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Do You Feel the Good Vibes of Success? Ariana Grande – Successful Lyrics Meaning


Ariana Grande – Successful Lyrics Meaning

Ariana Grande’s award-winning album ‘Sweetener’ is an amalgamation of fifteen tracks that bring out the meaning of love, success, life, and emotional combats. The American pop icon’s seventh track is an amazing tribute where she highlights her success shaped around the specificities of her dreams. Ideally speaking, when we grow older, our dreams turn out to be endeavors of stardom and each one of us is not an exception when it comes to dreaming about success. But for Grande, she takes immense pride in having achieved the fiat of stardom at such a young age. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Successful’ by Ariana Grande.

Grande’s ‘successful’ is more like women’s “success anthem” which pays tribute to every woman who has achieved great heights in life, irrespective of her age and boundaries. This three minute and forty-seven second track from Sweetener is a more like a sonic vocabulary which expresses a woman’s dreams, her aspirations and ambitions, and the happiness she experiences when her dreams manifest in noteworthy rewards and success.

Introduction: Successful Lyrics

While ‘successful’ is all about women in general, there is nothing much related to Grande’s personal life. She highlights dreams of ambitious women and the success they celebrate after achieving whatever they aimed for. Owing to Grande being a young star herself, as fans, we can also assume that this song is an equal tribute to her endeavours and success.

This track was released on August 17, 2018, by the famous Republic Records. It is also a noteworthy fact that this is one of the five songs that features vocals by Pharrell Williams, the other songs being “blazed“, “R.E.M“, “sweetener“, and “get well soon“.

Successful Lyrics Meaning

Now we’re almost aware that Grande’s “successful” is all about the celebration of success among ambitious women. Let’s travel a bit deeper into the lyrics of the ‘Successful’ track by Ariana Grande and grasp in-depth meaning from its lines.

Frankly speaking, “successful” is brag on Grande’s part — but it’s also a song that’s composed specifically for women who celebrate their success. Compared to the extraordinary vocal scores featured in other parts of this seventh track from ‘Sweetener’, the delivery of its chorus is extremely somber. Grande seamlessly erases all-vocal ornamentation from her voice. In the first verse, Grande seems to do a role-reversal on the classic ‘man coming home to his wife” trope where she explains about the super-exciting news she’s got from her work.

It is a known fact that Grande has successfully released four studio albums in a span of five years and it’s not a surprise that she would be working later than her man. She goes on to highlight that the news she’s about crack would be unimaginable and shockingly sweet. Grande speaks out her situation where she feels she cannot hold back the news for long as she’s super excited about spilling the beans to her man.

[Verse 1]

The pre-chorus that is voiced with Grande’s bold vocals is all about someone who has made it high in life irrespective of age and unbound barriers. Grande is so happy and excited about sharing the good news of her successful journey. She is unable to shell her happiness and has an explosion of sweet emotions where she expresses how happy she feels for having achieved so much in such a short span of time.


Here, Grande highlights her achievement dating back to 2008 when she starred in the Broadway show 13. In 2010, she was cast as Cat Valentine in Nickelodeon’s Victorious and she also starred in a spinoff until 2014. Grande speaks of her achievements at a young age where she has managed to grab phenomenal attention from her fans worldwide. She was 25 when she released ‘Sweetener’ and also the first artist in history to have had her lead singles of four albums debut in the top ten. Grand praises herself as a young and beautiful woman who is successful beyond the edge of fate.

[Verse 2]

Grande reveals the fact that her excitement isn’t an ordinary matter of fact. Here, she lays emphasis on her successful journey about which she wanted to share with her man. She tells her man that she’s not going to take him to his favorite place to shed out the truth. The singer clearly understands the curiosity building up in her man that she even asks him to keep inquiring about what was so special behind her excitement. She finishes the verse by telling him to wait a bit longer if he really wanted to know the reason that shaded her happiness.


Grande expresses her ‘breaking the surprise’ the classical way where the eyes of the person are covered with bare hands. She asks her man whether he liked the way she wants to reveal her surprise. She is so excited to know how he felt whilst she was preparing herself to unveil the reason behind her happiness. Grande loves her successful career and shades this ode of a tribute to every woman who has unbound endeavors in her, especially to those women who’ve made it big in life.

Conclusion: Successful Lyrics Meaning

Ariana Grande’s ‘successful’ is a tribute that highlights the achievements of a young woman who has made it big in life owing to her hard work and zeal. While this track can be seamlessly reflected upon women, it perfectly highlights the happiness that’s borne by women who’ve given their best to become what they’re today.

What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Successful’ by Ariana Grande? Let us know what you feel about this seventh track from the award-winning ‘Sweetener’ album. Post your comments below!

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