You are currently viewing The versatility of Rich Brian ft. Bekon – Yellow Lyrics Meaning/ Review

The versatility of Rich Brian ft. Bekon – Yellow Lyrics Meaning/ Review


Rich Brian ft. Bekon – Yellow Lyrics Meaning/ Review

We have a new song from none other than Rich Brian titled ‘Yellow’. The song features Bekon. The rapper and songwriter, Mr. Rich Brian, is back with a song. The rapper is embarking a different sound to his new song. Let’s review the lyrics of Yellow by Rich Brian and try to know the meaning behind the lyrics of the song.


“Yellow” is the first single released for Rich Brian’s sophomore album THE SAILOR. According to Genius Lyrics, the emotional and self-critical ballad of the song ‘Yellow’ features Bēkon, marking the first collaboration between these artists. The track samples “Cold as Ice” by Bēkon.

Yellow Lyrics Review

[Chorus: Rich Brian]

How do I disappear without anybody knowing?
Will anybody even miss me when I’m gone?

The song ‘Yellow’ starts with a very emotional chorus. The singer is questioning the purpose of his existence. He questions the point of his popularity in the chorus. The rapper wants to cut all of his ties with the world. He wants to be all by himself and live his life the way he likes.

[Verse 1: Rich Brian]

Let’s decode the important parts of the lyrics in the first verse of Yellow written by Rich Brian.

Part I

Life looks so easy, all you gotta to do is close your eyes
Please don’t call the reverend, I don’t need no help
Bury me a legend, I’ma dig the grave myself

In the first part, Rich Brian feels lost within himself. He wants to live his life easily. However, following the series of sad events, he doesn’t want the holy limelight to outcast his brightness as well. He’d rather be all by himself, live like a legend and die like a legend.

Part II

Don’t even try to save my life (Save my life)
They gon’ memorize my name when I’m gone
And they gon’ recognize my face when I’m gone

The depression has hit Rich Brian so hard that he doesn’t want to talk to anyone. He is convinced that his art stands out of every other form of art out there. The rapper knows his art will make people remember his name even when after he dies. Even if he dies by an accident, someone will recognize him at the scene because of his influence in this world.

[Verse 2: Rich Brian]

Rock 50 stages in all 50 states, bitch
I did it all without no citizenship
To show the whole world you just got to imagine

Following the backlash faced by the rapper 21 Savage on getting detained by ICE, Rich Brian puts forward his experience with the whole of America. Ever since he blew up when he was in Indonesia, he’s been living in Los Angeles without any permanent residency paperwork.


Opinion I

The song sounds unique and it shows the versatility of the artist, Rich Brian. There are elements of hip-hop and RnB in the song. The arrangement of the grand vocal pop in the song is outstanding. The presentation of instrumental is on the level of grandiosity.

Opinion II

The strings, the bass, and all the organic instrumentation have been arranged perfectly in making of the song. They go very nicely with the synthetic beats used in ‘Yellow’. While I wasn’t blown away by the singer, his voice does stand out and this song, in particular, gives him a unique sound as well as aesthetics to his style.

Opinion III

The singing was very good. It is expressive, heartfelt and he has a great vocal range in the song. The song is multi-phased. There are different instrumentation ballads that come in during the change in the multiple phases of the song.

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Opinion I

The emotions and the narratives expressed in the lyrics of the song Yellow expressed by Rich Brian are complicated. The instrumentation is large and intricate. The song is beautiful and gorgeous. But it is not catchy and instantaneous.

Opinion II

For me, the track is moving. It is beautiful. It sounds great. I am sure the fans will be surprised by the change of direction in his musical career and by the beauty of the song itself as well. But will this song be played in a lot of parties and in a lot of Spotify playlists? Probably not.

Opinion III

At the end of the day, Rich Brian continues to show his versatility. He has put forward his racial identity being called “yellow” in a very artistic way. It is interesting to hear his talent manifested itself in his own work and his talent in writing.

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Personal Take

I give ‘Yellow’ by Rich Brian a decent 07/10 in the Lyrics Review category. Again, I’m surprised and a little flattered by how gorgeous and well-put-together track this is.

Read “Yellow” by Rich Brian on Genius

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