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What Is Conan Gray ‘Family Line’ Lyrics Meaning?


Conan Gray – Family Line Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of the lyrics for ‘Family Line’ by Conan Gray is his talking about his childhood and parental relationship. He is not afraid to be vulnerable with his audience as he knows he is accepted regardless. It is said that when we talk about uncomfortable things, we feel lighter. Therefore, Conan being open about it is helping him a lot to grow as a person. Childhood trauma is very real and one should recognize it before one accepts narcissistic and psychopathic abuse thinking it’s normal.

‘Family Line’ by Conan Gray means that there are generations of kids who have not healed from childhood trauma and the singer is one of them.

Introduction: Family Line Lyrics

The lyrics of ‘Family Line’ by Conan Gray talk about interpersonal family issues which are very uncomfortable to talk about. There is no family in this world that is perfect and does not go through any problem whatsoever. Every family has a problem but it’s more about the way we look at the problem than about the problem itself. People simply do not like to talk about their family issues as we live in a culture where being vulnerable to someone is interpreted as being weak.

Scattered ‘cross my family line
I’m so good at telling lies
That came from my mother’s side
Told a million to survive
Scattered ‘cross my family line
God, I have my father’s eyes
But my sister’s when I cry
I can run, but I can’t hide
From my family line

Lyrics to ‘Family Line’ by Conan gray

Family Line Lyrics Meaning

Let’s analyze the meaning of the lyrics behind the song ‘Family Line’ by Conan Gray line by line in detail.

‘Family Line’ is the 8th song off Conan Gray’s sophomore album ‘Superache (Japanese Version)‘. The release date of the song is the 24th of June, 2022.

[Verse 1]

In the first verse of the song, Conan Gray talks about the behaviors of his father and mother. He says that his father is almost always quiet and introverted. But in most cases, the quiet people are filled with rage against the world and when their anger erupts, it’s next to impossible to handle it. Then, he would hit his mother when his anger went uncontrollable. She took punches and tolerated them until she couldn’t tolerate them anymore. One day, she took the kids and left him.

[Pre-Chorus/ Post-Chorus/ Bridge/ Outro]

In the pre-chorus section, Conan Gray says he has a love for them both as he is their child. In the bridge section, he expresses how he truly feels. He says, he tried his best to undo the separation between his parents and fix things between them as he loves them both. Even though he was a kid, he says that he wasn’t clueless. Now, despite uncountable attempts to save his family, he is sick and tired of it. Even though he shares his face and surname with his family, he is not the same as his father and mother.


In the chorus section, Conan Gray talks about how shattered he is from the inside. In order to protect himself from family issues, he learned to lie in order to protect himself. The ‘Heather‘ singer says he learned to lie by looking at his mother. She would lie in order to protect herself from domestic abuse. He has his father’s eyes. Despite wanting to run and hide he sees everything because his dad caught through the lies and domestic violence increased further.

[Verse 2]

In the second verse, Conan Gray says how hard it is to comprehend his experience in just mere words. The holidays were never fun for him. He often looked at the parents of other kids and wonder what did he do to deserve the abusive family. While his parents were fighting back and forth, they wouldn’t even understand that their behavior is hurting their child. Conan Gray says he will never forget and forgive his parents as he has developed abandonment issues because of them.

Conclusion: Family Line Meaning

The meaning of ‘Family Line’ by Conan Gray is even though we try to save our families from destroying each other, the things that are not meant to be cannot be fixed. As Conan grew up, he understood that his parents were simply not compatible enough to be together. So, even when he tries to hide from his family line, he cannot do so because his name has been embedded in the Gray family.

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