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True Love Never Dies: DOOSET DARAM by ARASH With Helena Lyrics Meaning in English


ARASH – DOOSET DARAM Lyrics Meaning featuring Helena in English

Are you tired of Western pop songs with the same endlessly recycled plots, absolutely no complex emotion, hot b*****s, brands, and the existential pain of having to live in the first world country and not have the latest iPhone? Life is truly hard if you’re gifted, 25-40, and residing in the US living from a million-dollar paycheck to a million-dollar paycheck like most of today’s celebrities that top musical charts. DOOSET DARAM is a different approach.  Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song Dooset Daram by ARASH (featuring Helena) translated and explained in English.

Why is so much of today’s content on TV about depression, mindless entertainment, and glorified violence? We have a theory. All of us in the West have one thing in common: we lack a spiritual foundation. That explains the rising rates of obesity and depression that haunted the whole society for eons and finally caught up with Marylin Monroe, Amy Winehouse, Elvis Presley, and countless unnamed others. And all we really need is faith, wisdom and love traditionally associated with the Western philosophies from which we know Osho, Hodja Nasreddin, and Buddha. And they were the happiest people we know (of). 

Introduction: Dooset Daram Lyrics in English

This mesmerizing song by Arash and Helena comes from the geographic birthplace of civilization, which is these days called Iran, and carries with it, truth, beauty, and wisdom your wounded soul is yearning for after millenia of being trampled by the relentless march of prosaic and cynical Western capitalism. 

Plus, half the lyrics are in Arabic, and if you want to find out the meaning behind them you really need us.

Dooset Daram Lyrics Meaning in English

What is the song really about? Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘DOOSET DARAM’ by ARASH featuring Helena in English. Badly translated from Farsi (we’re sure the lyrics are substantially more awesome in the original), courtesy of AZLyrics, the verse that you, we bet, really struggled with if you’re American goes like this: 


Har shab too khateratam… (every night in my memories)

Donbale rade patam… (I’m looking for anything that leads to you)

Beri harjaie donya… (no matter where in the world you wanna go)

Pa be patam… (I’ll accompany you)

Bargard nazar dobare… (Come back and don’t let …)

Az chesham baroon bebare… (… me burst into tears)

Bia ke ghalbe tanham… (Come back cause my lonely heart…)

Paize bi bahare… (… is like a fall that’s not followed by a spring)

Paize bi bahare… (… is like a fall that’s not followed by a spring)

Dooset daram, dooset daram dooset daram (I love you, I love you I love you)

Bemoon ba man… (Stay with me)

Arash is using powerful and emotional lyrical words to convey his sense of loss. There clearly was a separation, and now he dreams of the girl, desperately missing her. Again, this is a topic that was chewed to within an inch of its life by everyone for centuries, but there is really something so beautiful here about following her in his thoughts. The language reminds us of Rumi and Osho. It has a very distinctive Eastern feel to it. The music is beautiful, the lyrics are poetic, and there is a sense of piercing sincerity that permeates this ong. What’s not to love? 

Helena has the other part, which isn’t so long, but it’s probably the most inspiring part. Let’s take a look: 


I remember when I met you…

You were walking in the rain…

And the autumn leaves were falling…

Only you can kiss the pain…

You disappeared into the darkness…

But the memory lives on…

I dream there is no tomorrow…

I wake up and you are gone…

I wake up and you are gone…

Now we’re learning more about the story. “Walking in the rain” clearly refers to the man being in a really dark place when he met her. Could this be a metaphor for him living in a world with no sunshine emotionally? The next line quotes the autumn Arash is singing about, making it clear we’re talking about the darkness within. 

“Only you can kiss the pain” is open to a variety of interpretations but we are leaning toward the version in which the male character is suffused with a sense of constant sadness, which leads them to walk away from each other: “You disappeared into the darkness”. And thus this song is a memory of the two parting, which is very interesting because they both seem to regret the other leaving: “I wake up and you are gone” on one hand and “come back and don’t let me burst into tears”. And all the way throughout the song, however, there is the theme of hope: “I’ll accompany you”. 

Conclusion: DOOSET DARAM Meaning in English

From the lyrics of DOOSET DARAM, it follows that both singers regret the other leaving, although it seems the male protagonist took initiative to leave (“you disappeared into the darkness”). Both of them miss each other and reminisce of each other often, and we wonder if it was the emotional darkness that the male hero was living in that caused the separation. 

As the video features the girl leaving (and also her as a wolf – ouch) we think this is about her leaving him and him having mixed feelings afterward, wanting her back and still disappearing after she left him (the crash in the video may be a theatrical device – or the song could be based on a real accident, but it seems more like an “exploding helicopter” often used to add drama). 

Long story short: 

He disappears (I dream there is no tomorrow…I wake up and you are gone…I wake up and you are gone…) because he knows she hates the constant autumn he lives in (It’s driving me insane…When the clouds turn into rain…) 

He still dreams of her (every night in my memories). 

She doesn’t think he should have left. Now, how about that for a complex love story, controversial feelings, and unexpected outcomes? 

Do you think we’ve uncovered the meaning well? What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘DOOSET DARAM’ by ARASH featuring Helena translated in English? Is there something you wish to add? Let us know by commenting below. We’d appreciate if you spread the word of our awesomeness to your friends by sharing our stuff on social media. But only if you really want to. Ciao! 

Read DOOSET DARAM by ARASH with Helena on Genius for original lyrics, visit AZLyrics for English translation, and refresh our page for the meaning.


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  1. Virginia

    I actually believe it’s a real story and she passed away he couldn’t take the pain and went on with his life

  2. Virginia

    I actually believe it’s a real story and she passed away he couldn’t take the pain and went on with his life

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