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What is Dance Gavin Dance ‘Synergy’ Lyrics Meaning?


Dance Gavin Dance ft Rob Damiani – Synergy Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of ‘Synergy’ lyrics by Dance Gavin Dance is the interaction between their dreams and the actions they took for their dreams. To pursue our dreams, there should be a synergy between our goals and what we are doing to achieve them. Without this coalition, we feel lost and purposeless in our life. It’s not difficult to understand what the distress and lack of vision are implying in the lyrics of the song.

Dance Gavin Dance is desperately in need of ‘synergy’ between their dreams and their lack of motivation. They are looking for motivation as this powerful coalition of energies can be used to achieve anything.

Introduction: Synergy Lyrics

The lyrics to ‘Synergy’ by Dance Gavin Dance are self-derogatory in a way. It’s the negative sentiment of the song that the listener’s pity on. Their lack of confidence in themselves is a major hindrance for them to get what they want in their lives. If someone cannot conquer their minds, they cannot conquer the world. The artists are already defeated by their thoughts.

Hole in the world, holding some pearls
Making it tough ’cause I’m never enough
Hole in the earth, sleep on my perch
Take some time off to forget what you’re worth

Lyrics to ‘Synergy’ by Dance Gavin Dance

Synergy Lyrics Meaning

Let’s analyze the meaning of the lyrics behind the song ‘Synergy’ by Dance Gavin Dance line by line in detail.

[Intro: Jon Mess]

Jon Mess is defined by his name itself as he is a mess. “No frowns around” means there is no one around to show their displeasure towards the artist. The singer feels like he is no good. At this age, he feels like a clown. “Spleen” indicates his bad temper. However, to save him, money came to him as a result of his actions. But it was of no use as he cannot change the way he views the world. Therefore, a positive synergy cannot exist.

[Verse 1/ 2 : Tilian/ Rob Damiani]

Tilian is waking up from his dream with courage. However, the last night was pretty tough for him. Even though he doesn’t know what he did last night, he knows he did something he loves. Rob Damiani was panicking. Therefore, he got a knife for self-defence. Then, he went to his wife and began to wonder what is the meaning of his life. Damiani wanted to learn about the meaning of life but he couldn’t decide on which book to buy.

[Pre-Chorus/ Chorus/ Post-Chorus/ Outro: Jon Mess, Jon Mess & Rob DamianiTilian & Rob Diamiani]

“Running on fumes” means there is no energy left to do anything. The artists are desperate for motivation. But forced motivation can only do much. They are seeking outside validation that they are good enough. It is difficult for artists to breathe properly because of their anxiety. In the lyrics, it almost feels like they are lifeless souls even though they are well and alive from outside. They feel like they are never enough no matter what.

[Breakdown: Jon Mess]

Here, Jon Mess is not trying to be a mess. He is holding himself up to a standard. Then, he puts an unrealistic standard of himself. Mr Mess thinks he is priceless and finest. Everything he touches turns into a blessing. Jon wants everyone to worship him. No, Jon, you are not setting a standard. You are simply proving to your audience that you are a mess and there is no going through you.

Conclusion: Synergy Meaning

The synergy of one’s motivation and the actions one take to fulfil their purpose in life is a very powerful force. This force can be used to achieve anything in life. But if the synergy does not exist and if the mind is filled with self-doubts and anger towards the world, it is very difficult to conquer one’s mind. Therefore, the mind should always be focused on your dreams so that the synergy can exist without a shred of self-doubt.

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