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Love is a Fusion of Unbound Desire and Happiness! Ariana Grande – Sweetener Lyrics Meaning


Ariana Grande – Sweetener Lyrics Meaning

Ariana Grande’s ‘Sweetener’ is a three-minute 29-second wonder of a tune that was released by the American pop singer on August 17th, 2018. This is the title track of the fourth studio album of Grande, predominantly known to the world as ‘Sweetener’. While this track’s ongoing vocals were instrumented by Pharrell Williams, the song was stricken with a bold voice of Grande herself. This song’s lyrics were penned by both Grande and Williams, whereas the American pop idol took it to the next level by producing it. Pharrell Williams helped her by handling the production all by himself. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Sweetener’ by Ariana Grande.

While this particular track made its way through the air, many fans speculated that the track was about Grande’s fiancé Pete Davidson. But this wasn’t the case since this song was recorded as far back as in July 2016. The highlighting fact is that Grande and Davidson started dating each other in 2018. So this song cleared the air that the wordings were not exactly for Pete Davidson.

Introduction: Sweetener Lyrics

While this song was being recorded, Grande was likely dating American rapper, Mac Miller. Grande trashed the belief that this song had anything to do with Davidson while she went to add that there was another special song in her ‘Sweetener’ album titled “Pete Davidson“, marking her tribute to Davidson and his love for her.

‘Sweetener’ is a pop song that is a perfect fit into the R&B musical genre. During her appearance on the late-night talk show ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’, Grande unveiled the fact that her fourth studio album would be titled ‘Sweetener’. Grande went on to highlight its meaning saying that the album is all about “bringing light to a situation or to someone’s life”. She also highlighted that this album would either mean someone bringing light to another person’s life or just making a situation sweeter.

Sweetener Lyrics Meaning

Beginning with a fusion of bare beats and beautiful melody, Ariana Grande’s ‘Sweetener’ is a lyrical treat that adds to the rest of the album. While the appearance of voices and rustic sounds could be quite annoying to some, the track does not fail to foster the meaning of being positive and happy. The repetition of the word ‘sweetener’ bears a message for Grande’s lover fused with the essence of sexual references.

Let’s get a bit deeper into the lyrics of Sweetener by Ariana Grande and grasp some inner meaning from its verses.

[Pre-Chorus: Ariana Grande & Pharrell]

The track kicks off with a pre-chorus penned by Grande and Pharrell. It is kind of a reminder of the old saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, where Ariana composes her own version that fosters people on the importance of being positive. Grande tells them that happiness lies when the best is made out of any situation. The lyrics come with an inner meaning that life isn’t all about facing the challenges or adapting to changes. It is more about how we make things happen even out of hard situations. Certain incidents in our lives can be quite bothering and even cost us our happiness and peace of mind. Grande goes on to say that when we think positively, everything around turns out to be blissful and sweet. Even if certain situations turn out to be bitter, our positive attitude would eventually overcome the barriers that suffocate our happiness, thereby putting bitterness to a halt.

[Chorus: Ariana Grande & Pharrell]

In the chorus voiced by Grande and beautifully instrumented by Williams, she speaks about how good her man is in the art of making love. She goes on to voice her emotions in portraying how badly good her man satisfies her with a fusion of emotional and physical intimacy. She is so incredibly lost in how he takes things forward while heating up the situation, making her go mad and crazy for him.

[Verse 1: Ariana Grande & Pharrell]

The first verse of this love-filled track begins with a composition that highlights the art of oral sex. ‘I like the way you lick the bowl’ fosters how well Grande enjoys the company of her man, especially during the love-filled war on the bed. She goes on to add that every bit of her man’s act takes her to heights unknown and gives her booze of satisfaction which words cannot express. She beautifully connects sexual intimacy to emotional satisfaction and says that her man’s acts simply touch her soul. According to Grande, her life is just as sweet as her feelings, especially with her man.

[Verse 2: Ariana Grande & Pharrell]

While this song was penned in 2016 while Grande and Miller were dating, both their families knew about their relationship. Ariana’s astrological sign is Cancer and that of Miller is Capricorn, which clearly means that they were a hook up of opposing signs! Irrespective of how opposing things were planned on the cards of fate, both Grande and Miller were very passionate about each other. Grande highlights how Mac’s mom sent them horoscopes that predicted near-future events in their lives. She goes on to narrate about the excitement she carried while unveiling what each horoscope meant in her life while dating Mac Miller.

[Bridge: Ariana Grande & Pharrell]

Here, Grande talks about what happens next after having a beautiful intimate time with her man. She says that they just lay back and highlight the night with their soft-toned conversation. They discuss the things that would bring happiness in their lives. She highlights their talks about the lookout on life and whether what they’re about to do in future is right or wrong. She says that her man brings all the sweetness in her life and that without him; her life would be so sour and emotionless. She finishes this emotional conversation by saying how she hopes that everyone gets to experience what she and her man have in their lives.

Conclusion: Sweetener Meaning

Ariana Grande’s ‘Sweetener’ is all about the happiness that springs in someone’s life when they have everything they need in the form of true love. Whether it is physical bonding or emotional attachment, true happiness is felt only with that special person who shares the same level of feelings and lookout on life. Grande beautifully fuses the feeling of sexual desire and emotional attachment in this yet another breakthrough song from ‘Sweetener’.

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