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Do You Feel the Essence of Love Here? Ariana Grande – Blazed Lyrics Meaning


Ariana Grande – Blazed Lyrics Meaning

The Yours Truly star Ariana Grande has made a remarkable musical mark with her 2018 release—Sweetener. Whether it is Dangerous Woman or Thank U, Next, this award-winning American singer knows how to captivate her audience with lyrics that make an impact on the heart. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘blazed’ by Ariana Grande.

Speaking of Blazed“, Grande sings over a sensuous instrumental score produced by Pharrell Williams. While the My Everything star went on to announce the title and guest artist on Twitter, she later announced that this song would be about what loving someone and being with them feels like.

Ariana Grande’s ‘Blazed’ is ecstasy on the serendipity of romance and a big nod to her recent engagement to Pete Davidson, shortly after breaking up with what she called a “toxic relationship” with Mac Miller.  ‘Blazed’ is a melody that shares love across past lives where two people are deeply in love and promise to share the same soul. It is a blend of such long odds, yet a sweet honey pot for young lovers.

Introduction: Blazed Lyrics

Her potency of voice fused with the instrumental score makes ‘Blazed’ a dreamy song that fills the air with love and what being in love is all about. The power of Grande’s chords strike the heart with power and not merely its precision. Grande rules over the galloping two-step funk rhythms without overdoing her voice while still sinking with the upright bass and shingles of Pharrel Williams. This spellbinding song is a wide-eyed wonder that conveys the message of what love is all about when you experience the feeling for someone very special and passionate.

In the love-coated lyrics of ‘Blazed’, Ariana Grande portrays what love feels like when she suddenly feels the presence of her man. She finds it hard to believe that everything happens for real. She wonders how it is even possible in a vast world that’s filled with millions of people and everything else. She is amused with the fact that she isn’t dreaming and if it was true, she would never let go of her emotional mate no matter what.

Blazed Lyrics Meaning

We now know what ‘Blazed’ is all about! Let’s travel deep into the lyrics and explore the inner meaning of this Sweetener song by Ariana Grande.


Grande starts her song with a beautiful chorus where she teams up with Pharrell Williams on a beautiful note that starts with an emotional spell portraying ‘Yes, there is something between us’. She is confident about her feeling and the depth of its reality and even speaks of her emotions being visible to her eyes. Ariana describes her man’s attitude to be enchanting and even something that is very precious to her.

She goes on to coat the line speaking of the captivating attitude of her boyfriend that she fails to see in others. Grande thinks she dreams all this but for a moment, she realizes that her man is with her and that everything is a living memory right in front of her. Now that she’s sure that the love of her life is with her, she advances towards him to make him realize how passionate love can get.

[Verse 1]

Grande is unable to pinch off the reality that her lover is with her. She is too excited and happy to believe that it’s happening for real. For a moment, she interrogates what led him to her. She has an explosion of mixed emotions and is excited about seeing her soul mate but at the same time, she’s very curious to know how and why he came to her. Ariana finds herself very lucky and blessed to find her soul mate that she considers her precious treasure of all in the world. She beautifully brings out the number on the planet to be that of seven million and that he could have been anywhere and with anyone.

The singer feels herself on top of the world owing to his presence in her life such that she is bewildered whether to celebrate the feeling or get all the answers to her curiosity. She considers her boyfriend to be the winning prize she made upon striking her best win at the lottery. But Grande is still curious to know the exact reason that made her soul mate arrive at the gates of her heart.


Ariana Grande beautifully brushes her love through her gorgeous voice that gives life to the lyrics of this true love-based song. She makes a stubborn promise that once she unites with her soul mate, she would never let go of him at any cost and for any reason. Grande repeatedly says the same line that fosters the depth of her love and her true feelings for her lover whom she regards to be one in a million. She portrays her deep-rooted love for her soul mate and utters a soft melody of promises of never leaving him at any instance.

[Verse 2]

Here, Grande makes a seamless reference to the change of face in her ‘no tears left to cry music video. She is confident that she’s the same person who is never afraid of exposing the true being she is on the inside. The singer knows that she’s a different person now but is strong in being the same soul inside.

She fosters to the world that she isn’t worried about who sneaks through her personal life and who coats her life with sarcastic views on the media frontier. Ariana outwits such negative-minded people by saying that they wouldn’t have been able to stand strong like her if they were in her place. She goes on to foster the fact that no one would have been able to laugh or even smile if they ever lived her past life.


Ariana Grande strongly believes in the fact that love doesn’t fade away while sleeping. Whether it is a reality or just a dream, she promises that she would never let go of her soulmate whom she regards as her best gift ever. Grande is never afraid of going to sleep because she believes that when she wakes up, she would be in love still.

She convinces her soul mate with the same truth that situations never decide the depth of love. It is a passionate feeling that is deep-rooted in the heart and can be felt only between two souls that share the same depth of emotions.

Conclusion: Blazed Meaning

Ariana Grande has been voicing out her opinions on different musical genres like love, heartbreak, insecurities, and emotions. She is a strong being who never steps back when it comes to exposing her concrete and self-spirited side to the world. Well, what is your idea about the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Blazed’ from Sweetener?

Do you love the way she describes love to be a one of a kind feeling that is felt for that one person who is amidst the millions across the globe? Do you feel the essence of love in this song? What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the ‘blazed’ by Ariana Grande? Let us know in the comments sections below!

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