You are currently viewing Awesome Track! Diving Deep Into Logic (ft. Eminem) – Homicide Lyrics Review

Awesome Track! Diving Deep Into Logic (ft. Eminem) – Homicide Lyrics Review


Logic (ft. Eminem) – Homicide Lyrics Review

‘Homicide’ is the third single released by Logic for his 2019 album ‘Confessions of a Dangerous Mind’. According to Genius Lyrics, the title of the track, ‘Homicide’, is a metaphor for a reference to how the words come out of Logic and Eminem like the bullets from a weapon. Also, in the same introduction, Genius Lyrics refers to the title ‘Homicide’ as Logic and Eminem murdering their competitors and non-lyrical rappers. Let’s review the lyrics of ‘Homicide’ by Logic ft. Eminem.


Homicide is, hands down, one of the best tracks by Logic and one if the best flows by Eminem in so long. When I first heard their flows, I was surprised to notice the change in the flow of Logic and Eminem backing up the song was totally destructive. There are a lot of metaphors and they are explained below. Let’s go through the intro of the song, shall we?

[Intro: Smokey Legendary, Logic & Both]

The intro is very funny. On a plus side, Smokey Legendary is actually the biological father of Logic. So the conversation between them seems pretty legit which makes it genuinely funny. When I first listened to the intro, I was expecting even more in the track and thank god it didn’t hurt my expectations.

[Chorus: Logic]

Let’s review the lyrics in the chorus of Homicide by Logic.

Part I

Let’s review the lyrics in the chorus of Homicide by Logic. Logic gives a reference to a very important track of his, i.e. 1-800-273-8255, which was released as the tenth track of his 2017 album ‘Everybody’. He tries to raise awareness and spread positivity amongst people by saying killing yourself is not an option from his songs.

Part II

I’m comin’ for your man and his lady and even the baby

I’m feelin’ like I’m, chika-chika-chika, Slim Shady with rabies

Let’s look at the second part in the lyrics of chorus section. Logic is comparing himself with his idol, Slim Shady (Eminem). Slim Shady is an alter ego of Eminem which he used to let out his emotions and violent thoughts with the help of rhymes. The phrase “chika-chika, Slim Shady” is taken from 1999 hit of Eminem’s ‘Slim Shady’.

[Verse 1: Logic]

Let’s review the lyrics in the first verse of Homicide by Logic.

Part I

Logic is upset at the current trend of selecting the music to listen to. The young high school students usually focus on the appearances and rough personalities of the artists before they even get into their music. Logic questions those fake rappers by asking a question, ‘Can any one of you fake rappers actually rap?’

Part II

Logic continues the thread of the first part of the first verse. He asks the fake rappers if he sounds like them (“them” is used for “s**t” as a metaphor) when he is actually rapping about something. But Logic doesn’t really care because he knows he is good at the stuff he’s been doing and he knows he is killing it every single time.

[Chorus: Logic]

[Verse 2: Logic]

Let’s review the lyrics in the second verse of Homicide by Logic.

Part I

Logic is straight up attacking new cool rappers who don’t really put quality words in their lyrics. The new rappers get a lot of followers on social media and they earn a lot of money out of it. They flex and show off the things they own. But Logic doesn’t really believe in materialism. He’d rather stick with his talent to rap on the beats.

Part II

Yeah, there’s a time and a place
But if you ain’t comin’ with the illest of raps

The rapper Logic understands that showing off isn’t entirely bad. But he points out the obvious fact that there is a certain place where you can show off at a certain time. However, it isn’t wise to fill your discography with materialistic lyrics. He suggests them to better come back with original rhymes and rap lyrics.

Part III

Callin’ yourself the greatest alive
Then you don’t deserve to do that
No, no, oh no, no, please do not do that

The newbie rappers with tasteless lyrics call themselves the greatest alive in their lyrics. Logic finds it a little awkward because he knows the fact that these new rappers haven’t written a single word in their rap lyrics. He calls out phonies and tells them not to declare themselves the greatest alive in the rap game.

[Chorus: Logic]

[Verse 3: Eminem]

Let’s review the lyrics in the third verse of Homicide by Eminem.

Part I

The rap god makes his entry in the song with some strong diss lines for the clout chasing rappers. He states that these rappers don’t write a single word by themselves. In this part, Eminem says the unoriginal rappers aren’t going to stay in the rap game for much longer.

Part II

Eminem says he’d never use a ghostwriter for himself and he will never use one either. This might be the exact reason why he is against the ghostwriters. Also, he is reminiscing his childhood where he had to face humiliation from the bullies.

Part III

The rapper is bringing out the way he lived before he was famous. He was broke with no money whatsoever. But as of now, money isn’t a problem for Eminem and he can do literally anything he wants to do.

Part IV

Eminem says he is speaking the words of a rich man. The rapper says the slightest trigger in his emotions can lead to altering ego, Slim Shady, to rise up and fire shots at other people. Derringer is a small mini-revolver handgun which works even under minimal pressure. Eminem is comparing himself with the handgun.

[Outro: Chris D’Elia]

The outro of the song samples a comedian, Chris D’Elia, trying to copy the way Eminem raps his lyrics.


The song talks about the importance of originality in hip-hop culture. Those who come into the genre as artists without any artistic abilities, then they are destined to get overshadowed by someone artistic and talented. The song initiates by Logic saying how claiming a title of being the best ever is actually a lot more responsible than it seems. Then, the rap god (Eminem) tries his best to tell the importance of creativity to the people.


Homicide has awesome beats with the awesome flow from both Logic and Eminem. The song seems to be popular in the age group of thirteen to forty-five. I mean, they aren’t wrong. Most of these new rappers are very annoying.

Personal Take

I give ‘Homicide’ by Logic featuring Eminem a decent 07/10 in the Lyrics Review category. This might be the only collaboration between them but, good for you, Logic. Good for you.

Check out Homicide by Logic featuring Eminem on YouTube:


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