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Bad Bunny’s ‘Vete’ Lyrics Meaning Is About a Heartbreak


Bad Bunny – Vete Lyrics Meaning

The Puerto Rican artist, Bad Bunny is an icon, regardless of what the Latin Grammys think. He is back with a new song titled ‘Vete’. This song is produced by his previous collaborator Subelo NEO, who is also known for working with the artists like LunayFarruko, and Eladio Carrión. Bad Bunny is here with a song that belongs nicely among his many heartbreak anthems. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Vete’ by Bad Bunny today.

People say heartbreak is the worst form of suffering. However, as a contradiction to the astronomical emptiness caused by the unavoidable cruelty of the death of someone, cutting ties with a romantic partner is simply discretionary. Just like we choose to love someone, we choose to break up from a relationship as well. This is why the stemming pain of the loss of someone we loved is extremely painful.

Introduction: Vete Lyrics

According to Remezcla, ‘Vete’ is a stripped-down, literal goodbye to his previous romantic interest. Like almost every celebrity, Bad Bunny has definitely dealt with the women who are two-faced by nature. The rapper calls his ex-romance out for being untrustworthy and emotionally unavailable. However, he doesn’t want her in his life again. The rapper will never accept her back in his circle.

Everyone has their own ways to let go of things. Some show the agony of their recent heartbreak, some get closed off emotionally, and some just can’t deal with the pain which results in them taking their own lives. Bad Bunny is showing rage to let his love interest go wherever she pleased to. He tells her that the doors are open to leave but once you leave, you’ll never find a way back in.

Vete Lyrics Meaning

Let’s analyze the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Vete’ by Bad Bunny section-wise.


In the intro of the song, Bad Bunny lets her love interest leave as she pleases. The confusion surrounding his complicated relationship with this girl is making is harder for him to decide if he should really let her go. But if it is her choice, he cannot be the one holding her back.


As the confusion escalates and Bad Bunny can’t take it anymore, he tells her to go away from him. He lets her know that the doors are open for her to leave and he is not holding her back from leaving him. Therefore, there is no point for her to waste both of their time by playing games with our legend, Bad Bunny. The chemistry, the story, and the love between them have deceased for the rapper. He wishes her happiness and fun in her life but he tells her not to come back to him again.


Bad Bunny wants to clear out all the confusion in his relationship with his romantic interest. He wishes to know where their relationship is going and what to expect out of it. The rapper confesses that he loves her but neither he nor she loves him. She turned out to be someone else from inside while he had been picturing the other personality of hers for so long. Now, it has become such a turn off for him that he doesn’t feel anything even when she undresses for him.

The rapper doesn’t find her interesting anymore. Now, she doesn’t get to rule over his heart. He has no feelings for her anymore. Bad Bunny tells her to forget their anniversary and Valentine’s Day. He shows the green light to his previous romantic interest indicating that she can leave him. The rapper tells him to follow her path and do whatever is best for her. He tells her to stay with their dog as it will be a reminder of him for her. There is no room for forgiveness as she knows that it was her fault all along.


In the bridge section, Bad Bunny thanks her for being a part of his life. He has now become even more mature and even stronger than he ever was because of her. The rapper tells her that she never loved him because if he was really loved, she wouldn’t have left him. He doesn’t want her to keep talking with him for no reason and thus asks her to leave.

Conclusion: Vete Meaning

Every relationship boils down to a lot of arguments and tension. We all know how hard it can be to deal with heartbreak. It’s even harder to move on especially if you have truly loved this person. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Vete’ by Bad Bunny? Do you agree with what we have got to say about the song? Let us know in the comments section below.

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