career. The singer feels emotionally complete when Bella gets back to him. He feels secure around her. This makes him not care what anyone says or thinks about him. There is no one to judge him when he is around her.

[Chorus/ Outro]

In the chorus, Abel says he is blinded by the lights, as in the camera lights he gets out of his fame. It could be interpreted as he is blinded by the lights of Mercedes as well. On top of this, Abel might be referencing the word ‘light’ to Bella Hadid and her love for him. Interpret it the way you want to but ‘Blinding Lights’ can definitely be about Bella Hadid. The Weeknd confesses to his beloved Bella that he cannot sleep without her giving him pats as if he is a baby. He goes as far as to say she is the only one that he can trust.

[Verse 2]

Every time Abel feels as if he is losing his significant other, again presumably Bella Hadid, and exclusive blinding lights of her, he gets too anxious. The singer trusts the sky and the light it’s giving to Abel. Therefore, he speeds up to meet this person he’s scared of losing without even thinking of his own safety. The Weeknd feels as if he is running out of time to change her mind to come back to him again. We can clearly see how scared Abel is to lose Bella Hadid from his single ‘Lost in the Fire‘.


We have known Abel to be the player type who doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings. However, this time around, he seems to have been showering his love for Bella Hadid too much to the point where his lyrics show toxic behavior in ‘Blinding Lights.’ The Weeknd confessed his love to Bella right to her face. As a confirmation that she isn’t scared of committing to him, he calls her to know if she is dealing with his confession in a healthier way. Even though they’re in on and off the relationship, he says he will not let her go this time. Way to go, Abel!

The Late Late Show With Stephen Colbert: Blinding Lights Performance

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Jimmy Kimmel Live: Blinding Lights Performance

Watch The Weeknd performing ‘Blinding Lights’ at Jimmy Kimmel Live:

SNL: Blinding Lights Performance

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BBC Radio 1: Blinding Lights Performance

Watch Lauv performing ‘Blinding Lights’ by The Weeknd at BBC Radio 1:

Conclusion: Blinding Lights by The Weeknd Meaning

This is a reminder that Abel could be talking about anything in this song. It could be Mercedes-Benz or Bella Hadid or the hallucination he gets out of substance overdose. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Blinding Lights’ by The Weeknd? Let us know in the comments section below. XO forever.

The official audio for ‘Blinding Lights’ by The Weeknd is below:

Watch behind the scenes of the official video for ‘Blindng Lights’ by The Weeknd:

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