How Do You Analyze the Lyrics Meaning of ‘Daddy’ by Coldplay At Best?


Coldplay – Daddy Lyrics Meaning

Coldplay looks all set for its double-album, Everyday Life, release, expected on the 22nd November 2019. Their new single titled ‘Daddy’ is the fifth track from the album. The song illustrates the neglectful relationship between a father and his daughter (played by Chris Martin). Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Daddy’ by Coldplay.

“Daddy” is the fourth song to be shared from Everyday Life along with “Arabesque,” “Orphans,” and the title track. Coldplay highlighted ‘Daddy,’ a tender verse from their upcoming double album, in a teaser clip last weekMTV reports, “Daddy is a sluggish and stirring song about a kid’s connection with their father.” They go as far as to say, “Coldplay wants to play with your emotions”. MTV clearly doesn’t like the song.

Introduction: Daddy Lyrics

The song shows the disconnection between a kid and her father in the music video. The song ends with her washing ashore and gripping the hand of her dad. Lucander said in a statement, “A few minutes into listening to the track ‘Daddy’, the song spoke to me in a way that stories and visual images began to dance in front of me.”

The song gives us pretty chilling visuals and the reality of many families in the world. The track backed up by the previous releases such as Orphans, Arabesque, and Everyday Life makes it certain that their upcoming double album is going to be a reality-based emotional rollercoaster. Coldplay is trying to get the stories of people into music and it seems to be paying off for them.

Daddy Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Daddy’ by Coldplay section-wise.

[Verse 1]

In the song, the girl wants to play with her father just like her friends. But for some reason, her father is not able to manage his time for her. The possible reason can be predicted to be his habit of alcohol and drug abuse. This is typically a case in most of the families. The little girl asks him if he even cares for her. However, the avoidant nature of her father is pushing him further away from her every time she tries to get close to him.


The little girl shows her emotional maturity by letting him know that she understands his pain as well. Even then, she wishes him to be nearby. She is trying to speak to him. But he seems to be running away from her. So, at the end of the Pre-Chorus, the little girl says she has something to say.


In the lyrics for the Chorus section, the little girl tells her daddy that he is far away even though he is right there in front of her. His physical presence is there but his emotional presence is somewhere else. The mind of her father is roaming somewhere else and yet she yearns to hear his words. Regardless, she wants him to know that she is fine and she is okay. For she understands that her father cares even though it doesn’t look like it.

[Verse 2]

The second verse contains an intense emotional manipulation attempt by the girl to her father. She asks him if he is available for a quick chat. The girl tries to relate herself with him saying, “Look, Dad, we got the same hair and daddy, it’s my birthday.” But her father doesn’t seem to care. He is just running away from her since he clearly fears confrontation. The negligible relationship is certain to make the girl emotionally unavailable and extremely independent when she grows up.


Even though her manipulation attempts didn’t work for her, she wants him near her. So, she goes as far as to beg him to stay and not leave her. It’s her birthday today and she just wishes to feel her father’s presence around her.

Conclusion: Daddy Meaning

Coldplay is really trying to mess with our emotions. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Daddy’ by Coldplay? Do you like it? Let us know in the comments section below. If you haven’t checked out the song already, watch the music video embedded below.

Read the meaning behind the lyrics of the song “Daddy” by Coldplay on Genius in detail.

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18 thoughts on “How Do You Analyze the Lyrics Meaning of ‘Daddy’ by Coldplay At Best?

  1. I did like it cause in my perception I can adapt it that I miss my father cause he passed away, and even if I wanted to talk his presence is not here.

    1. I agree! I feel exactly the same way as my dad died 7 months ago and I’ve interpreted it as missing him in that way

  2. “The song illustrates the neglectful relationship between a father and his daughter” Very shallow but predictable assumption. Men have their relationships with their children stripped away by the emotional toil, financial hardship and biase of family courts. This leaves the child thinking they are unloved by their dad due to lack of contact. It’s about two broken hearts a childs and thier daddy. I have experienced both sides of the coin and also seen my best friend takes his life because his lost his kids.

  3. I felt that Daddy and most of the album is related to the refugees as they wrote everything in the album in Arabic, and the video showed a girl in a boat alone, so it’s so similar to the children refugees who lose their fathers in the war

  4. I interpreted in this way: a little girl talking to her dad even though maybe he doesn’t listen to her due to different reasons but as Coldplay mentioned most of his songs are based on what’s happening now with immigrants and refugees, I can say that her dad had to migrate to work for his family but he never appeared again, why? We don’t know, maybe he is still struggling or he is not alive anymore. That’s why the girl never complains and repeats “it’s okay” like saying “don’t worry, I’m not angry”, but when she says “stay just one day” I can feel that the girl doesn’t see her dad for long and she is asking him to come back at least for one day… so more probable he is not at home… that’s my interpretation

  5. Daddy is a God. This Daddy created this life (universe) and goes away.. As we know that Daddy isn’t here – who’s and where’s Mummy..? This is a lost part in any religion around the globe.
    And now listen this song again.

  6. We now know that Chris Martin is a big Stromae fan. This song’s lyrics remind me so much of Stromae’s “papaoutai”. In my opinion Chris Martin started from there (Papa, où est-tu? – Daddy, where are you?) and added the refugees’ context.

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