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Can You Smell Pete Davidson Here? Ariana Grande – How I Look On You Lyrics Meaning


Ariana Grande – How I Look On You Lyrics Meaning

Charlie’s Angels are back in town and are set to do what they are best known for – to save the world and in the process, to also conquer it! The soundtrack of the motion picture released on November 1, 2019, and is already setting playlists the world-over ablaze. Track no.8 on the soundtrack is ‘How I look on you’, has a sassy meaning behind the lyrics which is sung by Ariana Grande. The singer is confronting her love interests’ true intentions behind being with her.

The 7 rings singer has been the center of attention ever since she’s had to go through a lot of adversities. Following the Manchester bombing, the demise of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, and her recent broken engagement, she’s been emotionally unstable. Despite going through everything she’s been able to stay afloat in the music industry and it’s amazing! Just a while ago, the singer had released a collaboration with Lana Del Rey and Miley Cyrus in the song ‘Don’t Call Me Angel‘ for Charlie’s Angels.

Introduction: How I Look on You Lyrics

In the lyrics of ‘How I Look on You’, Ariana Grande discusses the hardship she’s been going through in order to trust anyone other than herself. More specifically, the singer wonders whether he is by her side for who she is as a person, or her fame and fortune. Every time Ariana enters a new relationship, the effort in the romance section since he begins to distance himself from Ari after he seemingly garners publicity.

I can smell Ariana talking about her previous boyfriend, Pete Davidson. We may never know the truth!

How I Look on You Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘How I Look on You’ by Ariana Grande section-wise.

[Verse 1]

Grande is talking to her love interest and is, in fact, stating things on his behalf. He seems to be claiming that he loves her unconditionally and even though the fame that Grande enjoys and often endures, would be difficult to handle, he is ready for the challenge. He sounds like a modest common man who does not want fame and rather is intimidated by it. The girl he has his eyes on is not easy to be with, given the media glare that will always follow her. And he likes her the way she is, or so he claims?


Grande and the boy have moved ahead with their relationship – for real or just in Grande’s mind – has been left open to interpretation. So once together, the couple has gone out to party on the weekend. And inevitably, the two of them make it to the headlines of news dailies! The world is now speculating about who this boy is. Grande has brought him into the limelight. And yes, the boy still claims that he is in the relationship for the singer and not the fame that comes along with it.


And this is when the test of the authenticity of this boy comes into the picture. Her peers appear to be warning the singer that the concerned boy has his own vested interests and his love is not as unconditional as he claims it to be. But Grande brushes aside all such warnings. She requests the boy to show her and the world that he wants her and her alone and not any other hidden selfish gratification.

The singer has been licking her wounds which all her heartbreaks have given her so far. She is hoping against hope that this particular person is a cut above the rest and that he has his love her and not for the way he looks to the world upon being seen with her. Grande croons these lines multiple times in the song to express how much she wants him to want her and not the fame.

[Verse 2]

We suddenly cut to a couple of weeks after this and the tables have turned and how! The boy has turned out to be a chameleon much like the previous men that Grande has dated. As opposed to his claims, he has hurried to embrace all the name and fame that he can by virtue of Grande’s company. Only he is grabbing all those eyeballs all by himself and has let go of the singer. He seems to have found a place on the silver screen. Grande, regretful and heartbroken, is left wondering if she was just a stepping stone for him.

Conclusion: How I Look on You Meaning

Ariana Grande has been singing about heartbreak and insecurities for a while. She hasn’t been afraid to show her vulnerable side to the world. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘How I Look on You’ by Ariana Grande? Do you like the path Ariana is following musically? Can you smell Pete Davidson here? Let us know in the comments section below?

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