You are currently viewing One Difficult Comeback For a Former BROCKHAMPTON Member! Ameer Vann – Emmanuel Lyrics Meaning

One Difficult Comeback For a Former BROCKHAMPTON Member! Ameer Vann – Emmanuel Lyrics Meaning


Ameer Vann – Emmanuel Lyrics Meaning

The response to one shocking incident that created a lot of headlines is here. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of “Emmanuel” by Ameer Vann.

The internet took by storm when the first thing people read as soon as they woke up was sexual misconduct allegation on a public figure. We’ve tried to decode the lyrics just for you.


It’s not easy when the whole world that once loved you is moving forward to cancelling you. The phase Ameer had to go through was extreme.

The incident got another shot when BROCKHAMPTON released ‘DEARLY DEPARTED’ with a number of mentions of Ameer. Now, it’s his turn to respond.

Emmanuel Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of “Emmanuel” by Ameer Vann section-wise together.

[Verse 1]

The lyrics in the first verse of “Emmanuel” embarks upon the realisation of the personal mistakes.

Without even thinking about it twice, Ameer apologizes for his mistakes and this is bravery.

Set amid the sexual assault allegations, the backstabbing instinct of Ameer has been exposed by Dom in DEARLY DEPARTED.

Now that the earth is resting its weight on Ameer, he feels weak, lonely and helpless. Karma has a price to pay and Ameer is paying the price for his mistakes.

In this verse, Ameer blames his surrounding for the consequences of his actions, especially his parental figures.

Despite being raised in a bad environment, there are countless people who have made it in real life without dwelling in it obnoxiously.

Well, who am I to judge? I’ll let you guys decide on this.

But I think Ameer Vann should stop complaining about his past and he should focus on to exploring what his future has held for him.

Everyone has their own versions of problems. His environment isn’t accountable for all the bad things he’s done.

And yet, everyone deserves forgiveness, everyone deserves the second chance.

It would be our weakness for not being able to forgive someone for the mistakes he acknowledges.

[Verse 2]

Ameer Vann feels as though he is forced to stay silent because of his mistakes.

It’s true there is a lesser trust factor floating around his name. But I’m sure you guys were excited to hear his side of the story, weren’t you?

So, technically, he is scared of his lost career more than his “forced” silence. It’s a fact.

Ameer is shoving his manipulative lines in this verse by leading us to his mental illness.

It would sound a lot mature if he were to take the blame for everything rather than to explain why he did certain things.

However, it is justifiable since he is at the verge of breaking down with no one by his side to listen to him.

The truth is, Ameer has been going through a lot, especially from the financial standpoint.

Let’s give him a chance for change. Everyone deserves it. We are all humans and we all can behave in a way we don’t like some day.


The meaning behind the lyrics of “Emmanuel” by Ameer Vann is that he seems very apologetic about everything.

I believe a person is capable of change. Therefore, we should think of giving him a second chance.

The explanation provided on this web page is far from perfect. If you have different thoughts about the song, let me know in the comments below.

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